Glamourdolleyes April 2014 OTM…

GDE OTM April 2014


For those who don’t know OTM stands for Of The Month. It’s a subscription from You can sign up to get a limited edition shadow for that month. You can only sign up on the 8th of the month. It’s not a recurring subscription. If you want to get it more than just one month you have to purchase a subscription for how many months you want. And if they’re available. There’s only a limited number of subscriptions so you kinda gotta stalk the site the day of to make sure you get one. They tend to sell out fast. This year they’re trying to make every month an extra month, but no promises. Which means you’ll get, not only the shadow but an axtra item wheather it be makeup based or fashion based. Oh and they include candy in all of them pretty much hehe.

GDE April Card 2014
Mesh Purple Bag with white polka-dots. Just realized I forgot to take a pic of the bag… I’ll try to add it on later this week. Sorry!
Got the color Facetious, it’s a very pretty purple with blue and pink sparkle. There’s no primer or Foil Me under these swatches.


This is an extra month as well, this month we got a product that’s going to be released May 12. They’re glitter tubes. I got the shade My dismay. It’s a gorgous purple. I can’t wait for them to be released after seeing this one. The glitter is very finly milled. It says on the tube that the size of the glitter is .004. This is swatched over Foil Me.

GDE My Dismay Glitter
We also got a sample of foil me. Which is an adhesive for glitter and shadows. I would’ve swatched this but it’s clear and there really wouldn’t be any point sense nothing would show up in pictures. When used with a shadow it gives it a pretty foil look or with some shadows a metallic look. I really love this stuff hehe.

Foil Me sample
Oh and as always I got candy, this month I got Grapeheads (^_^).

All in all this was an awesome OTM I love purples. I really loved the glitter and I can’t wait to see what comes next month (^_^).

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