Why I haven’t posted…

My apologies for not posting these past few weeks. I got my October Starlooks box, GLossybox, and Ipsy and I wasn’t jumping for joy over them to post. I think Glamourdolleyes is the only subscription I’ve actually continually been pleased with. I hope I can snag one in January but we’ll see sense it’s so high in demand and she can only make so many. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna cancel all subscriptions the first of 2016. I’m gonna try to renew Glamourdolleyes but the rest I’m not excited enough with to keep them. I’ve been subscribed to some for a couples years. Most of them have lost my excitement. I haven’t been happy and I’ll just put the money, I put towards them, to by something I know I really want or maybe towards other indie brand subscriptions. Anyways, sorry for the delay in post’s. I got my November Glamourdolleyes OTM I will post that up tonight and I’ll post my November Julep Maven box this week too.

I didn’t post Julep last week cause I only got half of my order and didn’t get the other half till the 10th. I wanted it to all be in one post so yeah.

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