June 2014 Beauty Army…

Okay, I’ve slacked a lot this month on posting stuff… I’ve had the pics and everything ready to post on here, I just didn’t post it lol… Ya know when you go to your comp to do something and you’re like “I’m gonna get this done! Oh look youtube, I’ll get it done in a minute.” hrs later you realized you sat there all day looking at random video’s instead of getting done what you planned. Yup! That’s been me all month long… >.< sorry… Getting it done now! LOL… Okay here’s my Beauty Army box…

June 2014 BeautyArmy

For those of you who don’t know, Beauty Army is a monthly subscription box. But unlike most boxes this one you get to pick what you want in your box. And if you don’t like the selection you can skip that month and not pay anything. I’ve actually been skipping this one a lot sense they haven had very good selections lately. I got this one cause I saw juice beauty and I already know I love that brand lol. Anyways, this box costs $12.00. No shipping fees or anything. I like that I can choose what I want and I’m able to decide if I want to get the box for that month or not. (^_^)… So here’s what I got in my box…

BeautyArmy card

LiLi le Parfum… Okay, I got this more for my mom then me. If you know my mother you’ll know she’s obsessed with perfume. We just did a de-cluttering of her perfumes. And it barely made a dent lol. Though, I’ll admit I’m just as bad >.< hehe. This is a sweet soft sent. Very refreshing and calming to me.

Lili purfume
Kate Somerville CC Cream (Light/Medium)… Grabbed this just cause. Figured why not give it a try…

Kate Somerville CC cream
No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum… heard some good things about this so figured why not try it…

No7 day night serum
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer… Already love this brand so yeah. Excited to get this hehe.

Juice Beauty Lotion
Keratin Protein… Got this for my mom to try. She has some very coarse think hair. We’ve been trying different hair masks on her hair lately to see which one will calm it down and give it enough moisture. So it actually feels soft and not brittle.

Kertin hair mask
Loreal Total Repair Extreme Set… Got this for the same reason as the hair mask…

Loreal shampoo


So that’s what I got for my June Beauty Army Box!


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