Vasska The Mad King

I want to start off, I don’t know how accurate some information is in this world; this is just how it plays out in my head and in my world. Please understand I know this is completely fiction. To understand Vasska a bit I want to explain the Zailainian race that I came up with.

Zailainian: This is actually the first face I came up with; they were the start of my world, so I’ve made more about them than most others. They’re a race of people who have the ability to harden their skin and sharpen their hair into thousands of blades. They’re unable to shapeshift, but they are very dangerous when it comes to fighting. They’re a very proud race with a very low context communication style. They value family bonds, and when those bonds are broken, they will seek them out elsewhere and create bonds, whether good or bad, with another family. Once they choose to be loyal to a family or person, it’s a lifetime commitment. They are formerly slavers, but that was abolished with King Vasska, but he only did that to favor the people. He was a cruel man who killed ruthlessly. (He was a very religious man, and I’ll get into their religion in another part). He would hunt down the Carvarians and kill them publicly by cutting their heart out while they were alive and awake. Their hearts were stored in the palace hidden in a locked room in the mines that are no longer worked. He would sacrifice his own people, saying that the gods were angry and required a sacrifice to right the wrong. They would be thrown off a cliff into a pool of ocean fenced off full of an animal looks like an electric eel with the appetite of a piranha, and they eat fast as a piranha. They’re blind, but they have an intense sense of smell like a great white shark. They are called Piscivorous Eels

The Island Of Purgatory: I do have people I’ve created who work here and sent here. I will eventually get into the details of this place and why it’s the jail of choice aside from the Grimical jail to send criminals’ worst. This is where all the criminals that commit the most heinous crimes are sent. It’s considered its own hell and worst than the Alcatraz island was. It’s in-closed and complicated to get to. Only a very experienced sailor or pilot can get to the area. Electrical instruments aren’t able to work in that area, so they have to rely on sight alone.

Religion is called: Pravá Viera – I’ll talk about this later… I want a post that goes in-depth about it, but to give you an idea, it has ideas from what I learned about Egyptian culture during Cleopatra’s time and when Aztecs sacrificed people and the pagan religion. Again what I have in this I have no idea where there is, or if there’s even accuracy, it’s just how my world turned into this one.

Valorous Skirmish: This is an honorable fight between two people, and the agreements they make before the fight starts must be honored, or they can be thrown in jail. Everyone always brings at least 2 or more witnesses to ensure that the right will be honored after. I’m certain all the WoW nerds reading this will know where I got this idea from LOL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و ~YESSS. #nerd (/◕ヮ◕)/ (^o^) (✿◠‿◠)

I will reference these again in the future when I talk about other people and scenes.

Let’s start with King  Vasska, Known as Vasska The Mad King.

King Vasska Ulrick- Deceased- died at 54 years old. While trying to kill a boy in a sacrifice, the cliff gave way, and he fell into the pool of Piscivorous Eels’s. Prince Scrapptious’s, Lord Tobias’s, and Lord Taifa’s father.

Queen Sveta Ulric- Deceased- Died at 44 years old. Prince Scrapptious’s, Lord Tobias’s, and Lord Taifa’s mother. Yes, she was a child bride.

He was a mad man, and his wife Sveta had Stockholm syndrome. Vasska was extremely religious, but their religion wasn’t a religion known here on earth; I made it up; it was called Pravá Viera, which translates to true faith. This religion only sacrificed a small animal, and that was only during the change of seasons. Vasska twisted it; he thought their god had spoken to him and that the crops were failing in the lands because the gods weren’t getting a grand enough sacrifice. At first, it was larger animals, but it wasn’t long until animals turned to people. He started to make a sacrifice a day. Then it turned into a couple a day; eventually, the people feared for their own lives because they didn’t know if they did something that he or his followers didn’t like, they would kill them and say it was nothing more than a sacrifice, the person was then absolved of the crime. Vasska would say that is a justified answer, even if they didn’t have evidence. Eventually, it became a ritual to gather those marked as sinners by his religious police; they were marched up to the temple that stood on a cliff. At the top of the cliff was a temple that overlooked the ocean. At the bottom of the cliff, Vasska had the water closed off and filled with Piscivorous Eels of an animal that looks like an electric eel with the appetite of a piranha, and they eat fast as a piranha. They’re blind, but they have an intense sense of smell like a great white shark. These people hand their hands bound until right before they were pushed off the cliff. Men, women,  and children were all thrown into this pool by Vasska himself. He would laugh like that of a mad man and enjoy every moment of hearing their screams and cries. His wife Sveta would just stand there emotionless as though she was bored.; and no one was off-limits either. He did have two kids that were only 6, twin boys, that he threw into the pools for “sinning” against their god.

When Sveta had her 3 sons (triplets), Tobias, Taifa, and Prince Scrapptious, she convinced Vasska to send them to the temple to the north when they were only 5 could learn the proper way to follow the texts and serve God.

That is where the three of them met Remus and his brother and parents. But I’m not going to go into their story yet; I want to continue with Vasska.

Vasska ruled for quite a few years; his rule wasn’t short; it was 42 years Scrapptious didn’t take the throne until 34 years old. When his twin boy Joyous and Girl Star were barely 5. They had to be born in hiding because of Vasska; when Scrapptious’s wife Synova got pregnant 2 1/2 years before Vasska beat her until she miscarried because she wasn’t wearing the proper clothes during the proper day; for the certain holy texts that were to be read. As I said, he was a madman. They stayed in hiding until Vasska’s and his wife Sveta’s death; their death was also ironic. They were making their traditional sacrifice; that day, Vasska went after his own nephew because he yawned and looked down during the texts’ reading. Vasska rushed over and grabbed Tonga. Tonga struggled to free himself and ended up using his hair to cut Vasska; right then, the cliff gave way, and Vasska fell down into the pool of Piscivorous Eels’s. Standing there horrified, Sveta ran and jumped off the cliff after her husband into the pool. The priests looked at Tonga and said this was God’s way of saying he is to be spared, that he is chosen and that the sacrifices are to end with King Vasska and Queen Sveta’s death.

There is so much more that happens with Vasska and during his ruling. He killed thousands of people, and sacrifices weren’t his only method of choice. He tortured and brutalized his people; just a complete monster. His excuse for everything was it was in the name of god. That was his way of rationalizing murder. I know everyone will probably want more about this Vasska The Mad King, but this is the basic rundown of what he was known for in my world.

There’s a part that happened with Remus and Nick running into Vasska and his hunting party in the woods. Nick risk’s his own life to save a boy’s life from being killed by Vasska. I want to save that for when I talk about Arvarian who is the Clan leader to the Carvarians. For now let’s leave it here, since Vasska The Mad King was chosen I’ll start with the Zailainian race and let you know about them in my world first. Enjoy!

Trust me if I understood and knew how to come up with languages I would have different languages for each race (͡o‿O͡).

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