Yea, I’m still slacking…

So what have I been up to for the past month…….
We went out to dinner for my brothers birthday to waddels. It was OK. The music was way to loud and service was mediocre. The food was OK. Nothing spectacular. Probably won’t go back. Then we went to the broiler room for my dad’s birthday. Again it was OK. My sis-in-law didn’t get her food till everyone else was close to done. Again music was way to loud. Couldn’t really hear anyone. Again service was mediocre. Again probably won’t go back. We went to Denny’s for my birthday. I got what I know I like, from there, as did everyone else.
Though, the day before my birthday Brandon took me to go see Jurassic World.


Spoiler: I loved it!


I want this movie! I love that they added stuff from the original in it. Sorry if the picture sucks. I was holding a bucket of popcorn when taking it. And my hands aren’t that steady. Only 28 and my hands shake. Go me… Anyways, loved the movie. Loved the time I spent with my love.
And we rented morticai and seventh son. Both really good. Loved them. Would love to own them. I want to read the books for the seventh son. It’s a 13-14 book series. So yea…
Oh and for my cake I used yogurt instead of flaxseed for the egg replacement and it turned out pretty good. A bit more dense but the texture was more like regular cake than when I use flaxseed. So I was happy about that. Hot my birthday present from Sephora


The present is the Nars double lippy. Grabbed a couple other things. Couldn’t go hog wild but I wanted to. If only I could eat cheap ramen. I so would’ve grabbed more.
It’s been hot out. It’s supposed to be in the triple digits this next week. Not looking forward to it. I hate the heat. I hate summer. I would migrate north if I could… Oh well, I’m stuck here to melt like the wicked witch… Won’t be sleeping with a blanket that’s for sure…
Brandon started work at Zip’s with my mom. So far he likes it. They said he’s doing good…
The tomatoes are doing great. Strawberries and peas not so much. Basil looks great now sense I planted some garlic around them to keep pests away. I think the purple pepper is dead. It’s not flowering again, growing or anything so yea. I think it’s run it’s course… The oregano is doing great same with the chives. All growing fast. I might be better at growing herbs than fruits and veggies. We’ll see sense this is my first garden really. I know the first go at it will have it’s downs. I’ll keep trying though. Just gotta give it time.
Hmmm not sure what else to talk about… Oh well I’ll leave it at that then. Till next time…

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