Wanted & Jail or Military School

Wanted. (Sampson)
Sampson woke up before dawn and cleaned up around the Brothel. Some girls had fallen asleep on the furniture in the main room. Sampson grabbed some blankets and covered them one girls eyes flashed open.
Sampson jumped back, “I was just covering you. You were shaking, I figured it was cold in here for you.”
She looked at the blanket on her lap, “Thanks.” She watched him until he left the room then saw the other girls covered with blankets too. she laid back down going back to sleep.
Sampson walked around into the kitchens filled at bucket of water then carried it up stairs. Checking the rooms to see if girls were sleeping in them. The empty ones he went in and cleaned the floors, took the blankets off to be washed, and then made the bed again with clean sheets from the closet.
“You do so much around here.”
He turned to see his mother wearing a thin see through robe. She was a curvaceous woman that men loved. With bright blue eyes black hair with a single streak of white down the back. “Hi mom. Good night?”
“We made our goal for the night.” She leaned against the wall watching him, “Sammy, come here.” He looked at her and walked over. “I know Gerrit is going to be training you. I know you were in the ring last night. Why are you wanting to do this?”
He looked down ashamed for lying to her, “Because, I figured it’s better to deal with my anger that way then looking for a fight. If I can get good at fighting,” he looked up at his mother, “Then no one here will get taken again. I can stop it from happening. Please mom?” he pleaded, “I don’t want to lose anymore of my family.”
She could see the determination in her son’s face. “Okay, But I wish you had talked to me before doing it.” She placed a hand on his cheek, “I love you sweetie. Please, listen to Gerrit. If you don’t, you will be killed. I know that world Sammy, it’s how your grandfather was killed. Promise me you’ll listen to him?”
“I promise mom.” She hugged him tight. He hugged her back just as tight.
She walked over to fill a bucket then walked over to Sampson, “Here.” She handed it to him, “Go wake up Gerrit and start training.” She grinned mischievously. “He fell asleep drunk in the shed.”
He smiled, “Yes, mother.” He walked to the shed and saw Gerrit passed out with his pants around his ankles, holding a girl glaring at him.
“Sammy! Wake him up!” she ordered.
Sampson held up the bucket and she shrugged her shoulders and nodded for him to proceed. He dumped the ice cold water over Gerrit who jumped up then fell over from his pants holding his legs together.
“What the fuck boy?” he glared at Sampson.
He held up the bucket, “Just following Madam’s orders.” Making sure to grin.
Gerrit rolled his eyes then pulled his pants up. “She trying to drown me, the bitch!” The woman stood up and Gerrit saw her blocking her, “Hey, where are you going?”
She pulled out a blade from her hair, “Move unless you feel like becoming a woman.” Gerrit bowed and let her pass.
“Why are you awake so early?” Gerrit glared seeing the rising sun.
“I have to clean the everything before we open, otherwise it’s a nasty mess.”
Gerrit stared at him puzzled, “You wake up to clean this place just so it get’s nasty all over?”
“Yes, I do.” He crossed his arms, “Less risk of people getting diseases, our shoes don’t stick to the fucking floor as we walk, and I’m not questioning whose fucking load I sit in. Now are we training or not?”
“You know, I’ve never imagined you to be this, what’s the word?” Gerrit put his hand on his chin as though thinking, “Oh, that’s it! An angry little shit!”
“I rather be an angry little shit and to wake up and falling into a pile of shit.” Sampson retorted.
Gerrit looked at him then smelled his arm, “Fuck! I just got this coat! You can fucking wait until I clean up to start.” He pushed past Sampson and into the brothel. Where he heard his mother yell at Gerrit for coming in covered in shit.
“Sammy just cleaned this room, you dumb fuck! Get out!” and pushed him out still covered.
“Will you at least get me some different clothes Ruby?” He yelled back. A window opened and a dress was thrown out to him. He picked it up annoyed, “Fuck it!” he ripped off the soiled clothes and put the dress on. Walking over he looked at Sampson, “Go!”
Sampson smiled and started to walk where Gerrit pointed. They walked for several miles before getting to a run down hut. A kid a couple years younger than him, and looked his age, came out of the hut.
“Gerrit!” he ran over and hugged him.
“Hey Ralph, where’s your father?”
“He had business at the Temple,” he looked at saw Sampson. “Whose this?”
“This is Sammy, I’m going to be training him.”
Ralph looked at him then at Sampson then back to Gerrit, “Okay, I’ll take you to the caves.” Ralph waved them to follow. They walked until they got to a rock wall, it appeared to be just boulders. The Ralph grinned at Sampson, “Don’t blink.” He giggled.
Gerrit rolled his eyes.
Ralph then walked behind a stone and disappeared. Gerrit laughed at Sampson’s bewildered expression, then waved him over. They walked over and saw a hole in the ground then Gerrit put his feet on top and slid down, Sampson followed and face planted onto the ground.
“Too bad there isn’t a pile of shit for ya!” Gerrit growled.
Ralph looked at him, “So that’s why the dress?”
Gerrit gave a mocking smile, “Ralph, turn the lights on or you’ll be training too.”
Ralph stepped back, “Okay, lights are?” he looked around panicked, “Over here!” he ran to the corner. The lights came on showing an massive cavern full of military training equipment.
Sampson walked in wide eyed in awe, then excitedly turned to Gerrit, “Let’s start.”
Gerrit looked at him surprised but chuckled and led him to center where a ring sat in the middle. “Okay kid, we’re not starting with hand to hand.” Sampson looked at him puzzled, “You will start with building muscle and stamina.” He threw weights at Sampson’s feet, “put these on. There is a track on the outside of all the equipment,” he pointed at it, “Start running.”
“How long?”
“Let’s see?” acting like he was thinking, “until I’m tired. Now move!”
He had Sampson doing several exercises to build up the strength and stamina. As he watched Sampson run he yelled to him, “I’m training you, you will eat the diet I tell you. You will wear weights as all times on your wrists and ankles. You are a scrawny little boy and we’re going to make you a man!” he picked up a gun with fake ammo in it. “Now, you will learn to handle pain and keep your skin hard at all times!” He shot a blank at Sampson hitting him in the arm knocking him to the wall. “Harden your skin boy!” and shot again.
It was several hours before they stopped, he had Sampson walk over for food. They sat with Ralph and his father Martin. Sampson ate what Gerrit put in front of him.
“Gerrit?” said Martin. Gerrit grunted with a full mouth of food. “I’m surprised you’re training a boy again.” Martin stared at him calmly.
Gerrit sighed, “Yes, I am. He wants to fight and is determined to do it. Might as well show him how to survive.” He shoved a large chunk of steak in his mouth.
“Are you going to teach him those techniques?” Martin inquired.
Finishing his bite, “Actually I was going to ask you to. You know I can’t, doctor’s orders.”
Martin stared at Sampson, “We’ll see if he lasts that long.” Then looked at Sampson’s plate, “I think it’s time to get back to work, Sammy.”
Gerrit looked at the plate and waved for him to get back to work on the assigned equipment. Sampson got up and went back to it.
It was two weeks before they began the hand to hand. He kept overpowering Sampson who kept getting back up. “Determined, are we?”
“When do I get back in the ring?” Sampson panted.
Gerrit yelled, “When I say!” then punched Sampson to the edge of the ring. “Stay down!”
Sampson glared at him while standing up, “Suck my dick asshole!”
“You’re as reckless as a ripper!” He threw him down. “Blind to protect yourself, easy to kill! Why the hell are you worth the time in the ring?” then kicked him making him land against the wall, knocking the wind out of him. “You’re not ready! Learn to use your head!” Gerrit walked over, “Run!” Sampson got up and started to run again, struggling to catch his breath and pushed through.
Sampson went to the caves to meet Gerrit the next day after his chores. Walking in Gerrit wasn’t there, instead it was Martin sitting in the ring.
He walked over to the ring, “You’re late.” Martin said without turning around.
“I had to catch up on chores, my mother said I couldn’t let me leave till I did.”
Martin then stood turning to look at him, “Well, doing your chores given to you by your mother is a valid reason. Now, come sit.” He had a table with cups there, and sat back down.
Sampson sat down facing Martin, “Where’s Gerrit?”
“I requested to have this day with you.” He poured a cup of a dark fluid. “This is something that will help your muscles to recover. Drink.” He ordered.
Sampson smelled it making him gag.
Martin looked at him sternly, “Drink!”
Taking a deep breath and letting it out, chugged it down. “That’s fucking nasty!”
Martin poured another cup, “Is it? Then you’re going to keep drinking it until you like it.” He placed the cup back in front of him, “Drink!” the more Sampson complained the more he had to drink.
“You’re making me drink more because I’m complaining aren’t you?” he accused.
“So, you can use your head.” Martin criticized.
“What does that have to do with this?” staring at him confused.
“You’ve been training for several weeks now, yet you have not once used your head during that training.” He stared at Sampson, “You had several times you could have defeated Gerrit, but you were so blind with anger you didn’t see the truths in front of you.” He waited for Sampson to speak but didn’t, “You are seeing your opponent, but you are blind to them.” He pulled out a board and tiles, “Let’s play.”
Sampson stared at the board and at Martin annoyed, “Okay.” He set the large tiles in the middle then made three circles around them with the smaller ones. Martin did the same.
“You move first.”
Sampson picked up a tile with a book on it, and moved it three spaces towards Martins pieces.
“Ironic you move the tile of knowledge.” Then grabbed a tile with a dagger on it and placed it on Sampson’s, snapping them together.
“I didn’t know that meant knowledge. I just like using it first.”
Martin stared at him as he moved a tile with a shield on it. “Do you not know the meanings of the tiles?”
“No. No one ever told me they had meanings.”
Martin placed one with a stone on the shield snapping them together too.
“Well, books are knowledge, the knife is assassins, the shield is armor, stone is boulder, box is heart, cup is poison, flower is antidote, ring is punishment, crown is king, hands are temple. To move each one is to protect the temple and king from all that can harm them. Use what you need to build up your forces, to protect the innocent. Now what do you need to do in order to do all that with what I told you?”
Sampson looked at each tile then realized why Martin put a knife on the book, for taking knowledge of your enemy’s and the boulder to break the shields. He took his time with the next move. Moving one of his three knives towards Martins box tile.
Martin sat back, “Interesting, then grinned.” They moved their tiles several times, until Martin’s tile with the ring went onto the temple. Sampson put his shield on top. Then Martin placed the boulder tile on the king ending the game.
“You should have protected your king, temples can be replaced, but a king cannot.” Sampson looked at him puzzled, “Faith can and will break for people. They will not always turn to faith for protection, but they will turn to the one who leads them. Remember that, always protect the protector.”
They spent the rest of the day playing Tiles of Intellect. Sampson finally understood why they were called that. He thought about it all night then it made sense what he said, he was attacking but not looking for an opening. He wasn’t planning anything, just trying to overpower his target who was planning. Sampson spoke out loud at the bar, “No different than a man fucking without thinking of the woman’s needs. Selfish bastards.”
“What did you say?” the man sitting at the bar demanded.
Sampson turned to the guy, “I wasn’t talking to you.” Then stood up, the man grabbed him and due to training instinctively swung at the guy. The guy just barely dodged it. “I was not talking to you.” Sampson growled.
The guy let him go, “sorry.” He stepped back as Sampson pushed past.
The next day Gerrit woke up Sampson. “Did I oversleep for once?” he looked outside then to the clock. “Why am I waking up an hour before I am to do chores?”
“They’re already done.” Grabbing Sampson’s chin to look at him, “No training today, rest your muscles. You’re fighting tonight.” Then walked out.
“Why the fuck wake me up?” he rolled over and went back to sleep. He still woke up an hour later, groaning he got up. Walked downstair to see his mother smoking and sitting at the bar with Gerrit.
“Sammy, you’re awake!” she held out her arms for a hug, he went over to hug her happily.
“Eat.” Gerrit ordered.
Sampson walked over to the plate at the bar and saw a full plate for once. It was strictly meat, but he didn’t care and ate eagerly. Gerrit laughed at his reaction.
That night they went to the abandoned building again. This time he was there before the crowd, it was strictly organizers and fighters there. They all turned to Sampson and laughed, “What the hell Gerrit? What’s with the kid?” a fighter yelled at him.
Gerrit grinned, “He’s your opponent tonight! That’s what he’s here for.”
“Are you mocking me asshole? This kid doesn’t even look like he could beat his own shadow, let alone me.”
Gerrit got in the guy’s face, “Let’s bet!” All the fighters laughed at that, “What? Afraid to lose money? If you don’t think he’ll win then there’s not reason not to.” Gerrit challenged the fighter.
Another stood up, “I’ll take that bet!” all the fighters bet against Sampson except the woman who he had his try out with.
“You better win, I hate losing money.” She ran her hand across his chest as she walked away.
He watched her, then looked up and saw Gerrit’s grin. “What?”
He laughed holding the tickets for the bets, “I saw that look.”
Sampson rolled his eyes and sat down where the fighters waited to enter the ring. The girl sat next to him; he glanced at her and saw her smile at him. Ignoring her and looked back at the ring. The fights were intense but he enjoyed watching them, remembering the Tiles of Intellect decided to use the one for knowledge and watched all the fighters and their opponents. Taking note who did what, if they favored a side to fight with, and if they left openings.
Gerrit walked into the ring, “Now, all of you are excited to see our new fighter! You have placed your bets, and now is the time to see who collects! Now, I call forth The Ripper and The Hammer to enter the ring!”
They walked into the ring, Gerrit stood between them, and repeated the rules before they started, “This is a no holds barred, but don’t be a sneaky fuck! Fight honorably! May the strongest wake up tomorrow! Now fight!”
Sampson didn’t swing right away, more he walked almost stalking his opponent.
“Fight me bitch!” The Ripper s demanded.
He grinned, “Bitch huh? I’ve seen how small your dick is at the brothels, I’d say you’re the bitch here.”
“What you sit and watch because you can’t get a woman?”
Ge snickered “the last woman you were with just came to me for pleasure and bitching that the last guy boasted about his dick and then she felt more with her hand than you. She kindly pointed your bitch ass out to me.”
“You little fuck!” the guy lunged at him. Sampson let The Ripper punch him.
“As expected, you hit like a bitch!” the fought an uncoordinated dance.
Kicking and punching at each other; after three minutes Sampson moved swiftly away from a kick to the face. Then grabbed The Rippers leg Sampson kicked the guy in the chest pulled him into him to punch him hard in the Jaw. The Ripper eye’s rolled back into his head and fell down.
Gerrit ran over to the guy, who was unconscious. “Alive, knocked out! The winner, The Hammer! Collect those bets!”
Sampson got dressed when the woman fighter leaned against the locker by him and stared. He ignored her and continued to collect his things.
“Are you going to ignore me all the time?” She jived at him.
He sighed, “I’m not ignoring you, I just have nothing to say.”
She grabbed his hand as he closed the locker, “We don’t have to talk.”
Looking at her he knew that look in her eyes. His mother used it with customers, wanting to call her out, “Then what do you propose we do?”
“Let’s go back to your place.” She suggested. “I can put some salve on those cuts.”
He grabbed his bag, “My place is crowded.”
“Go to her place then!” Gerrit yelled behind him.
He looked at Gerrit then to the woman flushed, “um.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell your boss you’ll be back for your shift.” Gerrit offered then pushed him towards the woman.
“Okay.” He agreed nervously. They got back to her place, which was a small apartment in a rough neighborhood. Walking in was a basic apartment was more like a closet with a bed and kitchen area. He set his bag on a chair then looked at her, then took her shirt off.
“Come here,” she waved a finger at him. He grinned walked over started to touch her breasts then leaned into kiss her. She undid his pants then pushed him to the bed. Taking her pants off she got on him, then guided him into her. He didn’t have sex often but when he did, he always made sure the woman was pleasured and before himself. The girls at the brothel knew that about him but they also knew he was very selective.
His thirteenth birthday present from his mother was to take the virginity of a new sixteen-year-old girl his mother hired that day.
He was laying next to the woman fighter, “What’s your name?” he asked her.
She giggled looking at him, “Dorothy.”
“Dorothy the Dancer.” He looked at her, “Sampson.” He saw her puzzled face, “My name.”
She giggled, “oh! Okay, Sampson the Hammer. Who knows how to nail a woman.” Dorthy sat up, “So how old are you really? Did you just turn nineteen or something?”
“I don’t think you want to know.” Get started to get up.
“Come on, it’s not like you’re twelve years old.” He hesitated then started to grab his clothes. She stared at him, “Sampson?” he looked at her.
“Are you Ruby’s son?” she asked appalled. He didn’t answer, “Fuck! You are!”
He turned to her, “Yes, I’m her son. Though, you weren’t complaining ten minutes ago.” he criticized.
“I just slept with a kid.” She rolled her eyes pissed.
He looked at her, “A kid who you begged to keep fucking you.”
“Don’t get so full of yourself!”
“I’m not, just stating a fact.” He walked out of the apartment.
He woke up in the morning to Gerrit shacking him awake. “What?”
“Look!” he shoved a paper in his face.
Rubbing sleep out of his eyes, saw he was holding a wanted poster. No picture only the name The Hammer, charges of one count of murder. It showed the victims picture which was the fighter he fought.
He stared at Gerrit shocked, “How?”
“Apparently he had a bleed in his brain and with his broken ribs punctured his rib with he fell onto his bed after getting home.”
He saw the same of the person who found him, “Dorothy.”
“That’s who found him.”
“Yeah, so?”
“That’s the girl I left with.”
“Shit. Okay, don’t worry we’ll figure this out.” He looked out the room then back, “So, have a good time fucking for the first time?”
“First time?” he looked at Gerrit confused.
“That wasn’t your first?”
Sampson laughed, “Yeah, I’ve fucked a few women. Look where I live.”
“Well, I learned something new. Okay, get your chores done and meet me at the training grounds!”


Jail or military school (Samspson)
When Sampson went for another fight Dorothy was nowhere to be seen and didn’t return to the ring. Sampson was never questioned for the Rippers death. He continued to fight and rose up the ranks among the fighters. He didn’t win all his fights but losing reminded him that he still needs training. He didn’t want to get over confident with fighting; he took note watching the other fighters that did always ended up losing or dead. Gerrit liked that Sampson wasn’t cocky about it and continued his training with him and Martin.
Three years past while he was working at the brothel and making money in the underground ring. He woke up at his usual time before the sun rose. Did his chores then went to training until the sun went down.
“Working the bar tonight?” Gerrit watched Sampson grabbing his things to leave the cave.
Without looking at Gerrit replied, “No.”
“Then why are we ending so soon?” hearing the annoyance in Gerrit’s voice turned to face him.
He smirked, “I have a date tonight.”
“Well, shit! Have fun boy!” he slapped Sampson’s back in excitement. “I want details.”
Rolling his eyes at Gerrit and nodded, “We’ll see.”
“Get going, don’t be late!” almost pushing Sampson out of the cave. “Get some ass for once!”
Sampson laughed as he walked out, “See ya!”
He went back to the brothel and got dressed for a date, walking down his mother raised an eyebrow questioning. Gerrit leaned to her, “the little shit has a date for once!”
She grinned approving, “Have fun!”
Giving his mother a hug, “Okay mom. Be safe.”
“Always am.” She watched him leave into the street. Grabbing Gerrit by the collar, “Who does he have a date with?”
Amused and shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“You didn’t think to ask?”
“The boy has a date, I wasn’t going to piss him off. That happens he won’t go meet her like last time.” Lighting a smoke looked at Ruby, “He likes his privacy. Not every guy boasts about the woman he sees. I’ll find out tomorrow at training.” They grinned at each other.
Sampson walked out of the pleasure district then turned away from the city. Walking towards the tree line at the end of a field. Stopping at a tree, climbed it and untied a bag. Changing his clothes to black and grey colored clothes, they were Velenthian made but they allowed for easy movement. Grabbing the bag and putting it on his back, started to run. He memorized the trail he made so to avoid the logs, roots and large rocks that could trip him. He slowed as he saw the lights to a temple. Stopping at the edge, looked around then found the other path he was looking for. Slowly and silently he made his way to the end of the path.
There was a cabin there with lights on, he saw people walking around inside. Then moved closer to the side window. Looking in he saw a woman and boy sitting together in the corner covered in bruises. They weren’t crying just sitting there empty of emotions. He waited util the front door opened to two more men; making it a total of four.
One man grabbed the woman and slapped her, hearing him yell at her to take her clothes off. Moving to the door and shoved a stake into it that he made while it was empty. Went to the back of the cabin and did the same with the back door. Went to the one window they didn’t shut, the restroom.
Climbed through then walking out of the open door hearing one man yell, “What the fuck! Why won’t this door open?” Sampson grinned then rushed into the room.
The men turned to him, “Who the fuck are you?” one demanded as he swung at Sampson. He let the punch hit him and grinned at the mans shocked expression, “What the hell! What are you made of?” the mans hand started to swell.
“You don’t remember?” Sampson walked forward. “The last time you said I was soft, could never harden my skin. You said that right before you ripped my pants off and raped me.”
Glaring at Sampson, “I never did that! I don’t even know who the fuck you are!”
“Let me remind you,” he stood directly in front of him. “You said that I may have been the right age, but I looked to old for your liking.”
Realization hit all the men in the cabin, “Sampson?” said the girls voice weakly.
He looked at her, “Hey sissy and brother.”
The men jumped on Sampson who laughed at them before taking a swing. Punching and hitting them, while one took a gun out and faced it at him. “Let my men go you little shit!”
Sampson looked at him lazy almost bored, then walked towards the door next to the guy. Standing next to the guy who let his guard down. Pivoting around the guy and wrapping his arm around the guys neck making him drop the gun. Sampson stared at the other men in the cabin as he snapped the guys neck, dropping him to the floor. Panicked they went to the back door that wouldn’t open. Getting to them kicking the back of one then punching the other, ignoring their pleas for him to stop and let them live before breaking their necks too. walking back in the room picking up a blanket and handing it to his sister. She ignored it and hugged Sampson along with their brother by them.
“Sammy! How did you find us?” She asked relieved to see him.
“I heard a rumor about these guys a month ago. I looked into it, after seeing them I recognized them from when they took you guys. I promised you I’d find a way to get you back after they chained me up and left me. I promised you both.”
His brother was crying, “I knew you would keep your word Big Sammy. You were always the big brother who looked after us.”
“Come on Stavros, Nova here’s some clothes I brought for you.” They started to get dressed. “I’m gonna go unlock the doors, be right back.”
“Unlock?” Asked Stavros.
“I blocked the door so they couldn’t get out.”
“You haven’t changed.” Stavros giggled.
It took him a minute to climb through the window again and take the stake out of the door. He opened it to see them standing there ready to leave. Smiling at them he waved for them to follow. They stopped at the tree line before the town, “One second.” Sampson told them.
“What?” asked Nova then turned to see Sampson start to change his clothes. “Why are you changing?”
He hesitated for a second, “Because I told mom I was going out on a date tonight.”
“Mom is going to be pissed at you.” Stavros threatened.
“Her anger is worth you guys.” They smiled at each other, then Sampson waved them forward. They walked back to the brothel and it was midnight, their busiest hour. Sampson walked in to see Gerrit at the bar serving customers. He looked at Sampson then saw his niece and nephew.
He rushed out from behind the bar staring at them in shock before looking at Sampson, “Where? How?”
“Where’s mom?”
Gerrit thought for a second, “I’ll get her.” Then ran up the stairs skipping a step each stride. Sampson walked them over to a table. Hearing a scream then a crashing sound to seeing his mother trip running down the stairs half naked. Unfazed she ran to her kids, staring in disbelief before hugging them.
“How? Are you okay? My babies!” she started to sob, speaking incoherently.
A man walked by his sister and grabbed her ass as he past. Sampson saw her face turn to terror, grabbed the guy, “Don’t touch this girl.” Bearing down at the guy who backed up.
“I’m sorry! Thought she was new.”
Their mother turned to him, “Ask, before touching! Don’t assume every girl in here is for services!” Sampson watched his mother pull out a knife, “Do I make myself clear?”
He stepped back, “Yes, Madam Ruby.” He left the brothel.
“Where did you have that knife mama?” Asked Nova looking at her.
Her mother laughed, “Let’s go into the back where customers wont be able to grab either of you.” They walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. “Nova?”
“Yes mama?”
Smiling Ruby moved to show Nova the outside of her garter was a holster big enough for a switch blade.
“Wait! Is that why you have the metal around parts of your garter?”
“Yes, sweety. It’s why all the girls wear them.”
“Can I have one mama?”
“Of course! I’ll go grab you one.” She left the room to the basement then came back holding a garter. “here I’ll help you put it on in a second.” She turned to her Stavros handing him a arm bracers, “The men who work here have these on for the same reason.”
“Thank you mama,” he smiled and hugged her. “Mama?”
looking at Stavros, “Yes?”
“Will you have me checked for diseases?” he asked nervously.
“Me too mama?”
She stared at them, “Where they forcing you to-“ she couldn’t finish the question.
“Yes mama.” Replied Nova.
“You’re not even sixteen! I’m going to kill them!” she growled.
“Don’t worry about it mama.”
“What do you mean Stavros?” she watched him and Nova point at Sampson, “Why do they mean, Sammy?”
“They and their men won’t be coming for them.”
Ruby turned walking towards him, “Sammy?” putting her hands on his cheeks, “You didn’t have a date tonight did you?”
Looking down from his mother’s gaze, “no.”
She placed a hand under his chin, making him look at her, “I’m not angry. I wish you had told me, but I’m not angry. Why didn’t you say anything?”
He pushed the kitchen door open and stared at a man, then looked at his mother. Ruby followed his eyes to the general sitting at a table by the bar. Closing the door still silent.
“I understand.” Ruby sat down in a chair lighting a smoke, “Gerrit?”
“Go get a physician to look them over and check them. I’m going to get them cleaned up. Sammy?” he stayed quiet and waited for her order, “You will be the guard here now. You can clean and bartend if you have time but I want you to focus on protecting the workers here. If they sit there trying to fuck someone who is not on the clock or works here. Kick them out, this is a place of business. Understand?”
“Yes, mama.” He walked out into the bar area. Looking around and saw who was messing around that didn’t work there and began to tell them to leave.
Then general stood up staring at Sampson, “What the fuck is this? Why are you telling my men to leave?”
“Madam Ruby set a new policy. Unless you work here or a paying customer at that moment you are to leave.”
“They are customers,” he challenged.
“I’m not stupid, they come in every night for drinks then sit trying to fuck a worker then refuses to pay.”
“Where’s Ruby?”
“Bring that bitch out to me!”
“What is all the commotion?” Ruby demanded as she walked out smoking.
“This kid is trying to tell us to leave, said it was your orders.”
She looked him up and down, “Receipt?”
“Show me you’re a paying customer. Receipt?” Ruby held out her hand.
“I’ve been coming here for over a year. You have never demanded a fucking receipt!”
“Well, this is a place of business not a hang out to jerk off. I’m tired of entertaining people who come here for a free show. I’m losing money that way. Now, unless you prove to me you have paid for services at all the past year; get the fuck out of my business.” She looked at the other people staring at her, “That goes for all of you! Unless you’re a paying fucking customer, get the fuck out!”
“You’re going to regret this bitch!”
Taking a puff off her smoke she blew it into his face, “If you say so. Get out.” They watched a lot of the men leave, who were solders as well. “Show your receipt to Sampson here, if you want to stay.” She circled the room then motioned for Sampson to check.
At the end of the night Sampson walked over to his mother counting the earnings for the night. “Yes Sammy?”
“I was thinking of a way to control who comes in the building as well as make money.”
Ruby took her smoke out of her mouth, “Keep talking.”
“We make them pay to enter the building. They way they have a receipt but we can also deny them to come in if we know they’re dangerous. I figured it’s a way to keep the workers safe.”
She stared at her son then grinned, “Okay, I like that idea. Granted we’ll be the only ones doing it so there will be resistance from customers.”
“We tell them that we do this to have money to ensure that the workers here are checked regularly so we can guarantee workers disease free for their pleasure.”
“Oh fuck! I love that! I think we should use that money to regularly check the workers. I like that!” she went back to counting, “Who knows, maybe the other brothels will follow suit.”
“They always do mama.” He chuckled.
The next few weeks the customers were resistant until the other brothels heard and followed suit. Ruby was the only one who used the entry fees for checking the workers, ensuring the safety of her customers. Ruby was able to hire a doctor to come in weekly for routine check ups and tests. Word got around that she was the only one doing that and customers started to go to Madam Ruby’s brothel over the others. She had more people wanting to work for her because of these reasons.
Sampson was working the bar when he saw that Sergeant come in with a receipt. Watching the guy sit down smug, and wave for a drink. The girl next to him walked over to serve him. He grabbed her around the waist, making her jump back.
“I’m a bartender! I don’t do those services!”
He glared at her, “Get me a drink then bitch!”
She walked to the bar and grabbed the lowest grade alcohol, Sampson smiled as he saw her grab it.. she slammed it down in front of him, turning to walk away he grabbed her arm.
“I didn’t say you could walk away!”
“I’m not a slave asshole! You want to order someone then go to the slaves pleasure district!”
Sampson rushed over, grabbing the Sergeants hand as it swung up to slap her. “Get the fuck out!”
“Don’t tell me what to do boy! I’ll kick your ass!”
Sampson grinned crossing his arms, “Is that a challenge?”
“You smug little fuck! Do you really want to wake up in pain tomorrow assuming you survive the beating I’m going to give you?”
“Let’s go outside and let everyone see you kicking my ass.” Sampson walked to the door waiting. The sergeant stormed outside, and Sampson walked out too. Lighting a smoke looking at the Sergeant, “Okay, teach me a lesson for talking back asshole!”
“You cocky fuck!” He punched him in the face making his head move to the side.
“Come on, I’m waiting?” he mocked.
Lunging at Sampson again, then motioned for his friends to join in.
“You dishonorable fucks!” Sampson growled, then punched the Sergeant making who flew several feet back. Easily taking down his friends stood there, taking a puff off his smoke and not getting it. He looked at it annoyed and light it again. “Stay the fuck out of Madam Ruby’s Brothel dishonorable fucks!”
The crowd made an opening for him as he walked back inside. He took note to no one else stepping out of line when he said not to.
Doing his chores of cleaning in the morning before training. There was a banging on the front door.
“We’re closed!” he yelled.
“Open the door!” they yelled back.
Ruby walked out of her room, “What’s that fucking banging?” walking to the front. “We’re closed asshole!”
The man pushed the door open, “We’re here to arrest your guard.” Handing her a warrant for Sampson.
“He assaulted a Sergeant who also happens to be the Kings little brother. Now, get over here! We’ll see how manly you are going to the Island!”
“Island? He’s not an adult!” Ruby screamed panicked.
“Don’t lie to me bitch!” he slapped her.
She saw Sampson rush over and stepped in front of him, “Sammy, don’t fight back or there won’t be a trial.”
“Mama!” he pleaded with her.
“Do as I say.” He reluctantly listened to his mother, as they put a punishment collar on him. Then electrocuting him when he moved before they said. Ruby screamed horrified. Gerrit rushed in as they took Sampson out.
“What the fuck is going on?” he ran to his sister sobbing, “What’s going on?” she handed him the warrant.
“Shit!” he ran out of the building. He ran to the Szigonian embassy, banging on the door.
A woman dressed in loose red pants and a cropped red shirt answered, “What?”
“Rei! Please is Wayne still here?”
“Yeah, he leaves tomorrow morning why?”
“Please! It’s my nephew! I need Wayne!” the door opened wider showing a man in loose green pants and shirt.
“What’s going on Gerrit?” not saying anything he put his hand in front of Wayne who took it quickly. “Oh shit.” He looked around, “Rei, go make sure there’s a trial being held. Gerrit go get Ruby!”
Gerrit ran as fast as he could back to Ruby’s, she was sobbing at the bar with Stavros and Nova sitting with her. “Ruby, come with me. We’re making sure there’s a trial. We’ll prove he’s underage to be sent to the Island.”
“How?” she demanded.
He shrugged, “Wayne Wilkins.”
Ruby rushed to get clothes on they quickly left for the Palace. Getting to the gate the guards stopped them, “What do you want?”
“They’re here with me.” Wayne walked forward.
The guards looked at him surprised, “Oh, well then, in you go.”
Following Wayne almost sprinting to the Hall of Judgement, to be stopped at the door. “Let us in.” Wayne ordered.
“We can prove that boy is only sixteen and not old enough to be sent to the Island!”
“Fuck off, mud boy!” a hand slammed onto the guards shoulder he looked at the man nervous.
“If my brother in law has evidence of this boy’s age, send him in!” he threatened
“I’m sorry Your Majesty La’Cartia.” He waved for them to go in.
“What is the meaning of this Ethen?” the voice came from a man sitting behind a desk with the largest chair.
He looked over at Sampson, “This boy is only sixteen!”
“Don’t come in here and tell me bullshit lies. Look at the man!”
Wayne stepped forward, “Then let Ethen project to you what I see from the boy. Ensure he his how old these two claim he is.”
“Who are they?”
“This is the boy’s mother Ruby Dovon and her brother Gerrit Dovon.”
The king sat back, “Gerrit?” then saw Gerrit lift his head and look at him. He grumbled incoherently, “Fine, look!” waved them over to Sampson.
Sampson watched them nervous, “It’s okay, this won’t hurt.” He turned to wait for Ethen to place a hand on the Kings head. Then grabbed held out his hand to Sampson.
With a sigh he lifted his shackled hand, and placed it in Wayne’s watching his eyes turn black. Ethen’s did the same as the King had his eyes closed.
Wayne pulled away with raised eyebrows, “Well, he is Sixteen as they said.”
The king stood up, “He’s also the Hammer?” then walked over to Sampson. “You are the guy we have been looking for. Yet you’re not even legal to buy alcohol!” Crossing his arms as he looked at Sampson, “Sixteen?” then looked at Gerrit, “You’ve been training him. Do you think he can advance even more given the chance?”
Gerrit snorted, “Advance? He’d figure out how to take out your enemies in a matter of days. This boy has the mind of our father.”
“Okay, here’s your options boy! You go to jail, or you go to military school then serve in a branch of the military for five years after! Take your pick.”
Sampson looked at him stunned then to his mother who jumped forward making a guard stop her. “Take the fucking military school!”
Looking back at the King, “Your Majesty Scrapptious, I’ll take the military school.”
“Wise choice boy.” Then motioned for the guards to take him.

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