Caostal Scents Easter Collection…

CS Easter Collection

Easter Special Collection #1
Smokey Palette 36 Shadows. I didn’t swatch this cause there was just too many to swatch. I can’t do it on my arm sense I have a tattoo where I don’t have hair. I also don’t like the look of a swatch over hair so yeah. Anyways, these are just as pigmented as the hot pots…

CS Smokey Palette
3 Forever Blushes in the shades… All swatches have no base or primer under…

Elegant CS Blush

Lovely CS Blush

Beautiful CS Blash
Coastal Scents Smack Lip Gloss in the shade Strut on Nude


5 Piece Brush set with case.

Liquid eye liner in Jet


Envision Volume Mascara in Black

Lastly a quad sample of the shades Persian Pink, Baby Pink, Pink Silver, Icelander. I for got to swatch these >.< Sorry…

Anyways, all of these items are part of the permenant line. They were just bundled up for a special price for Easter. This is no longer on sale. But if you’d like to look at the site to purchase one of these items you can find them here…

I also created a look using these items to see how they performed… Here’s the look…

20140418_154546 Fotor0418172719

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