Bruttles Gourmet Confections…


Bruttles is a local store here in Spokane, WA. My husband noticed them while we were walking downtown. He know’s I have a weakness for sweets hehe. So we went in and it was a really cute store. It’s family owned and have been using the same recipe for 60 years. everything is still made the same way as it was back then.
Now bruttles are a really soft peanut brittle. Think of a gourmet butterfinger but better. These are so delicious. Oh and all their products are gluten-free besides the Bruttles crunch cause it contains pretzels. Which is amazing! I go there at least once a month. I’m so bad cause if I could afford to get it more often I would lol. They also do gift packs. (guess what everyone in my family is getting this Christmas hehe). I want to show you what I got in a gift pack that costs $5.75. This is one of the small ones. They do have one that costs $37.50. I’ll put a link at the end of the post to their website, if you wish to ordered some of this. Or if you live in the Spokane, WA area you can see where they are located. (^_^)
So here’s what’s in the small one I got…
It’s super cute, and comes in a see through package tied with a pretty ribbon(colors of ribbon and foil can vary)…

1oz soft peanut butter brittle… 2 chocolate dipped peanut brittles… 1 soft caramel, this is soft and doesn’t stick to your teeth like most caramels…


Here’s where the dipped peanut brittles look like opened…

Website for store:

Disclaimer *I purchased these products with my own money. They were not sent to me for a review. I reviewed them cause I really enjoy the products I purchased.*

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