Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases…

As I mentioned in my Update on my life… post I did a few purchases between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here’s what I got. If I end up liking them I’ll do a review on the items I got (^_^). If/when I do a review on them I’ll post swatches of everything at that time.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases…

The only place I ordered from on Black Friday was My Pretty Zombie. I’ve been wanting to order from them for a long time. I love everything I got so far. But I’m still trying things out. Oh and I love how they put a fake severed finger on the package hehe. Tied with a ribbon and all. Sorry I didn’t take a pic of the packaging. I’ll try to next time (^_^)

my pretty zombie

I got the Butcher collection which has the shades…
Fatback, Garnish, Brisket, Tenderloin, & Bleu… Been eyeballing this collection for awhile now… And I also got… 13 Gypsies, No.996, and epistaxis
They also sent 3 samples… I got… Homemade Death, Cookie Pants, & Dr. Pickles Miraculous beauty Dust in Violet

Cyber Monday I odered from

BeautyBarBaby… I’ve already ordered from this company once before. I really liked what I got so I was happy to see they were open on Cyber Monday. Anyways, here’s what I got…

From BeautyBarBaby I got 4 Shadows and a lip balm
The lip balm is in the flavor Sugar Waffle Cone. I love it!
The shadows I got are…
Blue Moon, Ice Queen, Poisoned Apple, & Blue Hydrangea

Sugar Pill… I’ve been wanting to order from these guys for awhile now. I first heard about them when I was first getting really big into makeup. That was about 7 years ago. I remember the first time I saw this brand was in a Gothic Beauty Magazine. Great Magazine by the way hehe. So yeah, here’s what I got as my first purchase from them. Yes it took me 7 years to order from them. Mostly cause I was still getting into makeup and wanted to learn more about it before buying anything. By the time I did have money to buy something small I ended up ordering from Glamourdolleyes LOL. Been hooked sense. Anyways, I know I’ll order from these guys again. (^_^). So, here’s what I got…

Sugar Pill
I only got 2 loose shadows from there. The other ones I wanted were sold out.
So I got Absinthe and Asylum and they sent a sample of Birthday Girl

Chinovi Cosmetics…  I’ve gotten samples from this company in my OTM from Glamourdolleyes a couple times. Figured it was time to order from them (^_^). Can’t wait to try everything.

chinovi 2

I got a lot…First I got everything as samples sense I rarely go through a full size jar. Usually only get full size if I really like the color or have no choice. 

chinovi 1

Thanksgiving dinner Collection… Not sure if this is perminant But love the colors. The colors are called…
Pumpkin Pie, Cheesy Potatoes, Fried Turkey, Gravy Drippings, Cranberry Sauce, & Lastly Autumn Salad
Then I got the Hocus Pocus Collection… The colors are called… Salem, Witch sisters, Virgin Candle, Boooook, Cursed Cat, & Lastly Potion
I got paper Runway set #1 it has 3 shadows and 1 blush. The shadows are Flannel, Fleece, & Leather. The blush is called Crystal. I do plan on getting set #2 (^_^)
I also got 2 sample baggies and I think a GWP it’s called Beach Club. The samples are Macavons a la rose and L’Entrecote both pretty colors. Oh and got sixlets and laffy taffy. I think I got some beauybarbaby but I can’t remember lol.

Notoriously Morbid
They are so backed up with orders because of Black Friday and Cuber Monday it’s going to be a couple weeks till I get it. I don’t mind though. It’ll be a nice surprise in my mail (^_^) I’ll post on here what I get when I get it (^_^)
And that’s it (^_^) I love everything I got and can’t wait to try everything out hehe.

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