I wanted to do a post dedicated to Rocko,

This post is going to be full of pictures of him.

I got Rocko in July of 2010, I can’t remember the exact date, but I do know month and year. I was looking for a while for a dog and looking at all the sites for rescuing animals. I found his picture by chance. He was in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. I can’t remember the exact town, but I know that’s the area. It was three and a half hours away. They expected us to do just a meet and greet then come back if we wanted him. I decided before going up there; I wanted him. He was only in all a happy dog. He was a couple years old when we got him. Though, when we brought him home, he got scared of princess and was able to get out of his collar. I had to chase him down to the river. He was a master escape artist lol. It took a lot for him to stop running away from us. I think it wasn’t till after we got Jeb that he stopped running. We got Jeb the month after we got Rocko.

This is right after we got him…

Here’s a picture of him with Jeb…

He was such a good dog. He was my fluffernutter. Rocko knew how to get me to go to bed after he would eat his dinner. He’d nudge me and keep doing it until I’d go into the room. He would always want cuddles before going to bed for the night. When he was done with his cuddles, he’d jump off the bed and lay on the floor. Brandon would come to bed, and if he weren’t ready to go to bed, he’d refuse to move and keep jumping on Brandon’s side of the bed until Brandon would tell him to get down. He’d stare at me, looking at me, wanting me to keep him up there. I can’t say how much I miss him.

It was not long after we got him. I have to say he was terrified of men. I have to say the only guy he wasn’t frightened of is Brandon. We tease Brandon that he’s too feminine because Rocko said so LOL. But he would warm up to men after they came over a few times and showed him that they’re okay. There were a few people he would not warm up to, but they didn’t come over very often.

He loved being outside. Especially the sprinkler and hose. Here’s a link to a video. https://www.facebook.com/lilswanbaby/videos/vb.571553548/10153009632313549/?type=3

It’s on my Facebook page if you can’t see it just let me know. There’s a lot of baying in the video because Jeb is a Bluetick coonhound, and they howl like no tomorrow.

They had a schedule with their food, and they knew when that schedule was lol. Though Rocko had a food allergy, he couldn’t have any grain. Otherwise, he would break out in spots and then chew it raw. We had a cone of shame on him for a while until my brother told us about his dog not being able to have any grain. His dog had the same problem. So we put Rocko on the same diet, and his skin cleared up. We resorted to cheese as his treats at night. We also made sure he would get grain fee wet food at night for dinner. German shepherds are prone to having that allergy, and with him being a part german shepherd, it made sense.

Oh, I didn’t say what breed he was. He was Rottweiler, german shepherd, Akita, Huskey, and blue healer. I know he was quite a mix lol.

I know having another dog will not replace Rocko. I just missed having him here and thought I could form a new bond with a new dog. Rocko was there for me when I felt no one else was. He spent time with me when I needed someone. I was happy to have him in my life. Here’s some more pictures of my baby I miss dearly.

He was in his happy place next to me on the bed. This next photo is of Rocko a couple weeks before he passed. We were doing everything we could to make him comfortable.

The disc’s in Rocko’s spine ruptured and was rapidly deteriorating. His hind legs stopped working first. We got him on meds, and he responded to them well, but after a week, his front legs stopped working. They told us that even with the surgery, he most likely would have been able to use his legs and that he was in a great deal of pain right then. I didn’t want my baby boy to suffer, so I made the hardest decision to let him go. It hurt so much, saying goodbye.

This photo was moments before we said our last goodbyes. I had him cremated and had them make an imprint of his paw print. I asked them to have him cremated with his blanket. He loved that blanket and always slept with it. I sobbed when I got his ashes and pawprint. They even took some of his ashes and mixed them with some seeds of flowers to be planted. I’m waiting until we move to plant them and have them bloom. It’s something I’ll treasure forever.

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