First Picture Makeup Tutorial…

Okay so this is my first picture tutorial for a makeup look. I hope it’s okay. Let me know how you like it.

So first I’ll start with my eyes…

I started by priming with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Then on top of that I used Maybellene Color Tattoo in Cool Crush.



I blended out the Cool Crush to be a sheer wash of color. I was using it as a base for the shadow I put on top. Sorry the image is a bit blurry. The rest of the pics aren’t blurry like this one.


So over that I used Glamourdolleyes September OTM in the shade Never Be Royals. (If you wish to know what the OTM is I have it in my last post.) Anywho, this color is a nice soft blue with a pink duo-chrome to it. Though, it’s hard to see the duo-chrome effect in the picture.

If you don’t have this color, any light blue will work with this look.

GDE OTM Never be Royals Sept 2014

I just used a fluffy blending brush and swepted the color over where I placed the Color Tattoo.


This is Glamourdolleyes Gingerbread Girl. It was a limited edition of the Christmas collection a couple years back. But any medium brown will work for this look.


I picked up the color using a blending brush that wasn’t really fluffy but more of a precise blending brush if that makes sense. I placed it in the crease and did a concentrated line of it. Then went back in with the brush I used with Never Be Royals, I didn’t add any color to it, and blended it out. I went back and forth doing that till I got it how I wanted it.


I use this for my brow bone all the time. I din’t have a swatch of it cause it’s the same color as my skin. So it really wouldn’t pick up on my camera. You could also just use your face powder to do this too. I just like using this.


So yeah, it’s not too obvious that I used it. But it did blend out the line a little bit.


After I did that I used a custom glitter I got from Glamourdolleyes called Ghost. I named it that cause I was watching ghost busters when I placed the order and got another custom glitter called Slimer. I plan on using that for a look too hehe but that’s for a later post. Anyways, this color was close to the shadow I got and I wanted to use it.

GDE Glitter Ghost

I used Glitter Fix with it and this is a baby sample I got with my Custom glitters. It’s so freaking cute!


So I patted the Glitter Fix on and then took a stiff brush to pick up the glitter with and held a napkin under my eye to catch the fallout of the glitter. What glitter that did get on my face I used some tape to take it off. Best way to get glitter off the face.


This is one of my favorite felt tip liners It’s Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Liner. It’s easier for me, sense I wear glasses, to use pen liners than to use gel.

jg liner

So yeah, I did a baby wing at the end and took it underneath to my lower lash line. Only going about half way on the lower lash line.



Then I went back in with Gingerbread Girl(that I used in the crease) and lined the rest of the lower lash line with a pencil brush. Though, looking at this picture you can’t really tell it’s there lol. Oh and I blended it out with a smudge brush onto the liquid liner. Making sure not to blend out to low under the bottom lashes.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This is my favorite mascara right now. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna buy the full size when this sample size runs out. Unless I find something else that I like better hehe.


I only do one coat of this mascara. I only do more when I’m trying to get a doll like look to my lashes. They’re actually pretty long, any longer and I get mascara all over my glasses. You can’t see in this picture but my lashes go up to my brows, if I curled them you could see better but I don’t usually curl them.


So yeah, that’s the finnished eye look. What I used on the rest of my face…


This is a new blush from Glamourdolleyes called Nouveau Riche. It’s part of the Runway Collection. That is a permanent collection. The swatch is concentrated in one spot I’ve blended it out on my cheeks so it’s not too strong.


This is a Glamourdolleyes Shadow in Exposed. Yes, I use a gray shadow to contour my face. Bronzers have a tendency to look really muddy on my skin or really orange. Sense I’m so fair.

GDE Exposed

Speaking of how fair skinned I am, I used Manic Panics Vampires Veil in Moonlight. This is the lightest shade aside from white. So yeah, I’m naturally pretty pale and I love it. My husband makes fun of me and says I need to tan. I told him I’ll just end up looking like a oompa-loompa if I did lol. I’ll stick with my vanilla tan (^_^).


On the lips I used Revlons Lip Butter in Red Velvet. I really like this color and leaves a nice stain on my lips after it wears off.

Revlon Red Velvet Lipbutter

So that’s all I used to do this look.

If you wish to purchase from one of the companies used you can go to these links: I love their products and have quite a bit of them. I will try to do looks outside of using Glamourdolleyes but no promises sense I like their products more then anyone’s so yeah. I just got this foundation and I’m loving it! This liner can also be found at Rite Aid.

The primer potion and mascara can be purchased at or

The lip butter can be found at any drugstore that sells Revlon or Ulta.

If you have any suggestions on looks, then let me know in the comments. I’ll do my best to do them. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did please give it a like(^_^)

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