July 2014 Ipsy Bag…

For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for beauty products. It costs $10.00 a month. And you get 4 – 5 products. The products are decent size too. Not those samples that give you 1 use or if your lucky 2 or 3 lol. They always come in a little bag that’s themed for the month. I’ve very happy with this subscription. See what I got for this month and decide if you want to sign up too… I’ll put the link at the end of the post. (^_^) Oh and another thing is when you do reviews for the products in your bag on the Ipsy site they’ll customize future bags to your liking. So if you review something and don’t like it, you will be less likely to get a product like that again. Sense doing those mini reviews, I’ve been happier with my bags (^_^).

July 2014 Ipsy



Everything came in a hot pink fake leather bag. Pink in not my color so I gave the bag to a friend. Here’s what the bag looks like…

July 2014 Ipsy bag

Here’s what came in the bag…

5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15… not sure what the name of this one is… but I think there’s a total of 8 in the line…

Clear Clinic Laboratories Vanished Clear Spot Treatment. Not sure about this but I’ll try it…

Pixi BeautyMini Tinted Brilliance Balm. I tried to swatch this but this has no color to it at all. So yeah, no swatches of this… I have no idea why they call it a tinted product when it has no tint to it…

Pur~lisse pur~protect essential daily moisturizer spf 30. This is lower in spf than I normally use but it’s not a bad product. I like it and helps that I got it sense I ran out of sunscreen.

Models Own Nail Polish in Red Sea. This was very jelly like when I swatched it. Though, I’m pretty sure it’s cause of  how hot it is in my house. Pretty color though, I do like reds…



So that’s what I got for this month. Can’t wait to see what I’ll get next month.

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