Julep October 2014…

Got my October Julep box. For those who don’t know Julep is a beauty subscription box. They say the first box is free but ya just gotta pay for shipping which is only $3.00. So that’s not that bad. But if you continue to get the box, I spend $21.89 per box. Though, they have added the option to completely customize your box. It’s costs $24.99 and I don’t mind not being able to completely customize what I get in my box. I just choose which style of box I want. I usually get the Bombshell box, mostly cause that one almost always has the colors I like. You also have the option to add stuff to your box for a cheaper price then on their store. Including polishes for $4.99. Let my know what you think and I’ll put a link at the end of the post if you’d like to try it out too…So here’s what I got for October…

October 2014 Julep

Of Course this month’s box is themed around Halloween. I added 2 polishes to this month’s box and some kitty nail decals. Sadly when I went to pick up my box from the post office it was opened. The tissue paper was ripped and everything was messed up. Along with my nail decals missing. I informed Julep about what happened and even sent them a picture of how my box looked. They emailed back and apologized they’re also going to replace the decals. Even though it’s not their fault. I told them I know they’re not at fault for this happening that I just wanted them to know that it happened and I hoped it didn’t happen to someone else. I’ve been getting mail through my P.O.Box for a good year and half. I’ve never had anything like this happened. I switched to a P.O.Box so this wouldn’t happen. very frustrating that it did. Anyways, I’m sorry for my mini rant… Again I know it’s not Julep’s fault and I really didn’t think they’d be able to replace the decals. But I’m happy they are. I can wear them for Halloween like I was planing (^_^).

Anyways….. On to the box!


October 2014 Julep Card

I got the Bombshell box as usual… Here’s what came in that box automatically…

This is Julep’s Night Shift Sleeping Mask. You’re supposed to put it on before you go to sleep and wash it off when you wake up. Though, when I wake up my face is usually squished into my pillows. So, I’m pretty sure it’ll get all over my pillows before I could wash it off lol. I would have to put a towel on my pillows before I used this. But I’ll give it a try. This retails for $34.00 for Non-Mavens and for Mavens it’s $27.20…

Julep Night Shift Sleeping Mask

The Polishes I got are Nancy. This color is a beautiful blueish silver with a sea-foam green tone to it.

Julep Nancy

And Margarita… This is a simple purple polish with a blue undertone to it.

Julep Margarita

Now for my add-ons I got…

Ledi… I’m a sucker for black. Though, this ones more of a charcoal black with silver glitter. I like it. Excited to wear it (^_^).

Julep Ledi

Also got Marla… Love reds! I don’t think a girl can have too many red polishes. They’re always a must in my book. This is more of a burgundy red. with pink sparkle to it from the looks of it.

Julep Marla

As I said in the beginning I did get kitty nail dacals but they were stolen while be shipped… So I don’t have a picture of them… I’ll add it to this post after I get them. (^_^)

and for adding 3 items to my box I got extra polishes. YAY! I got…

Karmen… Okay in the bottle it looks like a orange red polish but swatched it’s pink with orange sparkle lol. I was so surprised when I swatched it. Pretty color nontheless.

Julep Karmen

And also got Catrina… Beautiful bright sunshine yellow… I don’t have many yellow polishes so this was a nice surprise. I think I don’t have many cause I don’t wear bright colors that much. Though, it’s still a very pretty color.

Julep Catrina

So that’s what I got in my October Julep box. I’m very happy with everything I got. I’m irritated that someone snooped in my box and stole something out of it. I’m certain I’ll love the decals when I get them.

Please don’t let that discourage you from getting a box of your own. I’ve had problems with USPS for a long time now. Just never something like this. It’s usually my mail going to the wrong place and never getting it. So yeah, if you wish to sign up you can go here: https://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/507735/

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