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Perspectives with art

Most people see art as a waste of time especially as a career. Art is apart of peoples lives more than they realize. Art is what creates the minds of humanity. It creates the difference between cultures, because art is found within everything around people. People pay thousands to millions of dollars for art without

Communication is key…

People without a mental illness don’t understand or care that communication is essential for emotional stability. Especially for someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, we feel things so much more intensely than the average person. Being rejected, ridiculed, or invalidated is as painful as being physically hit. It’s why most will self-harm because physical pain is

Creators of my world Skeliholm

I know it’s been some time since I wrote anything on here. I’ve thrown myself into diamond painting and also writing down my world finally. I got the timeline of everything down and it’s slowly coming together. My world does have a name lol it’s called Skeliholm! I have it figured out to be at