November 2014 Glmaourdolleyes OTM…

I must say I love this months OTM! The products are beautiful as always. What is a OTM? For those who don’t know OTM stands for Of The Month. It’s a subscription from You can sign up to get a limited edition shadow for that month. You can only sign up on the 8th of the month. It’s not a recurring subscription. If you want to get it more than just one month you have to purchase a subscription for how many months you want. And if they’re available. There’s only a limited number of subscriptions so you kinda gotta stalk the site the day of to make sure you get one. They tend to sell out fast. This year they’re trying to make every month an extra month, but no promises. Which means you’ll get, not only the shadow but an extra item whether it be makeup based or fashion based. This month was an extra month (^_^). Oh and they include candy in all of them pretty much hehe. So here’s what I got for November!



This month everything came in a little orange box.

The shadow for this month is called More Pie, Please! It’s a bright red with a golden green sparkle and sheen. This is swatched over Glamourdolleyes Glitter Fix.

GDE More Pie Please

There was a lot of extra’s in this month!

The first one is a perfume oil from It’s called Gold Rush. It’s smells devine! It’s a fruity scent. Makes me think of pears and apples.


The next extra is a sample from Kiss my sass cosmetics. It’s a shadow from an upcoming collection they’re releasing that is a collaberation with Glamourdolleyes. The collection is called “Liars keep secrets” this is based off the show pretty little liers. I’ve personally never watch it but I hear it’s supposed to be good. Anyways, onto the shadow!

I got the shade If Lying Was A Crime…It’s a bronzed plum with purple and bronze shimmer. This is swatched over Glamourdolleyes Glitter Fix.

KMS If Lying Was a Crime

Then we got a sample from Glamourdolleyes “Liars keep secrets” collection and it’s a blush. This is called Hot for Teacher. It’s a light pink matte base with a subtle golden sparkle. I have to say I really like this blush. I did not swatch this over Glitter Fix sense it’s a blush but I did do a pretty heavy swatch.

GDE Blush Hot For Teacher

The next Extra is a new item Glamourdolleyes is releasing in December this year and that’s a pressed shadow. If you’ve ordered from them then you’ll know their shadow’s have all be loose pigment. So I’m pretty excited to see a pressed shadow. This one was exclusive for this month’s OTM so yes this shadow will not be available for purchase next month sorry.

The shadow is called Food Coma. It’s a light medium brown with pink sheen and green sparkle. This is swatched over Glamourdolleyes Glitter Fix.

GDE Food Coma

Next extra! Told ya there’s a lot in this months OTM. Everyone got 2 samples to the tin set’s that will be released on December 2. Oh and the “Liars Keep Secrets” is being released the same day as these ones. They have 4 tin sets being released, which are… Orange is the new…, Tattoo Parlor, Matte About you, and Grease. I a sample from Orange is the new… and Tattoo Parlor.

For Orange is the new… I got Mrs. Bennet. A matte taupe base with a pinky sheen and a subtle rosey gold shimmer. This is swatched over Glamourdolleyes Glitter Fix.

GDE Mrs. Bennett

For Tattoo Parlor I for Tattoo Flash… It’s a very vibrant red with an orange sheen overlay and a yellow golden sparkle. This is swatched over Glamourdolleyes Glitter Fix.

GDE Tattoo Flash

Then lastly! *drum roll*…

The candy lol

It’s Frooties in green apple hehe (^_^)


So that’s it for this month’s OTM. Next month is gonna be good I just know it. They usually do a few extra’s for Christmas time. Every December it’s like a grand finally OTM box. Well, to me it is, sense everyone’s subscription ends and it’s the end of the year. So yeah, can’t wait to see what we get next month!



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