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Writing helps

It’s another week into the year. So, I went and talked to a counselor about my math teacher. She told me if I fail the class, I’ll get a warning from financial aid, and they’ll pay for me to retake the course. I know I need that math for future math classes. So, I really

Hello February!

So, mom’s surgery went over well. It sucked. I couldn’t be there with her, but dad was there. I stayed home and made sure the dogs were taken care of. We didn’t want them in their kennels for a long time. She’s recovering well, mostly just trying to keep the pain at bay. Mom told

My January 2020

So, I’ve been trying to think of what to write about in my next post, and I figured I’d do like a monthly wrap up. Basically, talk about how this month has been so far and my thoughts. So, January started off without a hitch. Going back to school on the 6th was excellent. I