Well, I’m trying to update more often it just seems my hamster is refusing to do any work a.k.a my brain is not working… In a mental rut… So I’ll talk about a few things that have happened around here, though, it’s not much… First of all, my strawberries and sugar snap peas died… Watered them and everything but I just seemed like they were struggling to survive. But the tomatoes, basil, oregano, hot tomato peppers, and choices are doing great! I’ll try the other two again after we move and I can plant them in the ground instead of a pot… I’m gonna plant some garlic in one of the pots… Brandon wants to get a plant to try and grow now (∩_∩). I told him to let me know what he wants so we can get it for him.
I’m practicing granny squares with crocheting. It’s been so hot I’m gonna make several of those to make everyone’s blankets for Christmas. I’m making blankets and scarves for Christmas for everyone… Keeping it simple ヽ(^。^)丿.
We’ve been having a heat wave the past couple weeks so I haven’t worn any makeup during it. I didn’t even wear any on my birthday like I wanted to cause it was so hot! The heat wave is supposed to end here soon. It really sucks cause now there’s a lot of wild fires. I’m hoping they all get contained fast. We don’t need another Carleton complex fire. The fourth was pretty quiet cause of these fires. Which I’m not complaining about it sense fire works scare the crap out of Jeb.
Three was a fire by the river, that’s by our house, mom stated to spray down the yard and side of the house and found rocko loves the hose. Jeb had a lot to say about the hose lol. He’s a bluetick coonhound so he bays a lot. (^_^)
Click here to see a video of that
So yeah… Hoping to see the minions movie this month but we’ll see what money looks like.
Hmmm, oh I got my horror block and loved it


Loved everything in it. I put my stuffed cthulhu on my virus plushy I got in my first box. It looks funny…


So yeah, don’t got much else to talk about. So I guess that’s it for now… I guess till next time…