August 2014 Starlooks…

August 2014 Starlooks

For those who don’t know Starlooks is a monthly subscription beauty box. It costs $15.00 plus shipping. Shipping price depends on where you live. For example my shipping is only $2.68 and I live in Washington. So I pay 17.68 per month per box. I enjoy getting this box, all the items are the brand Starlooks and they are a top quality makeup line. For the record all the stuff I have gotten sense January have been full size. Not those tiny sample items (^_^). I’ll put a link at the end to where you can sign up too (^_^)

Oh and the swatches have no base or primer under them. I do that to give ya an idea on how pigmented a product is with out it. I know when I see swatches without primer it gives me an idea on how much I’ll have to work with it to give me the look I’m trying to achieve.

Okay I have to say I really, really, really like this months box… So here’s what I got…

August 2014 Starlooks card


This is Starlooks liquid liner in Black. I use liquid liner all the time. Especially black, I wear a lot of dark looks for the most part so black liner is a must in my makeup bag. This was one quick swatch. I barely touched my hand and it went on very pigmented and dried fast. I can already tell I’m gonna really like this product. This costs $16 on the site.


Starlooks Liquid Liner


This is Starlooks Blush Compact it doesn’t have a name really only a number 3b2 on the back of it. So i’m guessing that’s the product number. These are full size. these are beautiful, I’ve been on a blush bronzer kick this year. So I was excited when I saw this. I actually couldn’t believe I got a product this nice. These do have a metallic sheen to them. Hard to tell in these pics. The two on the outer corners I’ll probably use the most. They’re colors I would normally go for. I think I’ll mostly use the middle one on my eyes as an eye shadow sense it’s a bit too orange for me. Either way I will use this. This costs $46 on the site.

Starlooks Blush Palette 3b2


Well, that’s what I got for this month’s Starlooks box. I can’t wait to see what we get next month. So excited!

If you wish to sign up this is where you can go

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