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I wanted to do a post dedicated to Rocko, This post is going to be full of pictures of him. I got Rocko in July of 2010, I can’t remember the exact date, but I do know month and year. I was looking for a while for a dog and looking at all the sites

Shocking I posted again lol!

So to stick with my plan on keeping up to date with postings on here’s we go… Let’s start with school and how that is going so far. I’m currently taking Math 87, P.E., History of the Pacific Northwest, and A.S.L… I’m thoroughly enjoying A.S.L. but the others I’m struggling to keep my attention and

Happy 2020!

So it’s been a while since I’ve said anything on here. My life has been in chaos. I don’t want to talk about the negative, so I’m going to talk about the positive. I know I just said I wasn’t going to talk about the negative, but I feel this needs to be said so