Finals soon!

I’ve been doing what I can to do homework. Yesterday I didn’t get to do what I wanted. I overslept and didn’t make it to Project Beauty Share. I feel awful that I didn’t go. I guess that’s what I get for taking my medications late. I have to take them early tonight so I can wake up in the morning since it’s daylight savings, so we lose an hr of sleep. Monday, Brandon doesn’t have school because they did so good on their final; their teacher gave them the day off from school. Mom said she’d take me, so I don’t have to take the bus alone. This is my last week this quarter for ASL, which makes me sad. I really enjoy the class. I’m excited to go into ASL three. I’m not happy about math, but I’m going to get my work done. I’m currently working on my history class and waiting for a reply from my teacher about possibly interviewing someone from the Spokane Tribe. I want to give the most accurate information on my subtopic paper.

I heard from my professor, and she said that would be an excellent source for my paper. So I emailed someone from the Spokane Tribe asking if I can ask some questions. I just have to wait and hear from them. I’m really hoping they agree, but we’ll see. I’m crossing my fingers; they agree or put me in touch with someone who can help me.

So, I posted about my deaf events here. If you look at my older posts, you’ll see what I wrote about on deaf events. You’ll read my feelings and thoughts on the nights. I’m hoping to go to more deaf events. I want to make friends and learn more about the culture. A couple people asked if I’m going to pursue going into the interpreter field, and I said no, I just love the culture and want to be able to talk to everyone while as a librarian. Communication as a librarian is essential to helping those who need it. That’s why I want to learn Spanish, Japanese, and French. I want to communicate with everyone. I always want to learn more. Learning new things makes me happy, but I know learning other languages isn’t going to be easy, but I know I’ll enjoy it.

So, I cleaned the kitchen yesterday. I wanted to get the bathroom cleaned but didn’t get that far. I got my ASL homework done. I wrote the two papers on my deaf events, did my quizzes, pirated in the discussion. I got some history homework done. Contacted someone from the Spokane tribe to possibly talk to someone about the casino. Ask them questions and get some accurate information on the casino and tribe. I’d say yesterday was productive. I just wish I’d gotten more done.

I’m hoping to go to another deaf event again. I want to make friends as well as practice signing. I’ve been such a recluse throughout the years I want to get out there. Meet new people and make more friends. I wonder if Cindy would like to learn ASL too? So she can meet them also, though, I’m sure they’d be willing to write what they want to say or I could translate, so long as I’m good enough lol. I hope next quarter I can go to the ASL club. This quarter my schedule was just a shit show lol.

I’m going to attempt the choux pastry again today. I won’t make it right before bringing it to work and see doing some with Brandon for his class. I want to make good ones probably with beef and cheese, maybe one with salmon and cream cheese thyme and sage. Hmmm, wonder what flavors I could do?

Well, it looks like I have a job interview at the donut parade today. I look like crap, but I’m going since this is how I look most days. But I’m excited I guess we’ll see if I get the job granted for 2 days I’ll have to wake up super early and be there by 2:20am, but that’s okay. I can do it! But we’ll see if I get the job.

So today, I got up at 4, got to school at 7, worked at the library then went to class. I got the call for the job interview during math. I was so eager to call them back. I just went out into the hall and called. I’m now on my way to project beauty share. Then going to the interview then home.

The interview went okay, I think. He said he’ll let me know in 48 hrs whether or not I got it. He said it’s not a job he expects anyone to stay at. He just wants to be a useful reference. I don’t know how I feel about that. But if I get the job, it’ll be something until I can find something for the long term. I was hoping this could be a place I could be at while in school. But I guess we’ll see what happens.

I had more written on here, and I forgot to save it 😖. Oh well, I’ll try and remember for next time not to do that.

I haven’t heard back about the job yet I guess he might be still thinking about it. Even if I don’t get it, I’m thankful he took time out of his day to interview me. If I don’t hear back today, I guess it’s back to the grind of putting in applications.

This is my last week of ASL!😭 I can’t wait to be in ASL 3. And I’m going to continue to practice and going to deaf events so I can get better. I know I keep repeating myself that I want to communicate with everyone, but it’s how I feel. 😊

I gotta work on my slides for history. It’s going to be a new paper talking about the Spokane tribe casino. I got so into finding research and doing the writing I forgot about the group presentation 😂 oops!

I got there first two books of lord of the rings on audible I’m planning on at least reading one this spring break for the fun of it. I want to read something for the fun of it and not because someone told me to. I mean, I enjoyed the books I read in English, but I want to have the leisure of doing it without having to worry about a paper to write 😂. I’ll get the third book when I get my credit on audible.

I have my appointment with the therapist today. Gotta take a bus to and from there. Mom had an MRI yesterday and couldn’t drive, so they made her take a cab, and they paid for it lol. She was out of it when she came home. She doesn’t even remember eating 2 brownies lol she passed out right after.

Yesterday, it was a long day. I got up at 4 left the house at 5:30am didn’t get home until 6:00pm. Needless to say, I was exhausted. I got on and off the bus, 8 times went to school, therapy, their bank, the pay office, and the store before finally making it home. I woke up today and forgot to take my meds. Thankfully mom said she’d bring them to me before getting the girls.

Oh, I haven’t written on here for a couple days. Wednesday was a very long day, and I passed out not long after getting home. I can see that it is going to be happening a lot, especially if I get the job at the donut place. I’d have to wake up at 1 just to get to work at 2:30am. I’m excited at the possibility of decorating donuts, but if I don’t get it, I’ll look into putting in applications to bakeries. I’m excited at the thought of learning new things. I enjoy learning and want to make sure I never stop learning new things, especially for cooking. Cooking has always been a love of mine, so doing it as a passion is exciting to me. I know everyone says I should just go into the culinary program, but I don’t want to be a regular chef. I’d rather be a pastry chef.

So, what have I been doing the past couple of days? Wednesday, I got up at 4:30am got on the bus at 6am then headed to school. Worked then went to class, and after classes ended, I got on the bus to downtown. I got on another bus to head to the Valley. I went to a Starbucks to kill time until my therapy appointment. I walked to the meeting then got on another bus until it got to Sprague and got off to get onto another bus. Stopped right where the bank was to pull money to pay rent and to pay on my credit card. I got on the bus again and went to the post office then went back onto the bus to downtown. I got on another bus to go to Safeway to buy something for dinner. Then mom picked me up from there since she had to pick up her meds anyways. When I got home at 6pm I was exhausted I had my dinner took my pills and passed out. I couldn’t focus enough to do homework that was due that night. I know it’s going to be worse with exhaustion when I start another job. I know there’s going to be a lot of coffee in my future lol.

Yesterday I did my test in ASL, and I really liked that type of test she did. It was a preview of what the tests are going to be like when I go into ASL 3. I only missed a couple things on my test only because I forgot the details of it, and I even wrote it down in my notes lol. I’m not ready for my ASL test today, but I’m going to do it. I’m worried I’m not going to place everything like I’m supposed to. I don’t want to muddle it all together.

I also saw Cindy and her son yesterday. It was so lovely to visit with her and hold Richard finally lol. I didn’t get to hold him last time I saw him because I was sick and didn’t want to risk him getting sick because he’s so young. I can’t believe he’s 3 months. He’s so cute!

I got so caught up in doing research and writing my paper for history. I forgot to do the group slides for the presentation. I told the teacher I didn’t do it, and she said I need to make sure I do the rest to pass, which I will do tonight. I feel like I let my group members down with not doing my part. I’m going to turn in my paper and do the power reviews. I have to highlight what I change, which is fine.

I’m sitting in math doing nothing because doing my work on my phone gives me a headache, and I’m done with the book work. I pretty sure I’m not going to pass this class but I’m going to do the work asked of me. I’ll admit I’m far behind on the online work, and I can get it done over the weekend.

Oh, yesterday was busy, but it wasn’t if that makes sense. I went to school, got my expressive test done. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Oh! I forgot to add what the paragraph was here…

Expressive Paragraph 3/13/2020

Yesterday morning on the farm, my alarm went off at 5:45. I woke up, got dressed, put on perfume/aftershave, grabbed my hat and beer, and headed to the field.  I saw something shiny.  I went to investigate and found a credit card.  I called the police, and a macho old-fashioned cop came.  He said it belonged to the new music teacher on the next farm.  That night she bought me dinner, and we toasted to her good luck! 

It was a doozy of a paragraph, but Kellie-Marie liked that I added the cop asking why they were drinking at 5:45am LOL. I couldn’t help myself; I had to add it. Wednesday, I made Kellie-Marie laugh because we were playing story cubes in class, and I made it in my story the person fell and found a cookie under something and blew it off then ate it. I have so much fun in ASL. I really enjoy learning it. Though she said I usually do really well-putting things into ASL format but during my test, I kept going back into English as I signed. I knew I shouldn’t have practiced it in English then try to do it in ASL. Oh well, there’s always next quarter.

Speaking of Next quarter, this virus that’s going around is making people go crazy. We’re not starting our quarter on the 6th like we were supposed to. We have to start on the 13th. I asked my teacher if we’re going to start class online on the 6th or just start everything on the 13th. I really hope it’s the 6th, but we’ll see.

Otherwise, I worked on homework last night. Richard(my brother) came over with the girls. We had pizza and visited. Which was nice, Lilly worked on her homework because she’s behind. Mom’s computer died, and we didn’t realize it wasn’t plugged in lol. We thought it was, but when mom went to plug something else in, she saw it wasn’t actually plugged in. But Lillian got a lot done.

I’m going to go get stuff to make more choux pastry. I want to make a white chocolate raspberry cream puff. It sounds so good. I’m waiting to fill them up until the night before, so they don’t go soggy before I take them to school. I’ve decided I’m going to fill them with cheesecake and not custard. I’ve been having so much trouble making it I’m going to wait until next quarter when I get my mom and have the money to buy eggs. It takes a lot of eggs and butter to make the choux and the custard. I’m also going to post pictures of my choux after they’re filled and ready to go. I think I might get gluten-free flour next month and make some gluten-free. I want to take a couple to my therapist. I think I should try making macarons too.

I slacked on writing on here, and that bugs me. I want to try and post on here as much as I can before I post it. I know this post is long, but I still didn’t write on here every day, and I like to do it after I wake up. I know a couple of those days I was just so tired I couldn’t think of what I write. Let me know your thoughts on future posts.

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