My review for Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor…


I got approved to try out and review Gillette Venus razor from Influenster. Hopefully I like it and it doesn’t give me a razor burn or ingrown hairs like most razors do.

Tested razor:
Tested the razor out. First of all I don’t like the little holder they sent with it. No matter where I put it in the shower it kept falling down. Being blind as a bat, that hurts to step on when you don’t see it fall off the wall.
It wasn’t the smoothest shave i’ve ever had. I also have a lot of red bumps on my legs that I don’t noramally get. They don’t burn like razor burn. They’re just there almost like my skin either didn’t like the razor or it didn’t like the moisture strip that was on it. Legs are getting a bit itchy as well. Looking at them they’re really dry. They’re not usally dry after I shave. So the moisture strip didn’t work a whole heck of a lot. I don’t noramally put lotion on my legs after shaving, cause I just don’t need it usually. The last time my legs flaked like this is when I got my tattoo on my leg. So, I’m not sure if I’ll use this again sense I’m breaking out with tiny red bumps and are really itchy now. I think I’ll just stick with what I was doing before.
Sense the sample came with 2 razor heads I let my mom try it out. She really likes it. She said she usually itches after shaving and she didn’t itch after using this. So she might buy this for herself. We both have sensitive skin and I guess my skin is just a bit more sensitive then hers. But as for me I’m not going to use it again. I don’t know what it is on the conditioning strip that I’m allergic to but there’s something. I don’t know if there’s gluten in the ingridents or what. So yeah, that’s my thoughts and my moms.


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