Geek Chic Cosmetics Order…

I heard about this brand while reading other blogs. One Blog did a swatch of a color that I had to have. So I got a sample of it along with some other colors as well. So here’s what I got from them. (^_^)

If you’d like to order from them too here’s where you can find them.

The swatches have no base or primer under them. I do that to give ya an idea on how pigmented a product is with out it. I know when I see swatches without primer it gives me an idea on how much I’ll have to work with it to give me the look I’m trying to achieve.

GeekChic Cosmetics

Okay I’m starting with the one I had to have. This is called One Ring. And yes it’s from a Lord of the rings collection hehe. This is gold glittery goodness! And yes this is a glitter not really a shadow. Still amazing though!


This is Heir Of Isildur. Another from the Lord of the Rings Collection. Beautiful dark forest green.


This is from the Harry Potter Collection called House Elf. Mostly got this cause I love Dobby hehe.


This is from the Game Of  Thrones Collection. Well, The rest are going to be from this collection. I got all the shadows from this collection but one. Thought I put it in my cart but I guess I didn’t. I’ll get it sometime. This one is called The Pointy End. Nice shimmery Taupe with pink undertones in it.


This one is The Spider. A nice Matte Lavender.


This is Born In Fire. A dark blueish purple with pink shimmer.


This is Kingslayer. A beautiful beige with gold shimmer. Perfect as a highlight color.


This is Brotherhood Of Crows. Okay I love this color as much as the gold glitter. This is stunning to wear and look at in person. It’s a nice gunmetal blue with purple and green shimmer. It’s just amazing and drool worthy.


This is Sellsword. A nice matte reddish brown. This is a nice transition color or to use as a liner.


This is Across the Narrow Sea. Beautiful baby blue with red and gold shimmer through it.



So that’s all I got from them. I love everything! I do plan on purchasing from them again in the future.

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