Update on my life…

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been hooked to WoW:Warlords of Dreanor. I’ve been playing it every day sense it came out. I love this game. I may take breaks from it but that’s a good thing to take a few month breaks from something. When you get back it feels like a new game cause they change everything so damn much lol. Anyways, so that’s what I’ve been doing mostly. I haven’t even worn makeup sense getting the game O.o I did wear a look the day I picked it up lol. This is what I wore…

I did the colors for alliance and horde.
Left eye is for alliance…
Got trophy wife with glitter fix on lid and veteran in crease and bitter sweet to blend it out. Flawless on brow bone and inner corner.
Right eye is horde…
Got more pie, please! With glitter fix on lid, urban trash in crease, bitter sweet to blend out and flawless on brow bone and inner corner. Also used hot for teacher blush with a little skeletina and add always exposed to contour. Now to go get WoW and to play it till I fall asleep lol. Foundation is Manic Panics Vampires Veil in Moonlight. I can’t remember what I have on my lips.

wow look

I’ve gotten my beauty boxes this past week. With the holidays shipping has been really slow and It’s been hard to get into the post office to pick something up without having to wait an hr to get a small package. So my mom and me let things pile up for us then grabbed it all at once. Except what was shoved into our P.O.Box. We got a big delivery Monday. we’re thinking it’s the presents for the little ones. We really didn’t buy anything for anyone except the kids. Though, mom did let me order a package of specialty meat and cheese hehe. But I am working on the pictures for the subscription boxes. I got Julep and Glamourdolleyes to edit then I got to take pics of Ipsy and Glossybox. I actually got my Glossybox before the end of the month lol. If you’ve followed my post about Glossybox you’ll know they never come in the month they’re intended for, it’s rare when they do.

I’m gonna try to take some breaks from WoW and do some makeup looks for pic tutorials on here. It’s just pulling my but away from the comp lol. Sense I got my warrior to lvl 100, I’m now working on my warlock. I’m finding I like her again. I stopped playing her for awhile cause they just made the warlocks so over powered and complicated that I just stuck to my warrior. Now I like my warlock again I don’t have to do 5 different things to do just one move now yay! Though, I will admit I’m finding it hard to get back into my druid. I’m just not feeling her and much as I used to. I like her but playing on her I just don’t get as excited as I used to, if that makes sense. I have a lot of alts.

It seems like when I do manage to pull myself away from the comp, I’m usually in the kitchen making something. I’ve found my long lost passion for cooking. I used to love cooking and wanted to be a chef but then all my health problems started and I’ve had to put it on the back burner. Though, sense cutting out gluten and eggs I don’t feel sick all the time now. I’m not having migraines like I used to. I used to get them a few times a month. To the point it hurt to hear noise sound, be in light, and I just feel really drained. Before changing my diet I was always exhausted. As I said I always felt sick. With heartburn, nausea, dizziness, headaches, always tired among other stuff. I feel so much better sense cutting gluten and eggs out. It’s easy for me to tell if I eat something that has it in it cause I end up feeling sicker then a dog. Almost like how you feel when you get food poisoning. That’s the only way I can think of how describe it.

Anyways, yeah… I’ve been getting back into cooking food. I made Brandon a Marshmallow Cheesecake for his birthday. It’s actually turned out good. I had to adjust the recipe for my diet but it turned out really good. I was very proud of myself (^_^). I also made him a baked penne for dinner that night with garlic bread. Though, he asked for macaroni noodles instead of penne but it turn out good. Just different noodles (^_^). Also made pork rollups and chicken ones. I want to try and make an upside down cake but instead of pineapples I want to use apples. I think that would be yummy hehe.

I’m very talkative in this post haha. Usually with these updates I sit here thinking, “Have I done anything worth talking about?” I guess I have these past couple months.

I just realized I haven’t posted an update on my life for more then a couple months lol. Oh boy, I think this is going to be a long post lol. Well, for those who like reading here ya go lol.

I’ll go back to October for updating. October was a busy month. It not only had Halloween but my 1 year wedding anniversary. We went to Black Angus for dinner that night and it was amazing! I loved every minute of that day. Oh, I’ll post the makeup I wore that day…

Is my 1 year wedding anniversary so I decided to recreate my wedding look using glamourdolleyes shadows. I used heedless heart all over lid and bittersweet in crease. My girl for inner corner. Wet N’ Wild brulee for brow bone. Day job is on my cheeks and as usual used exposed to contour. My foundation is Manic Panics Vampires Veil in Moonlight. And my lips are a Tarte Lip surgon can’t remember the name at the moment… And of course I did wear my glasses I just take the pics without them so ya can see the color on my eyes better.


I spent way too much money that month. Money I didn’t really have but I’m a limited edition whore when I comes to makeup. So, I bought a lot from Glamourdolleyes. I only made one purchase on Black Friday and that was from an Indie company. I feel if I’m going to buy something that day I should at least have it go to a small business. I rather help a small business than a major corporation. On Cyber Monday I purchased from indie companies only. I went for come companies I’ve been wanting to try and a couple that I know I like. Some companies were down for that day, I was hoping to buy from. Oh well, I’ll try to order from them next year. Maybe I’ll do a post of everything I got those days… Wait! I did buy from Sugarpill… I don’t think they’re considered indie… hmmmm….. I’ll have to look into that…. Anyways, November was full of birthdays as well.  Thanksgiving dinner was good. Got my fill of turkey for the rest of the year. Now I want ham. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of yams. I can eat that all year long hehe.

This month I’ve been better about buying stuff. Well, I’ve been more frugal about spending. There’s still some things I want Brandon said I can get one thing as my Christmas present from him. I know what I’m gonna get. I want the Elf collection from Glamourdolleyes and if he let’s me spend more then that I’m gonna throw a blush or two onto the order hehe. Mom got a ham from her work so yay ham for Christmas dinner. And it’s precooked *happy dance* I’m gonna throw it in the slow cooker to heat it up so I can use the oven. It wont be tied up with the ham. I’ll be able to start dinner early which is always good. Our oven is really messed up. It only has 2 burners that work, one is going out and the oven is starting to go out too. *sigh* Won’t be long before we’re gonna need a new stove. But It’s okay. I’ll get everything cooked and figured out. (^_^). Considering that’s not as bad as the wiring in our house and our plumbing. So yeah, our house sucks… but at least we have a home. I know a lot of people would be happy with this dump to call home too just to have a home. Yes, it’s a dump but it’s my home and I’m happy to call it home. The only thing I don’t like about being here is the neighborhood. It used to be so nice. Then a crack head moved next door. I can’t tell ya how much traffic they have… especially in the beginning of the month. *sigh*

Anyways…… Enough of the depressing stuff about my home. I think this post is getting pretty long so I’ll leave it at this. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I’ll try to get those beauty boxes/bags posted sometime. So much to do so little time…. Have a good day! Laterz!

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