I just realized I forgot to mention, in my last post, I shaved the sides of my head. Here’s one side. It’s the same on both sides.


And yes I dyed my hair red. I really like having red hair. It’s just a pain to keep up. Sense it fades pretty fast.
I shaved the sides cause I was just getting really frustrated with my hair on the sides right there. They poke out everywhere if I don’t hair spray them down. I know my hair does that cause of my glasses. Plus, I also really like the style. I though about it for about 8 months before I did it. I also cut 5 inches off my hair. The person cut my hair was so ecstatic. She said she hasn’t done very many cuts like this. She was just as excited as I was. (∩_∩).
I might go to a different color but I’m not sure what color yet. I’ve considered purple. But not sure yet.
Anywaaaaayyyyssss…. I know I might remember something to put on here that I forgot in my first post.
If I remember I’ll make another post (∩_∩).

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