Starlooks Box April 2014…


For those who don’t know Starlooks is a monthly subscription beauty box. It costs $15.00 pluse shipping. Shipping price depends on where you live. For example my shipping is only $2.68 and I live in Washington. So I pay 17.68 per month per box. I enjoy getting this box all the items are the brand Starlooks and they are a top quality makeup line. For the record all the stuff I have gotten sense January have been full size. Not those tiny sample items (^_^).
If you wish to sign up this is where you can go

This month’s box Has 3 Items in it… I got…

Lip Gloss in the shade Climax…

5 Shade Shadow Palette called Tokyo… I’ve fallen in love with the green in this palette…

Wildflower Seeds… Wish I had somewhere to plant these…


I think they added these sence Earthday was this month (^_^).

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