Been so blah

There’s not much going on in my mind. I seem to be unable to think of things to write about. I know with this quarantine I haven’t been able to do a whole lot, so I feel I’ve been kinda a couch potato and not living my life. I really should bake something to get my mind off of things. I have been doing my homework though, I don’t feel I’m doing a good job about it. I’ve been trying to do my work early, but somedays it’s hard when my depression hits and I don’t want to do anything. It’s taking me a whole day to do certain things. I’m trying, though, especially to my tests and videos that need to be posted for others to see. I don’t know I don’t feel I’m working effectively with my school work. I really enjoy my classes; I just don’t feel like I’m an adequate student. I really need to take charge of my studies. I’m trying to watch videos of people signing so I can get better at reading the signs. I think I’m going to rewatch the videos from ASL 1 and ASL 2. I think that’ll help me remember some of the signs for my discussion videos.

So I’ve gotten some of my math done I need to do my test and what I was assigned in my group that needs to be done by Monday. Which isn’t a problem; I can get it done. I still need to record my ASL video talking about Mr. Potatohead. Then get my panopto’s watched for communications. And sometime between all this, I need to clean the house.

I just woke up, and I feel like a zombie. Trying to drink my coffee to wake myself up. Waiting for my zoom class to start. Hopefully, I’m able to pay attention to my zoom class. I just keep zoning out.

I haven’t written on here for the past few days. I just haven’t been able to think outside of doing homework. I think being home all the time is getting to me. I’ve gained so much weight not being able to go to the gym and not having the room in the house to workout. I’m going to have to try and somehow workout.

I’ve been so blah that I haven’t written on here for a few days. I hope my depression isn’t coming back in full force. I don’t want to get behind in my homework. I’m even late on posting this.

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