People are ridiculous


This quote is something I feel is worth sharing. I think people need to remind themselves to stay healthy and to remind themselves how far they’ve come. I know I’ve been in a dark place mentally in my past. I’ve struggled with that darkness for a long time, but now I’m mentally stable and in the right mental place. I’ve taken control of my life, and I’m not letting my mental illness control me. I take medications for it, and I go to therapy because of it. I’m not ashamed to admit that, and I don’t think anyone should be. It’s just a chemical imbalance in your brain, and you need to work to rewire your self, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

After you learn to help, yourself remember to be kind to yourself. Not to pass judgment onto yourself. Your fighting an invisible battles that no one knows about except your self. You’ve come a very long way, and you can keep fighting. I believe in you.

There’s been so much talk about this virus going around. People are acting like they’ve never come into contact with a virus before. I know people need to be cautious but not stockpiling supplies like its an apocalypse. All I can do is shake my head at the sheer panic of people what people are doing just because of a virus. We’re not starting school until the 13, and some schools are closing until late April. It surprises me that people are so chaotic about this. I know it’s something we don’t have a vaccine for, but that shouldn’t mean people need to lose their shit. I don’t know. Maybe I’m too emotionally neutral about the whole thing. Yes, it’s sad people are dying, and I don’t want that, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go buy out a whole store just because of it. Anyways, there’s my two cents on that.

So I made the cream puffs! Coffee and raspberry white chocolate flavors! I wanted to make more, but I made them quite big, so the filling didn’t go as far 😂. Everybody at the library loves them.

So far, the school opens, as usual, we won’t know until later today if the school shuts down. If that happens, then I won’t be able to do work-study. Don’t know what I’ll do for a check. It’s going to be tight with money until we know. People are losing their shit over this virus.

All my classes are online now due to the virus. The gym is closed. And I am waiting for them to shut down the bus station. So far, not shut down, but they’re not letting more than 50 be in the plaza. All the benches in there have yellow tape around them, so now sits.

Man, the area of the road so clear from cars people, are self quarantining themselves due to the virus.

So, it’s been a few days. I worked on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I was going to work the full days trying to get my hours, but my supervisor told me what to do so I can get those hours and be paid for them. I was apprehensive about not getting my hours done and not getting a check by the end of the month. I don’t know how long this shut down of things is going to go for. Some people are speculating that easter is going to be canceled. It baffles me that people would shop like crazy, but they stocked up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, not stuff like toiletries. Don’t they plan on showering if locked up? I don’t know I just think people are ridiculous.

Man, I’ve been out of my ADHD medications, and I can feel it. I just can’t seem to focus. It’s been taking me forever trying to work on stuff I got like a day or two left of my school work, and I haven’t worked on it. I’m trying to figure out how I used to go through the day without it.

So, I finally got my medication in me lol. I was able to eventually work on my paper and get it turned in. I struggled with focusing without it in my system.

This virus going around has made people run around like chicken with their heads cut off. People are buying things that make no sense. It’s like they forget that other items do take place in daily life. Oh well, I was able to order kitty litter, dog food, and wet cat food off of, and that helped so much, but we do have to battle the crowd to get some wet cat food before the order gets here. So, I was happy I was able to do that. I was able to order face wash, toner, and moisturizer through my brother’s business. Mom was able to order household cleaning products and hand soap through him too. If you want to know what that business is, just ask I’ll be happy to tell you what it is. They have household cleaning, body hygiene products, and work out stuff. You even get money back for ordering through them. I already have $60 to use on my next order, which I’m saving for next month’s order. If I like the face stuff, I’ll order it again next month. So far, it’s made my face super soft, and I only used it once lol. But we’ll see if I break out because I have susceptible skin and can break out over the smallest thing. I’m hoping I don’t break out.

There’s so much to talk about, but then again, not very much lol.

I have to make my therapy appointments over the phone for now. My therapist has a weak immune system so that the slightest illness can make her sick. I understand she wants to make her appointments from home. Though, it was weird doing it over the phone lol. Our house is so small I had to go outside to make my appointment, which is fine.

At least I’ve been able to buy fresh vegetables which is shocking no one had bought them up. Maybe their freezers are so full of the other ridiculous stuff they’ve bought.

I’m not sure what else I need to do for school. I feel like I forget to do something. Oh well, I guess I’ll remember it after it’s due. I feel like that’s the way it’s been all quarter. I know we’re starting next quarter late, and the first two weeks are going to be online. We have to turn things online for you to get financial aid.

I have to say this is a shorter post lol due to not having my meds in me made it, so I don’t have much to talk about lol.

I should try to make cream puffs again. I want to make a chocolate banana flavor with nuts.

Well, having my meds in me, I cleaned up a bit around the area I sit the most. I got that taken care of and need to clean up around my area in the bedroom. There’s just a lot of bags from getting my meds. They’re just piling up.

I’m trying to think of things to talk about on here. Give me some IDEAS!!!!!! Please! I’m at a loss of what to talk about on here. No one has been giving me ideas to talk about here, so either no one is reading my blog, and no one has something they want me to talk about.

So I’m making bread because I want to cook something and I’m not sure what so bread it is! I’ll post a picture of it after it’s done.

Here’s my bread. I cut half off of one and had everybody try it before I remembered to take a picture lol. I sent dad home with one. I’m going to make another bread tomorrow with garlic, onion, and maybe jalapenos. I haven’t fully decided on what I’m going to do for flavors.

I want to do more baking. I wish I had more recipes from 50 years ago or more. If anyone has an old recipe that I can practice and bake, I’m all ears lol.

I want to cook something I’m just not sure what, maybe I could bake more bread.

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