Coastal Scents Order…


Ordered the St. Patty’s Day Combo from Coastal secents. It took forever to get here. I have to say this is the longest it’s taken to get an order from them. My guess is they were backed up with orders or something. I don’t mind.

So the collection came with 4 Shadow pots in the shades…
Fresh Chive

Fresh Chive

Goldan Globe

Golden Globe
Prehistoric Green

Prehistoric Green
Along with an empty magnetic palette to put them in. As you can see I put mine in it hehe. I does have a nice mirror in it too. Sorry I didn’t get that too, I’ll try to next time I get a palette like this from them. (^_^)

Liquid Eyeliner in the shade



Lastly Envision Volume Mascara in Black

Wanted to use these for St Patty’s day but it came late so I’ll just do a green look for no reason at all lol. It’ll be fun to use these.
If you’d like to order from them here’s there site…

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