My dark pinky tutorial…

I’m sorry this is late like my last one. My days are all messed up. *sigh* At least I’m posting it late instead of not at all. Right?

Anyways, I wanted to do a dark pinky look sense it is October. It’s breast cancer awareness month and I can’t help myself but make looks dark. I don’t like how bright looks look on me. Hopefully that made sense. So yeah, sense Halloween is also this month I used Glamourdolleyes previous Halloween shadows. So yeah, onto the picture tutorial…

I first started with Urban Decay primer potion then put Glamourdolleyes Candy Coma on my lid.

(BTW Cotton Candy is part of the permanent line so you can get this color still.)

GDE Cotton Candy with Glitter Fix

I used a shadow brush to pat this on so the sparkle wouldn’t go everywhere…


then I took the color Gruesome…

GDE Gruesome with Glitter Fix

I used this to blend it out with a fluffy blending brush.


As I said I can’t leave the look bright so I took Vampire Wedding.

GDE Vampire Wedding with Glitter Fix

And placed this in my outer V area blending it out a bit. I used a stiff small fluffy brush to do this. I didn’t apply too much pressure so I could let the brush do the work.


I didn’t like how the pink, Candy Coma, was looking so I dabbed on some Glitter Fix.

GDE Glitter Fix

Put this on my lid where the pink is, waited for it to get a bit tacky then I put more Candy Coma on top to give it more intensity. Using the same brush I first applied Candy Coma with.


After that I put some Wet N Wild Brulee on my browbone.


I used a blending brush to apply that so it would blend in with the red.


Though, I lost some of the intensity. So I grabbed the brush I applied Vampire Wedding with, not adding any product to it, I blended the red out again.


I for got to take a pic of this but I used Chella Ivory Lace Highlight on the inner corner

chella highlight

Over that I placed Ruby June to brighten it up. I used a small detail brush to apply this shadow.

GDE Ruby June with Glitter Fix

Then I used my Jessie’s Girl Liquid liner to line my lash line.

jg liner

After doing both of those it looks like this…


After that I took a pencil brush and put Vampire Wedding along my lower lash line.


I forgot to take a pic of the pencil but you can use whatever black kohl pencil you have to line your waterline. I used Wet N Wild Fergie on Edge Long Wearing Eye Pencil in Midnight Girl.


And of course I used my favorite mascara Too Faced Better Than Sex.


And I only did one coat of that.


That’s the eye look. I didn’t do any foundation or anything. I just wanted to do an eye look. I’m not going anywhere or anything so I didn’t feel like getting dolled up lol.

So yeah, the shadows I used are no longer available. But you can use what ever colors you like. If you want to stick strictly with pinks you can. Just use different shades of pink for get this look.

Oh and Glitter Fix will be available for purchase on the 15th of this month.

If you liked this look let me know. I have a couple idea’s for a couple other looks but let my know if you want me do to a certain look and I’ll try to do it for ya. (^_^)

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