August 2014 Glamourdolleyes OTM…

For those who don’t know OTM stands for Of The Month. It’s a subscription from You can sign up to get a limited edition shadow for that month. You can only sign up on the 8th of the month. It’s not a reacuring subscripstion. If you want to get it more than just one month you have to purchase a subscription for how many months you want. And if they’re available. There’s only a limited number of subscriptions so you kinda gotta stalk the site the day of to make sure you get one. They tend to sell out fast. This year they’re trying to make every month an extra month, but no promises. Which means you’ll get, not only the shadow but an axtra item wheather it be makeup based or fashion based. This month was an extra month (^_^). Oh and they include candy in all of them pretty much hehe.

So onto what I got for this month (^_^) oh and the swatches have no base or primer under them. I do that to give ya an idea on how pigmented a product is with out it. I know when I see swatches without primer it gives me an idea on how much I’ll have to work with it to give me the look I’m trying to achieve.

GDE OTM August 2014

Aug 2014 GDE OTM Card

Everything came in this grey see through mesh bag. For the record I reuse these to hold the samples I get in the orders from Glamourdolleyes.  They always send 2 samples of shadows (^_^).


This is the color of the month Cement Heart. I love grays! So I was very pleased to see it. This is a good transition color in my opinion but it can be good as an all over color as well.

GDE OTM Cement Heart

This month had a few extra’s. First was a sample of a blush from a new collection that was just released on the site called Deadly Hollywood. I can’t wait to buy it! Just gotta wait for some moneys hehe. This blush is called Hollywood Affair. This is a beautiful rose gold and very pigmented. A little goes a long way.

GDE Blush Hollywood Affair

This is a Hydraglaze that’s in the Deadly Hollywood collection as well. This is called Homicide. This is a nice gloss that’s not too sticky. I find it really moisturizing on my lips. The color is awesome too. (^_^)

GDE HydraGlaze Homicide

We also got an extra from another indie brand called Darling Girl Cosmetics. I have ordered from them and really like their products. I’m actually going to do a blog post on the products I did purchase through them. But it might not be up till later this week or next week. Here’s a link to the website so you can check them out too (^_^)

Darling Girl Cosmetics Card

The color they were kind enough to add into the bag is Teal Me Lies. It’s very pretty teal blue. This is very pretty color. It makes me this of mermaids. I love it!

DGC Teal Me Lies

The candy everyone got this month is Sour Punch. This has wheat in it so it’s going to my husband (^_^).

Sour Punch


Well, that’s it for this month can’t wait to see what we get next month. I know it’s going to be awesome!

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