Glossybox June 2014…


For those who don’t know Glossybox is a monthly Subscription for highend beauty Products. It’s 21.00 a month, free shipping. You get 5-6 products in each box. I really enjoy getting these boxes. Granted most of the products are really expensive if you buy the full size. But sometimes you get a product in the box that works so good you just don’t care. I’ve gotten a couple items like that. But they were never more then $30 full sized lol. so yeah, on to Junes Glossybox…

Oh and if you like this box I’ll put a link at the end of the post to where you can sign up too. (^_^)


This box is called the Stars and Stripes box. It’s based around beauty products from the US. The box it’s self was designed after the US flag. So I thought that was a cute touch. Now here’s what’s inside the box…



StrangeBeautiful Colorbloc is 2 nail polishes that were designed exclusively for Glossybox. These are sample sized. The Red is on the orange side of things, it’s not a true red. The blue is more purplish-blue when I swatched it. Though, on camera it looks dark blue. So yeah, the Full size of these cost $18.00.



Rusk Tecture Dry Finishing Spray, not sure about this. So, I’ll try it out and see how it works. And if it makes my head itch really bad. Some products just don’t like my scalp, they make me itch really bad. So yeah, I’ll see how this one goes. If I can’t use it I can always give it to a friend or family member who will. This costs $18.00 full size.




Ayres Patagonia Body Butter. I like body butters so I’ll see how I like this. (^_^) This costs $28.00 full size.



Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy. That’s a mouth full to say. This is supposed to be really hydrating to the skin. Not sure about the smell. I’m not sure how to to describe it but the smell isn’t that great. So yeah….. I’ll try it though, this costs $10.00 full size.



Sumita Beauty Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil. I’ve gotten products from this company before. I believe I just got eyebrow pencils and eyeliners. Those were okay, not jump for joy amazing but okay. This is nice, I swatched it and that the swatch wouldn’t come off till I used makeup remover. Based off of that I’m excited to try it out on my eyelid to see how it holds up.


So this is what I got in my June Glossybox. Overall this wasn’t a jump for joy kind of box, but it was nice. I’m not disappointed or anything. I’ll definitely try the stuff out. But some I’m just not that crazy about.  Guess I’ll wait to see what I get next month.


June 2014 Starlooks Box…


I meant to post this yesterday and forgot, Sorry >.<…For those who don’t know Starlooks is a pro makeup brand/company that has their own subscription box. All their products are high quality. The box is $15.00 plus shipping a month. Shipping depends on location of where you live. For instance I live in Spokane, WA so I only pay $2.69 for shipping. I have enjoyed every box I’ve gotten from them. Can’t remember when I didn’t like one of their boxes. All the products are full size and usually you get about 3-4 products in a box. This month’s box I got 3 full size products. The box is valued at $45.00. So here’s what I got (^_^) If you want to sign up for this box I’ll put a link at the end of the post.





All swatches have no base or primer under them.

First product I got is a Longwear eye liner pot in the shade Sun. It’s a beautiful yellow/gold. This will be a perfect color to use as a base under shadows. (^_^) I’m not really one for bright eye liners but this is very pretty. It’s really creamy as well. Not sure on staying power, sense I just got it Saturday and I haven’t had a chance to do my makeup the past couple days. This liner costs $13.00.


Second product is a Longwear Lipstick in the shade Limitless. Okay I love this shade! I usually wear this color of lipstick or darker so I’m very happy with getting this in my box. I can’t wait to wear this! This lipstick costs $15.00.




Third product is a Cream blush in the shade Fallen Angel. I have to say I really like that name hehe. This is more of a highlighter than a blush. It’s not chunky shimmery it’s a soft seen that gives a nice glow. As you can tell from the swatches it’s a very light color. It will give a nice glow to the face. Though, I’ll admit I don’t use highlighters that often except on my browbone sense I do like the matte look. Anyways, this product costs $17.00.



All in all I’m very happy with this month’s box. I can’t wait to see what next month’s will have in it. So till next time, Laterz!

If you wish to sign up this is where you can go

June 2014 Ipsy Bag…


For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for beauty products. It costs $10.00 a month. And you get 4 – 5 products. The products are decent size too. Not those samples that give you 1 use, or if your lucky 2 or 3 lol. They always come in a little bag that’s themed for the month. I’ve very happy with this subscription. See what I got for this month and decide if you want to sign up too… I’ll put the link at the end of the post. (^_^)

June 2014 Ipsy

This month is beach themed I’m guessing from the bag. Though, I forgot to take a pic of the bag. Oops, I’ll try to add it on later.

So here’s what I got in my bag…

June 2014 Ipsy card
Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara… I like this brand, so I’m pretty sure I’ll like this. But we’ll see when I try it out.

Be A Bombshell mascara
Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray… This brand always makes my head itch. My mom like it so I just gave this to her…

Marc Athony Beach Spray
NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brulee. I like these glosses. My mom doesn’t like gloss so she gave me her’s too hehe…

NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brulee
OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil… Got this in a different box. It’s okay, not my favorite brow pencil. Usually just lightly use eye shadow sense I naturally have very full brows.

Ofra Eyebrow pencil
Realtree for Her… This smells yummy! It’s soft and light. My kind of perfume. (^_^)

Realtree Purfum


So that’s everything I got for my June bag… I’ll admit it wasn’t jumping for joy great but it wasn’t bad either. I’ve had worse. So yeah, that’s it for now…

Referal link:

June 2014 Glamourdolleyes OTM…


For those who don’t know OTM stands for Of The Month. It’s a subscription from You can sign up to get a limited edition shadow for that month. You can only sign up on the 8th of the month and if the 8th falls on a weekend she makes it for the Friday before. It’s not a reacuring subscripstion. If you want to get it more than just one month you have to purchase a subscription for how many months you want. And if they’re available. There’s only a limited number of subscriptions so you kinda gotta stalk the site the day of to make sure you get one. They tend to sell out fast. This year they’re trying to make every month an extra month, but no promises. Which means you’ll get, not only the shadow but an axtra item wheather it be makeup based or fashion based. This month was an extra month (^_^). Oh and they include candy in all of them pretty much hehe.

June 2014 GDE OTM

So here’s what I got for June!

All my Goodies came in a really cute bag. That has the Glamourdolleyes logo on it.

GDE OTM June 2014 bag

Here’s what was inside the bag…

GDE OTM June 2014 Card


Got the shadow called Prime Suspect. It’s a beautifull bright pink with a purplish-blue duo-chrome . It’s so pretty and the picks I took of the swatches don’t do it justice. Oh and all swatches have no base or primer under them (^_^).

GDE OTM Prime Suspects



And this was an extra month so this month we got a sample of a shadow from…

Innocent Twisted Alchemy Card

The shade is called Candied Violet. This came in a clam sample pot. It supposed to be a violet color but looks more blue to me. But I don’t mind it’s a very pretty color and very pigmented.

Innocent Twisted Sample Candied Violet


Oh and the candy we got for this month is…

Hot temales

It’s so funny I was actually thinking about getting these the day before I got my package lol. So yeah, that’s what I got from Glamourdolleyes this month. Can’t wait to see what I get next month hehe (^_^).

June 2014 Julep Box…


Got my June Julep box. For those who don’t know Julep is a beauty subscription box. They say the first box is free but ya just gotta pay for shipping which is only $3.00. So that’s not that bad. But if you continue to get the box, I spend $21.89 per box. Now with each box you can choose a different style. Each style has different colors. I  get the Bombshell box. You also have the option to add stuff to your box for a cheaper price then on their store. Including polishes for $4.99. Let my know what you think and go here if you’d like to try it out too…

Referal link:

June 2014 Julep


Julep Colette

Julep Sera

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

June 2014 Beauty Army…


Okay, I’ve slacked a lot this month on posting stuff… I’ve had the pics and everything ready to post on here, I just didn’t post it lol… Ya know when you go to your comp to do something and you’re like “I’m gonna get this done! Oh look youtube, I’ll get it done in a minute.” hrs later you realized you sat there all day looking at random video’s instead of getting done what you planned. Yup! That’s been me all month long… >.< sorry… Getting it done now! LOL… Okay here’s my Beauty Army box…

June 2014 BeautyArmy

For those of you who don’t know, Beauty Army is a monthly subscription box. But unlike most boxes this one you get to pick what you want in your box. And if you don’t like the selection you can skip that month and not pay anything. I’ve actually been skipping this one a lot sense they haven had very good selections lately. I got this one cause I saw juice beauty and I already know I love that brand lol. Anyways, this box costs $12.00. No shipping fees or anything. I like that I can choose what I want and I’m able to decide if I want to get the box for that month or not. (^_^)… So here’s what I got in my box…

BeautyArmy card

LiLi le Parfum… Okay, I got this more for my mom then me. If you know my mother you’ll know she’s obsessed with perfume. We just did a de-cluttering of her perfumes. And it barely made a dent lol. Though, I’ll admit I’m just as bad >.< hehe. This is a sweet soft sent. Very refreshing and calming to me.

Lili purfume
Kate Somerville CC Cream (Light/Medium)… Grabbed this just cause. Figured why not give it a try…

Kate Somerville CC cream
No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum… heard some good things about this so figured why not try it…

No7 day night serum
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer… Already love this brand so yeah. Excited to get this hehe.

Juice Beauty Lotion
Keratin Protein… Got this for my mom to try. She has some very coarse think hair. We’ve been trying different hair masks on her hair lately to see which one will calm it down and give it enough moisture. So it actually feels soft and not brittle.

Kertin hair mask
Loreal Total Repair Extreme Set… Got this for the same reason as the hair mask…

Loreal shampoo


So that’s what I got for my June Beauty Army Box!


Springfling VoxBox from Influenster…



For those who don’t know, Influenster is a subscription box. But it’s not for every month and you don’t pay anything for it. Though, to get future boxes you have to test out and review the products you receive in your box.  If you’d like to sign up you can follow this link Onto the box…


In this box I got…

Rimmel london Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara. It retails for $5.99. I do like Rimmel London Products. Though, I’ve never tried their mascara. Mostly because I seem to never run out of it. I always seem to get a new mascara somehow with out notice. I have a few others that I haven’t even tried yet sitting in my drawer. So yeah, it’ll be nice to try this out.



Kiss Everlasting French Nails. They retail for $6.49. I’ve never tried these, though, my friend wore this brand for my wedding and she seemed to like them. I guess I’ll see how they hold up through cleaning and what not. If they bust off just from cleaning then I don’t think I’ll purchase these in the future… but we’ll see…





Peach Pie Car Freshener from the Labor Day movie. I have no interest in this movie… But I guess it’s nice we got a airfreshener for my moms car sense I don’t drive. This was put in the box to promote the movie I’m guessing sense there’s no price listed for it. The card in the box only talks about the movie for the description of the products.


Playtex Sport Fresh Balance. Retails for 3.99 to 4.99 depends where you live and the store you shop at. Okay, My monthly curse isn’t for 2 weeks, so I don’t know when I’ll use these. But for the record I’ve used them before and they’re no different then the regular Playtex tampons. The only differnce is packaging and these ones say sport. Other wise they work the same and the normal ones.

Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion. Retails for $2.49 for a 2.5oz bottle and $10.99 for a 13.5oz bottle. I have to say the smell of Nivea has never changed. I opened this and smelled it… and I remembered my great grandma’s feet. Why, you ask. Because I used to rub Nivea lotion on her feet when I was younger… So yeah… Not sure how I feel about this…



Then lastly a select amount of Influensters, got Softlips Cube. This retails for $3.49. Never heard of this and I’m intrigued to try it out…


That’s it for my SpringFling Voxbox courtesy of Influenter.


*Dismlaimer- I recieved these products from influenster for testing purposes.*