Darling Girl Cosmetics…

I heard about this brand through Glamourdolleyes. They did a collaboration with them on a collection. That collection is the Paper Runway. I got curious and wanted to try them out. so I ordered some samples from them. This is what I got.

If you’d like to order from them to you can find them here http://www.darlinggirlcosmetics.com/

the swatches have no base or primer under them. I do that to give ya an idea on how pigmented a product is with out it. I know when I see swatches without primer it gives me an idea on how much I’ll have to work with it to give me the look I’m trying to achieve.

Darling Girl Cosmetics


Darling Girl Cosmetics Card

I’m a horror movie junkie so when I saw a horror movie collection I had to look. They have a shadow based off of my favorite monster. Frankenstein and that’s exactly what this shadow is called. I love it. It’s a nice taupe with yellow and orange shimmer.


This is called The Count. From the Horror collection as well. This color is gorgeous! It’s a purplish blue with pink and blue sparkle. So pretty on the eyes.


This is Creature From The Black Lagoon. Beautiful teal with green and blue sparkle. So pretty. I am planing on getting the rest of the colors in this collection hehe.


This is London Calling not sure if this was part of a collection or not. But I liked the swatch so I grabbed it to try out. It’s a dark blueish purple with a red glitter. It’s really pretty.


This is a sample of a blush they have. I’m very fair and it’s hard to find a blush to contour with. When I saw they have one for us fair skinned girls I had to try it out. This is called Koalification. It’s a nice mauve gray. I know the swatch it hard to see. When I did the swatch it’s just looked like I darkened the shadows on my hand and looked more sunken in lol. It is a nice color to contour with.


This is a GWP(Gift With Purchase)Every time some orders something they send a complimentary limited edition shadow. This is called Sweet Cherie it’s a yellowish orange with pink sparkles. It makes me think of yellow cherries hehe.


They were also kind enough to send a sample baggie of a shadow called three witches. Very pretty reddish brown. Nice as a all over color on the lid. (^_^)



So that’s what I ordered from them. I’m really happy with what I got and I do plan on getting more from them (^_^)


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