Yup, I’m taking my sweet as time to update here. But really I’m just being lazy to all hell to post on here. So I’ll try to update ya on what I’ve been up to sense I last posted. So this pretty might be a little long lol.
First of all, as you know I’m learning to crochet. I’ve finished my rainbow blanket. Now trying to figure out how to make a damn star so I can make a cowboys themed Pancho for my dad. He wants 4 large stars on it, so I’ll need to make them big enough to also make into squares then connect them together. How that makes sense lol. Still learning. It’s a little hard sense I’m such a visual person, I’m having a little bit of a hard time understanding written instructions. They’re confusing the shit out of me. But I’m trying. Here’s a pic of my blanket finished and a picture of the border.



The blanket, this is on the couch.

Here’s the border. It didn’t feel complete till I did a solid color for it. I had the people leading around and decided to add it.

So yea, not sure how long dad’s poncho will take but I’m gonna get it done son as I can. Then I’m gonna start making everyone’s Christmas presents sense I’m gonna crochet something for everyone (^_^).
Been getting horror block still. Really loved the last block I got. Can’t wait for the next one. It’s being shipped out this week. I’m so excited! Hehe. Here’s a pic of what I got last month.
I think my favorite thing is the ghost busters funko pop car


Can’t wait to get me next block. We’re supposed to get something based on silent hill and Hannibal. I think it might be based on the Hannibal TV show. Never watched that show. But I do love the movies and books lol. I just barely watch TV so I don’t catch it when it is on.
I’m trying to learn different food preserving techniques. I want to learn to can food. Still need a pressure cooker for a lot of the stuff I want to can up. Sense they’re of a low acid content they have to be canned with a pressure cooker so it’s completely kills bacteria.
Tried dehydrating some bananas and strawberries. They turned out good but need to figure out a better food storage for it. The strawberries turned out a lot better then the bananas. The bananas stated tastings like mold after a couple days. Not sure why, I did everything I was supposed to and the strawberries didn’t taste like that. I dunno, I’ll figure it out.
We got a food saver, well, my mom got it. It works great. She got it while it was on sale for $20 at skopko. Originally it was $69.99. They were having a big spring sale. She also got a deep freezer from habitat for humanity for $50. Something we’ve needed for a long time. Don’t got much in it right now just some ice pops and a little bit of hamburger but there’s something lol. Moneys just really tight now. It’s gonna take a little bit to get some stuff in there.
We got a couple veggie plants.
We got 3 different tomato plants, purple bell, tabasco pepper, anaheim pepper, sweet basil, purple basil, chives, strawberries. I know there’s another pepper but can’t remember the name of it. All the pictures and names of them are on my Facebook. So if you have my Facebook go to my garden album. (^_^)
It’s actually not a traditional garden everything is in little planter puts on our back porch but still they’re growing. The strawberries should be ready in a couple weeks or so. So excited!
I actually made a tumblr lol. Haven’t used it really. Trying to though. My name is lilswanbaby on there if you want to see my few posts I have there. There’s not many, I think like only 5 or 6 posts lol but still.
We’re trying to get things figured out so we can move out of this neighborhood. Couple weeks ago someone stole some tires out of our back yard. The rims that were on them are hard to very anymore. Dad was pretty upset about it. And it’s not just us, our neighbor said his kids shoes were taken off of his porch. His yard is fenced in to. He put up a new fence and they took his new gate. It’s like omg really? The person who took our tires left his shit here. We gave it to the police. Especially sense it had needles and shit in it. I’m so tired of this neighborhood! It was so nice when we first moved in. And the past few years it’s just turned to shit… So yeah…
Anyways, what else has been going on? Hmmm…
Oh, I’ve been watching Salem. Really good show. Though, missed the last couple episodes. Luckily mom recorded them on the DVR. She’s likes the show too. Saw the first season on Netflix watched it and loved it. The second season so far it’s really good. Started watching Bates Motel. It’s interesting. Hasn’t hooked me like Salem has or how Dexter did. In more watching just for something to watch. Can’t wait for the next season of American Horror Story to start back up. Love that show. Kathy Bates is one of my favorite actresses. I loved everyone on the show so far. Though, I love Kathy Bates characters, but my favorite character that I felt for the most was pepper. It’s sad cause it really was like that for people like her back then. Her story was a sad one. Can’t edit to see what the next season has in store. (^v^)
I found a gotten free ramen that actually tastes like ramen! lol! Though, I have to add my own seasonings which I don’t mind. But the texture is just like regular ramen. It’s made by lotus foods. The packages do have seasoning in them but it’s miso flavored and it’s not something I’m to find of. I’ll have it but not my favorite. So I just make the ramen with beef broth and garlic.
It’s so hard finding food that tastes good that’s gluten and egg free. I’m thinking about trying to make some homemade scones. I’ve never made them before. So, is should be interesting. Might use the strawberries when they’re ripe. Or maybe make a savory ones with bell peppers and onions. Not sure yet.
Made a chicken casserole that everyone likes. Mom and Brandon have asked to have every week lol. Plan on making it tonight.
I’m down to 201lbs. 3 1/2 years ago I was 257lbs so I’m happy in down to this weight again. Also my blood pressure is back to normal (^_^). My blood pressure getting high is what kicked me into getting healthy. So salt has been cut down a lot and I’m not eating as much junk food. I still eat it, I’ll be honest about that. I still eat it. Its good. I’m still eating a lot healthier than was back then. Also trying to control my portions better.
What else is there…… Hmmm…… Can’t think of anything at the moment so I’ll leave it here for now. Hope everyone is having a good day!

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