Category: My Reality These Years

Defeated. Self-Sabotage. 

In my reflections post about everything that’s been going on with me recently regarding personal and school.   I feel so defeated…   Was there a point in writing a letter to the dean or the chair of my concerns? Was there a point in trying to be heard? They talk about the rights of those with disabilities, but are those for the obvious?   I have several mental illnesses.

I’m not stupid.

I don’t know how many people know how it feels to be treated like they’re stupid. Like they’re a complete idiot their whole life, and when that person is treated that way starts getting pissed about it, they’re invalidated and told they’re crazy. Fucking story of my life, especially with men. I’ve always been treated

Vasska The Mad King

I want to start off, I don’t know how accurate some information is in this world; this is just how it plays out in my head and in my world. Please understand I know this is completely fiction. To understand Vasska a bit I want to explain the Zailainian race that I came up with.