Perspectives with art

Most people see art as a waste of time especially as a career. Art is apart of peoples lives more than they realize. Art is what creates the minds of humanity. It creates the difference between cultures, because art is found within everything around people. People pay thousands to millions of dollars for art without realizing it. That includes their homes, offices, clothes, books, stories, performances, and even their superstitions.  

People do not realize the importance of how much art is a necessity in defining them as a person, race or how it defines them as a family. Without the art of stories, mythology, or writing we would not have come to know histories, religions, and traditions.  

Art is all around people, and the people who aspire to be artists are aspiring to evolve the culture around them with a new perspective on that culture.  

For example, abstract art to me is like a Rorschach inkblot test. Because like those tests it’s not a pacific picture, but a picture meant for people to see a picture that is based on their psychology. Every picture is different for every person who looks at it. No two people will see the same exact thing, because no two people have the same perspectives and or thought processes. It’s like reading a book everyone will imagine something different from every description given. Along with watching something happening, no two people will see things exactly like the other people around them.  

With perspective, people should also consider the feelings that are present in the moment of their viewpoints. Feelings can alter the way a person will see or read things. Especially if what is seen triggers the mind to past conflicts or happiness. Trauma is the biggest factor in our perspective and psychological ways of thinking.  

Some of the greatest creations are found outside of the traditional way of making, but it takes those who dream it to create it.  

If your dream is to be a creator of fashion or something that includes art then it’s worth it to pursue the things that bring you the most happiness no matter the difficulties in obtaining them. The bigger and more frightening the risk, the more intense and euphoric the joy of it becomes.  

Also remember that art is not just the medium of writing, performance, painting, or sculpture. Art can be created with thousands of different mediums including food, scents like perfumes, and even sports. To create something is to create art whether it appears artistic or not. The movement in sports is taught and learned as an intense form of dance. Scents can and do bring happiness to people because it can resonate with people by bringing back memories of happiness and euphoria. Food is meant to be eaten yes, but to be eaten it much have the right flavors added to it as a painter adds the right colors to create their pictures. It is truly a different perspective on what art is meant to be, but the people who engage in it slowly become masters of the art most take for granted. Most do not realize the importance of the things that artists create until it’s forever lost to them.  

The different types of art styles that were created because the artist did not follow the rules or path of traditions. They created what they found beautiful and that usually means different from society’s standards.  

Why follow the dreams people deem less than? Because it brings you the most joy, and when people acknowledge the beauty of your dreams they will be just as excited about it as you are. 

Teaching those who don’t learn in the common ways as others. Will need help to find and unlock the equation to unlock their mind allowing the abilities for obtaining knowledge. Once that happens then the universe’s secrets is theirs to obtain. 

Ask yourself is it societies perspective on what a job should be and must look like that is stopping you from the work you dream day in and day out? If it is the reason why, then I suggest you ask yourself why societies perspective is so important to you? They are not the one doing the job, you are. They say it’s an unattainable job because they would never have the drive to work for it. The only time those who look down on the less than dreams begin to appreciate it is when they see their benefit from it.  

It is your job to create the happiness around you, no matter the lifestyle choice made. Because that lifestyle choice is for your happiness not theirs. Your happiness depends on your perspective of what real happiness should look like. You see life differently from everyone else and you should be proud of that different viewpoint.  

If you’re doing something that no one else is able to do, then you are slowly becoming the master of that art, and you should be extraordinarily proud of yourself for mastering an art style no one else knows about, then once mastered you can teach your happiness to those around you who want to know the beauty of your happiness.  

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