Glamourdolleyes order…

GDE Order 2 march

Took advantage of a 50% sale Glamourdolleyes was having on their Storenvy site. Got 2 shadows and a blush.
The shadows I got are…


GDE Courageous

GDE Exposed

I’m looking for a good matte or semi- matte grey. I ordered one off of ulta and they were apparently out of stock so they refunded the money and sent everything else. I dunno why I just want a nice grey shadow… So I’ll see which one of those I like to wear more.

The blush is called


GDE Heartbreaker
Also got The GWP Longing for spring

GDE Longing For Spring
And 2 sample baggies


GDE Unicorn
Upper East Side

GDE Upper East Side
Got a nice surprise of candy in my order too.

Laffy taffy Starburst and a dumdum SO happy!

Candy with GDE order
I’f you’d like to order from them too go to this link… or here…

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