It’s a new year!


I haven’t posted for a few weeks and I’m sorry about that. I’m gonna try to do better about posting. So this post will be an update on what’s been going on the past few weeks.
OK so first of all, I’m doing good. Stomach is doing good for now. Just gotta make extra sure I avoid gluten.
We gave presents to the girls on Christmas Eve. Sense everyone had plans for Christmas day or wanted to use the day to lounge. I cooked dinner so my mom could relax. I did ask for her help on a couple things but for the most part I did it. I made a glazed ham. Mom and Brandon got one each from their boss. He gives one to everyone for every Christmas. And of course we had three fixings. I made apple crisp for dessert. I’m not a big pumpkin pie person. I love apples.
I told my mom not to get me anything. Did she listen? No. She got me a soft Seahawks blanket. A portable DVD player and some makeup. Yes, she spoiled me. I like everything I got. I’ve been using everything.
Then our dog Jeb stepped on a nail or something. It went between the pads on his foot and up his foot about an inch and a half. It severed an artery. They had to put an artificial clot in it to stop the bleeding. So now he has to wear a boot on his foot for when he goes out side and has to be walked on a leash. Of course he has the cone if shame on his head. So he hasn’t been happy. He should have the stitches out and cone off Tuesday. I can’t wait. He’s been ramming everyone with his hood.
New years Eve was my parents wedding anniversary. They went out to Red Robin for dinner. Brandon and me stayed home to take care of Jeb. I didn’t stay awake for the ball to drop. I fell asleep at 10:30. I was tired. Same thing happened last year.
I’ve decided to work on a mood blanket for 2016. For those wondering what that is. It’s where you crochet a Granny square or a line of a blanket each day corresponding with your mood for that day. I’m doing granny squares. Along with the connecting as you go method of putting it together. In gonna do 15 across and I think that’ll mean it’ll be 24 down. I’m gonna do a temp blanket as well. I don’t have the yarn for it. So, I’ve been writing down the temperature each day in my journal I’m keeping for my mood blanket. I’m also trying to be more active online. So I’ve decided to post my progress of my blanket. Right now I’ve just put pictures on the granny squares I’ve done on my Instagram account. That’s linked to my other accounts.
Been doing pretty good so far.
I went to the doctors yesterday. Well, it was the obgyn. I now have to go in for an endoscopy to see if I gave endometriosis. So yea… The endoscopy is a surgical procedure. I go in on the second for it. I’m nervous. I know everything will be fine. Just nervous about it in general.
So yea that’s pretty much it. I haven’t been doing a whole lot. I’ll try to post again. But no promises lol. Well, till next time. Later!