Glossybox May 2014…



OMG I actually got my Glossybox in the month it was intended for lol. Well, tomorrow is June. So yeah… I actually got it in May so I’ll post it on here… Anyways, for those who don’t know Glossybox is a monthly subscription box with samples from high end brands. This box costs $21.00 a month. You get 5-6 products in each box.

The reason why I started this post out the way I did is because I rarely get my box in the month that it’s intended for. I used to but not anymore. I have no idea what changed but that’s how it is for me now. I find it annoying. I’ve been debating on not posting anything about this box on my blog any more sense that’s how it is. I dunno yet though, if you a.k.a. who ever reads this, wants me to keep posting about it I will. I enjoy getting these boxes. Granted most of the stuff in the box I could only afford in my dreams, but yeah, I do enjoy getting them and feeling luxurious when I try out the products. So yeah, enough of me rambling. Here’s the box…


Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin PRimer…

Revive Eye Renewal Serum Firming Booster

Philip B Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue. This frangrance is not for me. It’s not something I reach for. So, I’m giving this to my mom sense she likes it.


Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream

Lancome Absolute L-extrait Regenerating Ultimate Elixir… The full size of this is $360.00… I would not buy this product even if I had the money. I just can’t justify spending that much money on 1.7 oz of product. So yea, it’ll be nice to try but never buying it…



So yeah, that’s this months box. Let me know what you think…


Starlooks May 2014…


Starlooks May 2014

For those who don’t know Starlooks is a monthly subscription beauty box. It costs $15.00 pluse shipping. Shipping price depends on where you live. For example my shipping is only $2.68 and I live in Washington State. So I pay 17.68 per month per box. I enjoy getting this box all the items are the brand Starlooks and they are a top quality makeup line. For the record all the stuff I have gotten sense January have been full size. Not those tiny sample items (^_^).
If you wish to sign up, this is where you can go

This month I got Iridescent Loose Powder it’s a peachy color with shimmer. It doesn’t have a name on it just a code, the code is LSP2. So I’m guessing that’s the name of it. I’ll probably only use it as a highlighter. I don’t like putting glitter all over. A little here and there is fine.

Eye pencil in the shade Exit To Eden. It’s a pretty light blueish-green liner with gold sparkle in it.

A bottle of Makeup Remover. I’m definatly interested in trying this. I’ve been on the hunt for a good makeup remover. I wear a lot of water proof makeup so I need something that works good. We’ll see how this one goes.

Then there was a surprise in the box. Spa Towells body lotion towelettes. Not sure about that but I’ll try it and see if it irritates my skin. This one is a one time use sample. which I don’t mind. I only need one use to see if it irritates my skin. When I comes to products like this I don’t mind tiny samples.


So that’s all I got in my box for this month. I’m excited to see what we get next month.


Ipsy May 2014…


May 2014 Ipsy

For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for beauty products. It costs $10.00 a month. And you get 4 – 5 products. The products are decent size too. Not those samples that give you 1 use or if your lucky 2 or 3 lol. They always come in a little bag that’s themed for the month. I’ve very happy with this subscription. See what I got for this month and decide if you want to sign up too… I’ll put the link at the end of the post. (^_^)

May 2014 Ipsy card

Everything came in this bag that’s a cream with green leaves all over it. That says Ipsy all over it as well.

May 2014 ipsy bag
Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask… I don’t really do hair masks so I might just let my mom use this…

Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF50… I usually try to get a sunscreen with a higher SPF but this will work in a pinch…

Hang Ten
Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo 1… It doesn’t show in this picture but the light color has a pink pearl duo chrome to it. It’s very pretty.

Pacifica Duo 1
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. Already own this and love it!

Chocolate Soleil Med
Avène Thermal Spring Water. This is refreshing to the face, though I doubt I’ll buy it. I can get the same feeling with a simple spray bottle full of water…

So that’s what I got for this month… If you’d like to sign up to here’s a link on where you can…

GDE OTM May 2014…


GDE OTM May 2014

For those who don’t know OTM stands for Of The Month. It’s a subscription from You can sign up to get a limited edition shadow for that month. You can only sign up on the 8th of the month. It’s not a reacuring subscripstion. If you want to get it more than just one month you have to purchase a subscription for how many months you want. And if they’re available. There’s only a limited number of subscriptions so you kinda gotta stalk the site the day of to make sure you get one. They tend to sell out fast. This year they’re trying to make every month an extra month, but no promises. Which means you’ll get, not only the shadow but an axtra item wheather it be makeup based or fashion based. This month was an extra month (^_^). Oh and they include candy in all of them pretty much hehe.

GDE OTM May 2014 Card

So this month OTM came in a plad green and white cotton bag.

GDE OTM Bag May 2014
The shadow I got is called One Way Ticket. It’s a very pretty green.

One Way Ticket
She also sent 2 other colors…
Vanilla Unicorn… My camera didn’t pick up the sparkle… This one is very shimmery with pink blue and I think purple glitter… It’s very pretty!

Vanilla Unicorn
Insomnia… I’m in love with this color!

There’s also a Flash Laquer too, called Off To Paris.

Off To Paris
We also got 2 sample baggies of eyeshadows from the Matte2 Feminine Collection that was released this month on the 12th.

Got the colors…Silhouette and Provocative

They partnerd with another company for this month. We got a sample of Blush from Chinovi Cosmetics. Here’s a link to their site…
The blush I got is called Vanessa


And as always we got candy with it, this month we got Lancaster vanilla caramels

Lancaster Candies
This month was a big hit. I loved everything I got this month. I was drooling over everything as I swatched them for this post. So happy! I hope Insomnia becomes part of the permenant line. I really like it!

Glossybox April 2014



For those who don’t know Glossybox is a monthly Subscription for beauty Products. It’s 21.00 a month. And you get 5-6 products in each box. I do really enjoy getting these boxes, I just wish they came in the month they’re meant to be in. I rarely get my box in the month it is intended for. I used to, but not anymore… don’t know what changed but yeah… I find it annoying and tempted not to post it on here cause of that, but I’ll do last month’s not sure if I’ll post what I get this month. I might, if I actually get the box in this month… we’ll see… anyways, here’s what I got for April…

Aqua spa Relax Body Creme… This actually smells really nice and soothing…

Aqua spa body creme

Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink… This doesn’t feel sticky, felt more dry then sticky… Which is what I prefer…

Vanilla Pink

Caldrea Body Wash

Caldrea body wash

Ciate London Paint Pot in Skinny Dip… Looks like an orange sparkly polish in the bottle and swatches pink lol… This color is very interesting… I like how it swatched…

Skinny Dip

LASplash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer/base… Never tried this before, heard a lot of good things about it… So we’ll see…



Julep May 2014…


April 2014 Julep

Got my May Julep box. For those who don’t know Julep is a beauty subscription box. They say the first box is free but ya just gotta pay for shipping which is only $3.00. So that’s not that bad. But if you continue to get the box, I spend $21.89 per box. Though, this month I upgrated my box to the The Fresh Twist Polish Lover Upgrade, this one was $49.26 that’s after shipping and what not. Which is not that bad, considering these polishes alone cost up to $14.99, some are cheaper, just depends on what you get. Now with each box you can choose a different style. Each style has different colors. I normally get the Bombshell box, but sense I upgated I got all the colors they had for all the boxes. You also have the option to add stuff to your box for a cheaper price then on their store. Including polishes for $4.99. Let my know what you think and go here if you’d like to try it out too…

So the colors I got are…



Iona… oh and for some reason this one smells like a skunk… the others are fine, they smell like normal polish… this one though… it stinks…







I have no idea why they all have girls names, oh well.
Also got a sample of the Luxe Repair Skin Serum… And I forget to take a pic of it… I’ll try to upload it later…