Correlation does not equal causation. 

Correlation does not equal causation. 

That statement can be true, to say the least. Especially when analyzing situations about relationships, whether they are professional or personal.  

A group of people cannot be given a definitive type of definition because there is an increase in a specific type of correlation. Though, when we speak to others about their actions, that is when we look at how to approach them best.  

We decide if the information we receive is something we need to investigate and read about. We start asking all the questions about that person’s integrity along with the people they spend most of their time with.  

I am not saying that if someone in your group of friends does something wrong, you are guilty too. Though, if you approve of it and justifiably say they were in the right place to do what they did, your mentality can be grouped to be comparable to theirs.  

You are not guilty by association unless you encourage and help with the said act the other person takes part in. If you should take part in that said action, you are just as guilty 

Now, you might be wondering why I am mentioning this. I will tell you.  

After the last quarter and the start of this quarter, feel highly uncomfortable and uncertain about meducation at the current schooam attending 

Before last quarter, I loved attending this college. Though, now, I am questioning if I even want to go there anymore. I am considering changing to a complete online school in another city because of how things are.  

Last night I decided to go onto this website: 

Rate My Professors – Review Teachers and Professors, School Reviews, College Campus Ratings 

I wanted to see the overall rating of the school and all the teachers have had over thquarters I have been there. As I said, correlation does not equal causation. Some of the teachers on here who have loscores I divery well in their classes, but the ones I struggled in, others have struggled too.  

I did not look at this site when I signed up for this quarter; I feel I should have, then I would not have signed up for a particular class that I ended up dropping only a couple of days into the quarter.  

That was because just starting out, it was okay for reading needed, but reading thsyllabus and reading so many lines abouhow if they feel you disrespect them in any way, they will suspend you even if you joke or are sarcastic. If they disagree with it, you will be punished. I would post it with everything highlighted, but I cannot.  

I can hope you take my word for it, or you can directly ask me, and I will tell you which class, and you can ask them for their syllables.  

From my understanding, people with the highesopinions are the ones who post their ratings on sites such as that one. Though, I did read quite a few average ones on there awell.  

havnoposted othere, but I havbeen thinkinabouitjust wanto keeanalyzinthings first.  

The reason is, I am not feeling happy with being at this school, and I do not want to post something based on emotions. Is that not the analytical way of doing things?  

There are a lot of different scores for teachers and schools on there. Though I do question if the students themselves have been given a survey to answer these questions? What would happen if, bear with my thought here, if they were given the opportunity to do an anonymous survey after each quarter. To gauge if they are satisfied with the education they are receiving and paying for; Some of them are paying out of pocket, and that is the hard-earned income they saved up for, or their parents did.  

Shouldn’t they be given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings after each quarter? How much more time would it take for a teacher or the school to send out those surveys. If not that, the students should be encouraged to rate their professors on that site, so there is a more current and exact rating 

To really stand behind the school’s mission statement, should not a schooengage with the students and actively survey them on hotheir professors are performing durinthe school year 

Anyways, this is me analyzing things. I am not emotional or aggressive, but I am actively questioning things. Why might you ask?  

Because I havnot lived like you.  

I have not lived in this reality or learned to cope with this reality like everyone else. Due to trauma as a child, I tend to disassociate when I experience intense emotional pain. Because of that, I constantly did that because I could not handle the emotional stress of this reality. I never learned to cope with it. 

I am learning things now that I should have learned when I was younger. Does it surprise you to know that I barely know what it means to be in a professional environment? I never learned it. When I was in school as a child, I was always ignored and pushed to the side. When I had to read aloud, the teachers gave other students two paragraphs while I had a sentence. When asking for help, I was questioned and made to feel like I was a nuisance. I felt nothing but the same while at school.  

I am learning now to ask questions. I am learning now that it is not wrong to ask a question and that it does not mean you are stupid for the asking. If someone makes you feel shame or insecure for asking, it is not a show of your intelligence but a show of their criticism and judgmental thoughts.  

I am now becoming triggered emotionally from this when people refuse to answer my questions or avoid it. Again, I am just analyzing here, and this is not saying this is what they are doing. This is what goes through my mind?  

This is my reality and how my mind process works 

When a question is avoided or ignored, it triggers me not to trust the person or people who justify those actions. That is because I was made to look like a fool as a child by my peers. I was always the joke and used to trick into thinking they liked me as a friend.  

An Example: 

One time these girls said their brother had a crush on me and wrote me a letter. Of course, I wrote back. After I gave it to them, I watched them in the back of the bus just laugh hysterically and make fun of me. I cannot tell you how much shame and embarrassment I felt.  

That is just one instance of my being ridiculed as an adolescent. I have been lied to, manipulated, abused, and hurt emotionally. I am just now learning what it means to trust a person. When my mind tells me not to trust someone, I lash out. I will become cynical, sarcastic, and snide.  

I am highly aware of my shortcomings, and I do not have tbe reminded of them. I know what it means to go along the I messed utrain and the shame that comes with it. I am very aware of the judgments and those that decided I am no longer of value to their lives. These things are nothinnew to me.  

Now back to correlation does not equal causation.  

I am learning to change that correlation of my life of the lashing out and those shortcomings to my personality. But I cannot do it alone.  

I need support, as though there is no tomorrow. I need people to tell me when I mess up so I can change these things. I need that communication in my life because I never learned it. I am not asking people to put up with abuse from me. I am asking people to point out when I am in the wrong.  

Though, that needs to go both ways as well. Those people need to be able to accept when they are being told something is not working. Yes, I have a mental disorder, but that does not mean I am stupid or do not know when something is not working.  

I have a mental disorder, and because of that, I learn differently from other people. It is hard for me to understand concepts at times.  

I was now looking at the site rate of my professor and looking at all the professors I had. Not all of them are negative, and not all of them are positive either. Though, reading what people say is very consistent with some of the things I have feland spoke about a few professors I have had in the past.  

These reviews do not decide who is and is not a bad professor. These are just reviewing them, and some are not even current. I just wonder how many college students would be more apt to go on there if the schools they were in encouraged them to review their teachers on their so they could understand how the students feel about their teachers and the course they are taking.  

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