Deaf Event

I went to the deaf event at No-Li Brewhouse on 3/7/2020. I was nervous about, going but my nerves calmed down when I got there. I tried signing more this time than when I was at Starbucks. There were a lot of interpreters there. Those who were are deaf went to another area of the restaurant. I ended up around the interpreters. I talked to them and tried to sign while I was speaking. They all were signing as they spoke. They asked me why I wanted to learn ASL. I told them because I enjoy learning it, and I want to be able to talk to everyone.

I may not be going into the interpreting program; I still want to learn the language and talk to those around me who use it. We talked about our animals and schooling. Some people were talking about their kids. I was sat in an awkward area, so it made it hard to watch those around me sign. But I kept looking around. The symptoms I recognized were school, learn, kids, become, drink, food, and cute. I wasn’t able to stay the whole night like I wanted because my brother called and asked if we could go to his house and feed my nieces rats because he’s in Seattle, and the girls are with their mother. My mom did come with me to the event. She really enjoyed herself. Everyone was trying to help her learn signs. She’s struggling to remember, but she’s been trying to learn when I practice my vocab. Everyone there was super friendly and helpful with trying to learn signs. I think another reason I was able to try signing more is that I did get an alcoholic drink, so my nerves were calmed quite a bit. I wanted to communicate with those around me.

I signed what I did know, and fingerspelled what I didn’t know. The more I relaxed, the better I was able to read the signs. I think I really overthink the signs and psych myself out while trying to read them. I really wish I had more to say about this deaf event, but I don’t. I did thoroughly enjoyed myself. I tried talking with signs, but I don’t think I did it enough. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I want to go to another deaf event where the hearing is invited as well. I want to learn the language and become friends and advocate for those who are deaf. Even though I’m not going into the interpreter program, I still want to be there for the deaf. I want to be someone they can talk to without worry of judgment and that I’m a friend.

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