Movies stuffs hehe…

Okay, I forgot to post this stuff too lol. Went to the pawn shop and found a Disney movie I don’t have on DVD. I watched it with Rocko, he loved it. But not as much as he loves Finding Nemo. He goes nuts with that movie.

While at the pawn shop Brandon got me these two movies. I just need the movie “Red Dragon” then I’ll have all the Hannibal Lecter movies. I’ve only watched “Rocky Horror Picture Show” once and it was good from what I was able to watch. I watched it with my asshole ex. And he wasn’t one to sit still, plus there was about 8 people in the tiny apartment talking and be rowdy. So, as I said I liked what I was able to actually watch and hear.
I want to build up my horror movie collection sense I prefer to watch those. I really like the old classics. It’s hard for me to find movies I like that are newer. They just become predictable or have no originality about them. If I watch something new I want a story that hasn’t been told. I want to be surprised. I don’t want to go “oh this is about to happen” then it happens. I like the ones I can’t predict. And why are they putting flashing lights more into movies? Not just horror movies. I’ve seen it in other movies. They should have a disclaimer at the theaters for people with seizures. Even if it’s the ticket booth people telling it to ya, I mean really. Last thing I want to do is go see a movie and there’s a tone of flashing. To the point I have to leave and waste my money. Sheesh.
Okay, sorry for my mini rant. Just wanted to get that out there… Anywhos… Moving on…

rocky horror
I’m also on Disney rewards site. When I buy a Disney movie and there’s a code inside on it. I go on the rewards site put it in and get points. I was saving up for a Nightmare Before Christmas sweater but by the time I got enough points they took it off the site, so I just got these pins instead. All limited edition. I want to get a cork board and use these to hang makeup pics on it. I think with would be a lot cuter then simple old tack’s.
princess pins
little mermaid pins
lion king pins

Movies stuffs hehe…


Thor: The Dark World…
This was a really good movie. I can’t wait till the next one. The end is very interesting. I want to say what happens but I wont spoil it. There were some parts that were funny. I can see myself buying this when it comes out. (^_^)

thor movie poster

Also went to wally-world and got a poster of Middle Earth. I love it! It’s hanging right next to my Mist of Pandaria poster hehe.

The hobbit poster

The Hobbit…


Okay, on the 13th I went with my mom and Brandon to see "The Hobbit". I loved this movie! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Sense they're going to make this into a 3 part movie. I'm guessing that the fight with the dragon will be the in the second one and the war of the 5 races will be in the third one. Well, that's just a guess… Anyway, I just wanted to post that I loved it! 
the hobbit

Sorry I haven't been posting that much. I'm going to try to but no guarantees when our internet goes out cause someone doesn't know how to do their job. So I'm going to post everything that was supposed to be posted during that time. Laterz

A New Year…


Well, it's a new year. I celebrated new years eve sick as a dog. I'm still trying to get over it. On the brighter side of things my fiance and me have been looking around for a venue for the wedding. We've decided to do it this year. We were going to wait till next year for his family to make it up here and they said they wont be able to. So, we're having it this year. Planning everything out and waiting to hear back from venues. Hoping my cousin can do the wedding pics too. 
Hoping to go look for a wedding dress when I feel better. I'm also waiting for my friend to feel better too. I want her to help me with picking it out. hopefully the one I've been looking at looks good on me. Gonna go later this month and take engagement pics with my friend. I want to be able to send it out with the invitations. We also need to find a light blue aloha shirt for Brandon. We're not sure if we'll have grooms men so yeah. But we'll get it figured out. 
I don't have a new year resolution. 
Brandon and me went to see "Les Miserables". It was an amazing movie! I want to go see it again. They way they filmed it was amazing. Sense they filmed it with them singing instead of doing a pre-made cd to lip sink to. It really felt like they were actually experiencing the events. It was very well played out. All the actors did an amazing job. I'm still hoping to see "The Hobbit" but we'll see


So not much else to post on here. I'll post more when I have more. So till next time. Laterz!