Month: February 2021

Understand me

Many people hear BPD and don’t think anything about it or automatically think the person is “crazy.” What we really are is scared; rejection more than anything, and subsequently, we will sabotage the relationship because, in our minds, we don’t deserve it. We either don’t feel deserving of it, or that person will leave like

I’m not stupid.

I don’t know how many people know how it feels to be treated like they’re stupid. Like they’re a complete idiot their whole life, and when that person is treated that way starts getting pissed about it, they’re invalidated and told they’re crazy. Fucking story of my life, especially with men. I’ve always been treated

Why this matter to me.

Communication to me is essential in a relationship, romantic or not. Because without it, there virtually is no relationship. Without it, two people become strangers who happen to see each other, or live with each other, say hi, and walk away; that’s having acquaintances, not a relationship. I’ve learned with therapy and taking communication classes