My Writing Guidance 102

This is the writing I did for my Guidance class. Everyone is required to take it when they are getting a General AA in Liberal Arts.  

When I first enrolled in college, I wanted to go into the interpreter program for ASL. I enjoyed learning ASL, I did, but the more I went through therapy, the more I realized what really made me happy. I ended up changing what I wanted for a degree. I was already getting a General AA in Liberal Arts Transferable. Which is a good thing, because I can transfer to the Falls with having this degree or if I so choose to one day get a degree in English to EWU.  

I have considered going for an English degree or a Fine Arts degree, but I want to get my dream degree. I want the degree for the Librarian program and pastry. Those are the ones I have always wanted since I was a child.  

I was the kid who looked up to the Librarians. I thought they were magical with all their books and knowledge. I loved them and I loved the library.  


Guidance 102 

8 August 2019 

I started going to Spokane Community College in hopes to pursue a career that I’ll love and be passionate about. Due to my mental illness and being in denial of it. I didn’t follow through with my dreams of learning more about cultures. I’ve always wanted to learn more about people and cultures. I was discouraged by my father that I wouldn’t be able to learn new languages and that I wouldn’t succeed. Now that I have my mental illness under control and I’m no longer in denial about it. I want to prove my father wrong and learn those things he always said I wouldn’t be able to do. In the process I hope I’m able to better myself emotionally and intellectually. I’ve always loved to learn but I was always told things would be too hard for me. I wish my father had more faith in me to learn new languages and following through with college. I’m doing everything I can to do my best with my studies. I want to succeed, and I know that’ll only happen if I continue to follow through with my lessons, and what I’m told I need to do from the counselors. As well and make sure I work on my communication especially if I don’t understand something, that I should always talk to my teachers to help me with understanding certain things.  

I hope by the time I complete this degree that I’m able to properly communicate in ASL so I can further my education and become an interpreter. I will then get a degree in interpreting Spanish. I want to be educated in other cultures and lifestyles. I want to be able to communicate to people across the board, so no one feels left out. That they can’t do something because they can’t speak the same language. I want to accomplish my goals to help people. I want to learn about people, communicating, and animals. I hope I can learn more about literature so I can write better. I hope to make friends who also share my passion of learning. I hope I’m able to be a good student and accomplish my goals. I think it’ll help me with my schedule for working. Sense I will be doing work study. I hope my family will understand my passion to do what I’m doing and will help me, so I have time for my studies. I hope to build on my work ethics and be able to plan my days according to school and work. I’ll be hopefully able to communicate to people of the deaf community and the Spanish community. I hope I’m able to help them with their problems. Hopefully I’m able to become a veterinarian technician so I can be an interpreter for veterinarians.  

If I can accomplish my goals, I’ll then be able to work with animals, write books, and interpret for the people around me. I don’t think I’ll get a job in the government; I mean it sounds nice, but I want to work with animals and people. If I don’t become veterinarian technician, I’ll then work towards becoming a certified nursing assistant, so I can help the elderly that needs someone to translate for them. I don’t know if there’s a need for translators in nursing homes or retirement homes, but I feel it’s worth working towards. I want to work with people mostly. Again, I want to work on my communication skills so I can help the people around me. I hope I’m able to write books for children so they can become interested in learning more about other cultures. I know my degree only requires me to take up to English 101, but I hope I have enough credits to take more English classes maybe even some creative writing classes. I’m not sure what else I hope to accomplish with my degree. There’s so much I want to do but I must learn it first. I love to be able to learn new things. I haven’t made a decision of what else I’d like to do with my degree. I just know I want to help people and maybe help animals too.  


Guidance 102  

11 July 2019 

I got my educational plan made up during winter quarter by Cathy Shaffer. I was eager to start my college career in the spring. My mom encouraged me and is attending college with me. My educational plan so far is interesting. I’m getting my General AA Transferable degree. The classes I’m taking now are English 99 and guidance 102. I’m enjoying them so far. For the fall I’m taking English 101, developmental math 21, and P.E. 188. math makes me nervous sense I’m not very good at it. I’m excited for English 101 because I love to read and write. For winter 2020 I’m supposed to take history, ASL 122, and math 87. I’m very excited for ASL. I loved ASL 121, it was so much fun. I’m hoping to do ASL 123 In the Spring of 2020. Also, on my educational plan for spring 2020 is math 88 and to take a science lab. Fall 2020 I have math 107, P.E. 100, and a science lab. I’m looking forward to science classes, I’ve never been very good at science, but I love to learn about it. I’ll just have to make sure I study extra hard when it comes to science and math. For winter 2021 we chose sociology 101 and humanities. I’m supposed to take another science class. I don’t know that much about humanities and sociology so I’m actually very excited learning about those subjects. Now for spring and fall 2021 I’m having a hard time reading the writing on the page, so I’ll have to ask Cathy Shaffer what she wrote. All in all, I’m very excited for the classes I’m planning on attending in the future. It’s all very exciting to do these classes. 


11 July 2019 

Giving Myself a Grade 

Based on my skills today I would give myself a C grade. I’m good at taking care of myself, being prepared and keeping a schedule. I have been taking care of myself physically and mentally these past couple years. Last year I started going to Frontier Behavioral Health for my bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and my borderline personality disorder. It wasn’t till a couple years ago that I realized I needed help mentally. My husband talked me out of ending my life and to seek help. My anxiety used to get so bad I’d have panic attacks that appeared like seizures. It took me a long time to get help. I was in denial about my mental illness for several years. I’m now on medication for my mental illnesses and take them religiously. After getting into counseling I started to get my anxiety under control. I haven’t had a panic attack in over a year. I’ve recently, April 25, 2019, had bariatric so that forced myself to take care of myself physically. I had to lose weight before the surgery, so they knew I was serious about losing the weight. Sense I’ve started this weight loss journey I’ve lost 79 pounds. I’m determined to stay on this road of taking care of my physical health. So, I make sure to go to all my doctor and counseling appointments.  

I always make sure I’m prepared for appointments and school. I always check to see what I need for school and appointments. If I don’t have what I need I’ll usually leave early so I can get what is needed. For school I’ve been making sure to get my books at least a month in advanced. If the book for the class cost a little more than what I have at the time I’ll put it into the budget so I can get it the first opportunity. I always make sure I know what I need by writing it down in a planner or on my phone. I always make sure I’m on top of my schedule with the use of a planner. I used to be very disorganized before I was on medication. That’s the reason I didn’t start college when I graduated from high school. I just couldn’t seem to keep my focus on the things I needed to do. I keep track of not only my appointments but my mom’s and husbands. To stay prepared I will also make sure I put the addresses into the GPS before I go to any doctor’s appointments. I will leave several minutes early to find a classroom and I will time how long it takes to get from classes to class.  

What I need to work on is communication and being assertive in my college career. I’ve always had trouble with being assertive and communicating things properly. I’m pretty sure it stems from my father always getting mad at me when I asked for help or bothering him. So, I have high anxiety fearing someone will get mad at me for saying the wrong thing. I fear getting in trouble for not knowing something. My dad used to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about and I didn’t know anything. I know teachers won’t get mad at me like he used to. Though, it’s still in the back of my mind that’ll I’ll get in trouble. I think that’s also why I don’t assert myself into things. I think it’s why I don’t ask for clarification on things. I have been working with my counselor to start asserting myself in things. That things won’t turn out as badly as I fear. We started slowly with my leaving the house by myself. I used to never leave without someone else cause of my panic attacks. Then we started with me taking the bus by myself. I’ve just recently started making phone calls for myself. I’ve been working on communication with the people around me. Sense I started school this past spring quarter I’ve been working on my communication and asserting myself with my studies and in class. I’ve been getting better at talking to my teachers when it’s required.  

I gave myself a C grade because I may be really good in one area of my life but I’m still struggling in another. I am by no means a failure but there’s room for improvement. I know it’s going to take a lot of work to Improve with my communication and being assertive. I hope I don’t let my teachers or, more importantly, myself down. 


18 July 2019 

Reflections About This Week 

My reflections for this week have been interesting. I have learned where I stand the strongest regarding schooling and where I could use the help. I have learned about a couple services that the school offers. I knew about several of the services already due to my mom being at the school for three years before me in the environmental program. It’s wonderful that we’re going to classes together. We both want similar things out of school. I’m doing my best to learn more about the school. I’m hoping to do work study to help with finances. I’m planning on checking out the scholarship services that are offered in the counseling center. I’ll work on bettering myself as a student. I’m also going to writing down what I do more often to make sure I’m staying on track. These are my reflections for this week on my CSI scores, time management, and SCC’s campus resources.  

The highest scores I had were in commitment to college, interactions with previous teachers, capacity for tolerance, and financial guidance. I’m not sure why I scored higher in these areas over others. I just try to do my best to be accepting of others and their opinions. I know that my commitment to college is big because I want to finally live the life I always dreamed of. I’ve also always been one to follow through with something once I start it. When I was in high school, I almost didn’t graduate on time, because of all the moving when I was younger. My schooling suffered a great deal up until I was fourteen. That’s when I got into Havermale Alternative High School. They put me in a program that allowed me to get all the credits I needed if I completed the program. I got all my credits up until senior year, and the only thing the program didn’t give me credits for was extracurricular classes. I don’t think any of the scores surprised me. I know I need academic assistance and financial guidance. I’ve always been good with money but there are times when life just happens. I was approved for work study so I’m hoping that’ll help with finances.  

The area’s I got the lowest scores was with math and science confidence, verbal and writing confidence, social engagement, and personal counseling. I know I don’t have much confidence in these areas, so I’m not surprised that I scored lower in these areas. I’ve always struggled in those areas when I was in high school. Now finally coming back to school after fifteen years, so I’m determined to try and overcome these struggles. I’m not too worried about personal counseling sense I go to Frontier Behavioral Health, and they have been helping me with my personal matters. I have been going through them for a year now. They have given me the tools to help me with emotional distress. As far as social engagement I’m not sure how well I’ll do in this area since I’m not a very talkative person. I’m going to try and join the ASL club to meet people. I’m not sure what other clubs there is to join. Maybe that’ll be something to ask an advisor. I’ll have to work hard to overcome my confidence.  

Based on my results I know I need to work on my math, science, writing, and reading. I know going to see the tutors will help a great deal. Another thing that’ll help will be to ask my instructor’s for clarification if I don’t understand something. I plan on joining at least one club the start on fall quarter. With starting classes and work study I’ll have to make sure to make time for some social gatherings. Whether those gatherings are with fellow students or my family. I know I can overcome my confidence issues. I’ve been working on it every day for the past year. I used to never talk to anyone or do things for myself. Now I’m slowly taking charge of my life. I used to say I couldn’t do certain things but now I’m doing them and thriving. I have been trying to help my mom with taking charge of her life too. My father was very emotionally abusive towards us, and they didn’t break up till the beginning of this year. I’ve noticed not being around my father I’ve been doing so much better emotionally. I know it’ll take time for my mom to do better emotionally. I’ll be here every step of the way for her.  

What I learned from keeping a schedule was not surprising. I already do my best to keep a schedule. The only difference is I wrote down when I scrolled Facebook and watched YouTube. With all the doctors’ appointments, schooling, and chores. I found out how much time I spent on YouTube and going to the store. I’ve been trying to do my best to make time for homework. I can see I can do better at doing my homework earlier in the day. Doing it late at night is making it to where I take my medications late. Which causes me to sleep in the next day. If it doesn’t cause me to sleep in the next day, I have a really hard time focusing and staying awake. So I would like to try and do my homework instead of scrolling Facebook or watching YouTube. I feel like I could do better with my studies. I’m currently doing Guidance and English 99, and I’m doing okay for the most part. There’s room for improvement, so I don’t do my homework at the last minute. I guess the times I’m scrolling Facebook and watching YouTube I’m procrastinating for what I need to do. I would like to do my homework during those times.  

One of the resources that I didn’t know SCC offered is workshops for test anxiety located in the counseling center. I have severe test anxiety and it causes me to forget what I even studied. I usually find myself guessing on answers and saying, “I’m just going to roll with it and see what happens.”. I also didn’t know SCC offered scholarship search database and help with applying for them. I think it would be good to check that out to help with my finances regarding school.  I didn’t know about the multicultural student center. My Husband is an Asian Pacific Islander, more specifically Hawaiian. He would love to join the Asian Pacific Islander club when he starts college in the fall. He seemed really excited about it when I told him I learned about the club. I also told him that the multicultural center helps with scholarships and he was intrigued by that as well.  

My reflections from this week is that I need to work on my confidence in my schooling. Making sure that I see the tutors if need be during the year. To stay committed to my college career. I’ll continue to work on bettering myself for my studies. I need to calm down on watching YouTube and going through Facebook. It may not seem like I do it that often, but I do it when I’m bored or waiting for my mom to get out of an appointment. I feel I could utilize my time better. I should try to bring homework with me that’s easy like if I have reading, I can bring that book with me and take notes. I’ll definitely try to utilize the services offered from the school. Also, try and help my husband with the services as well. This definitely has been an informal week.  


Guidance 102 

25 July 2019 

Weekly Reflection 

This Friday reflection is on four videos’ about studying, being able to study well, and with coping with stress. I have to say I try to have good study habits. I always make sure I write down what I need to study that day. I always keep it in my schedule to study at least all of my classes in the day. These videos have some really useful information regarding studying and stress. I hope I’m able to apply these study skills in the future so I can be successful.  

The first video is about deep processing to help with studying. The first concept talked about in the video is elaboration which in turn is making meaningful associations with what you are studying. I think I might have a hard time with the concept since I try to stay focused on the work and not thinking about what they remind me of.  The next concept is distinctiveness which is being able to make a clear distinction with what you are learning to what you have learned in the past. This concept should be pretty easy for me since I don’t have much in my past to confuse me with what I’m learning. Personal is the next concept and it is when you can associate what you are learning with your own life. Again, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to do this concept but I’m going to try my best. The one concept I have been trying to do is appropriate retrieval and application which is being able to retrieve the information that the teacher wants you to remember. I try to recall the information on my own that I have been studying. If I’m able to remember it then it safe to say I’ll be able to remember it in the long run. I think this next concept automaticity I already do it when I do my makeup or crochet. I find I’m doing it without consciously thinking about it. The concept of overlearning is when you keep trying to learn that information till you can recall it quickly. I’m trying to practice this concept already since I started in the spring.  

This next video is about notetaking strategies for when you are studying. It helps to make sure you write down some questions about the material after you have studied it. It helps when those questions are analytical about the material. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do that, so I can make sure I understand the material. One notetaking strategy that I have never thought of is a concept map. I can see how doing that your writing down the material and seeing if you understand it enough to connect it to other material learned. One method that I try to do is practice retrieving the information without looking at the material. I think it’d be good to try and write down as much as you can remember than checking the material to see if it’s correct. It helps to not take notes on a laptop, so you’re not tempted to browse the internet and social media. I also silence my phone while I study so I won’t be distracted from my work. It helps when studying highlight key information that’ll help trigger your memory of the rest of the information. I think that’ll be a good way to recall the information when needed. I have to say these are some useful tips to studying.  

This next video is about failing an exam and how to pin point what it was during your studies that didn’t help you to pass the exam. If you fail an exam one of the best things you can do is examine how you study for an exam. Think of all they ways that you practiced and determine how it wasn’t effective. It does help to review the exam if your able to so you can see what you missed. That way you’ll be able to study that material for future exams or for the final. It does help if you talk to your instructor about the exam and see what their thoughts are about studying for the next exam. Finding out the material that you have the most difficulty with will help to prepare you for the next exam. Speaking to the instructor will help show that you are determined to pass your exams and also improve your studying habits. It helps to make sure your studying without distractions and attending class regularly. It also helps to make sure you’re studying for all your classes and making sure you’re not focusing on one class a day. I’m hoping I’m able to follow through with the studying habits in order to succeed in my classes. I’ve been trying to have good study habits I just hope I can continue to follow through with it in the future.  

This last video is about coping with stress. I have currently been trying to manage my daily stress with the help of my counselor. This video first talks about perceived control that we have in our daily lives. I guess it was studied in not only with people but also baboons how stress can affect us physically. It was found that stress levels can be tested in the blood. I watched a video that discussed the work of Dr. Robert Sapolsky. He was the leading researcher when studying how stress effect the body. If I remember correctly, he came across it by accident, but it was still fascinating to learn how a hierarchy can affect not only a baboon but also a person. I watched the video while in the stress management there at SCC. Seeing where in your life you lack control is the best way to gain control. I have been trying to have an optimistic outlook on my life sense I’ve been in counseling at Frontier. I do agree that having support from your friends or family is greatly helpful with handling stressful situations. Through Frontier I’ve already been encouraged to manage stress with exercise and mediation. I’m not a very religious person so helping to manage stress with faith might not work very well with me. The cognitive flexibility makes me think we should have more of an outside view of our problems and to see what we have control over and what we don’t. It’s an interesting view about how to manage stress and most of it my counselors have been trying to teach me.  

These videos were informative and helpful with better ways to study as well as managing stress. Most of what they talked about I’ve been trying to implement into my daily life. I know having good study habits will help a great deal with managing my stress during school. That’s why I’m going to try to be more diligent about my schedule and controling what I can day to day. 


Guidance 102 

29 July 2019 

My weekly reflections  

The three careers that I have interest in that I also got on the assessment is a writer, interpreter and/or translator and veterinary technician. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of career around animals. That is why I want to be a translator for veterinarians and on the side write children’s books. I’ve always had a love of writing, though, I don’t feel that I’m good at it, but I do try my best. Taking English classes will definitely help with bettering my writing skills. I’m very excited that the WOIS assessment placed me in the three professions that I’m already planning on pursuing. Now I’m going to answer the questions for this assignment.  

Now to answer the questions for this Friday connection/reflection. “What is the nature of the work?” For writing it’s to be able to write for either different employers or companies about certain things they ask for. To be able to read and communicate specific information. To be able to communicate clearly what your thoughts are. If you can’t communicate properly, you’ll end up confusing your readers. Must be able to think clearly and creatively. To be able to write speeches and create ads to try and sell a product. It could also entail writing short stories and novels. Being able to translate writing into proper English. That leads me into information about interpreters and translators their work will consists of translating written and spoken languages. I plan on learning Spanish and ASL to start with. I want to learn other languages in depth but I’m starting with two for now. Translators and interpreters can work in the medical field or with government offices. Interpreters can also work with attorney’s while they meet with clients that need them. Translators can work closely with authors to translate books into a specific language. As for veterinary technician I would help with diagnosing animals’ injuries, testing for illness, and speaking to owners while preparing animals to be seen by a veterinarian. Helping animals has always been a big thing for me so to work as a veterinarian technician would be ideal for me.  

The next question is, “What education and training will you need to obtain this career goal?” For writing requires a bachelor’s degree in either journalism, communications, English. I could even go with getting a general liberal arts degree, where I could gain knowledge in an area, that I would want to write in. Writers must also complete long-term on the job training that typically lasts for a year. The best way to get better at writing in to practice as much as possible and to work on as many writing projects as well.  Employers look for people who are creative and can meet deadlines. For interpreting and translating requires a bachelor’s degree. Most colleges and universities offer interpreting programs. It helps to be fluent in that language and to have knowledge about that culture you’re translating for. So, for me I’ll need to learn a great deal about the deaf and Spanish communities. That way I can know I’m being respectful towards the people I’m translating for. People who are looking to translate for medical or courts will often complete job-specific training. People wanting to learn to be a veterinarian technician will have to have an associate degree though some colleges offer a four-year program in that case they could get a bachelors degree. People usually have an internship with a veterinarian clinic after they complete their certification. After certification they must complete thirty-six months of training under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. It’ll be a great deal of work but I believe it’ll be worth the work.  

The next question, “What are the demands (time commitment, training, etc.)?” Both writers and translators can be either part-time or full time. It’s just with writers have flexible schedules whereas interpreters have very irregular hours. Translators also usually have to travel to where they are needed unlike writers. That is unless you’re a journalist. Whereas I’m not going into journaling. I plan to write books for kids, so they know it’s okay to be different whether physically or mentally. Interpreters must be highly social sense they are working to communicate with others. Writer’s don’t need to be as social but still somewhat social. They usually have to communicate with people, on phones, and by email. Creative writers have even less communication with people. Another difference with them is that interpreters can end up in conflict situations. Both careers require a high level of communication, and a great deal of the same commitment. It takes many hours of training and practice for both, so someone can be successful in that field. A veterinarian technician works full time meaning 40 hours a week. They must be very social since they’ll be working not only with animals but also with the owners to the animals. They must be exact in their work so they will not endanger the animal’s lives. Just like the other two careers this one requires a great deal of work and commitment that I’m ready to face.  

The next two questions are about starting wage, job openings and location of those careers. Writers can expect to make $14.26 in Spokane alone, but if I was to get a writing position in Vancouver, WA the starting wage $18.85. The yearly job openings for writers in Spokane county is sixteen, but then in King county there are on average three hundred and seventy. So, would I relocate for this career? I might, I’m originally from the Seattle area so relocating to that area wouldn’t be that much of a problem. That’s if I get the right job opportunity. Interpreters and translators can expect to make $11.52 in the Spokane, WA. With the highest wages being $20.98 located in Mount Vernon-Anacortes, WA. The yearly job openings in Spokane county are ten whereas the highest yearly job openings are located in King county. Again, would I relocate for this job? If I received the right job offer I wouldn’t mind relocating to the Seattle area. Veterinary technician can expect to make 12.74 an hour in the Spokane, WA area whereas the highest paying is in Bellingham, WA at 16.14 an hour. Would I be willing to relocate to that area? Like the other if I had the right offer I might. Do I feel $12.74 is a livable wage I believe I could make it work.  

The next question is, “Compared to your Personal Mission Statement and WOIS assessments, do you feel this career is a good fit with your skills, interests, and values?” Yes, these are jobs that I’m currently working for. So, to be matched to these jobs is exciting. If I don’t go for veterinarian technician, I plan on possibly becoming a certified nursing assistant. I could use translating skills as a certified nursing assistant. Though, that’s a backup plan.   I definitely plan on following through with translator and writer. The last question is, “Do you need more information to help you decide? If so, how will you go about gathering it?” I’ll go about it by doing as much research as possible. Even maybe talking to people who work these careers. I’ve always wanted to know more about other cultures and languages, and I plan to utilize my education on those to help me write books.  

Writing and translating works closely with language and it’s best to be versed in both. Veterinarian technician requires a great deal of commitment just like the other two. There is a great deal of training needed for all the professions. I feel I would be happy in one or all of the professions. I know I wouldn’t make very much money in them at first, but I don’t mind I want to have a career that I feel passionate about.  


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