Mini Ulta Haul…


Went to Ulta and picked up a couple things that I needed and grabbed a couple that I didn’t need just wanted lol.
Got NYX Pin-up Tease mascara.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. Such a pretty color!
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Black/grey. I have black hair now and I got tired of my brow pencils giving me orange/red brows. I’d like my brows to match my hair.
Needed a new Eye makeup remover so I grabbed Maybelline Clean Express to try out. So far it hasn’t irritated my eyes. We’ll see how it works through the week. (^_^).
Then my mom grabbed a NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigment in the color Jade pearl. And gave it to me hehe. Our Ulta had a display for seahawks colored makeup. This was in it and i liked it so yeah. My mom got it for me.
Everyones been talking about this so I grabbed it to try out. Essence Gel liner in black. We’ll see how it works for my eyes (^_^).

Ulta Haul 1.27.14

First Starlooks Box!


Jan SL Insta pic

Got my first starlooks box!
For those who don’t know, this is a monthly subscription beauty box. And in it you get full sized products. Not those tiny samples. Also, it’s all the Starlooks brand. It’s high quality makeup for $15+shipping but so worth it.
In it I got…

Tendergloss Lipstick in the shade Puzzy, this shows no color even when swatched as you can see. Theres just a shine to my hand from swatching it.

Starlooks Puzzy

2 Infinity Lip colors in the shades Eons and Endless. Both very pretty. Though, I think I like Eons more so. I just see myself wearing it more often.

Here’s Eons…

Starlooks Eons

Here’s Endless…

Starlooks Endless

Then also got a starlooks Chapstick…

Starlooks Chapstick

Lastly a Gel liner in the shade Orion…

Starlooks Orion

I like this months box. I really like the Gel liner I got. It’s so pretty!
I can’t wait to see what I get in my next box. (^_^)

Seahawks Inspired Eye Makeup Look…


Glamourdolleyes Primer in control freak
Wet N Wild all over lid
Glamourdolleyes foil me
Glamourdolleyes shadows in Social suicide, Oddity, Flaunt, and Laced with snow
Lid liner is Jessies Girl in black
Waterlive is Rimmal Scandelleyes in black
Mascara Covergirl Lash Exact in black
Brows Wet N Wild matte brown shadow. No idea on name.

Seahawks look

Maybelline baby skin
Covergirl trublend
Ben Nye Neutral set
Pixi bronzer
Concealer Rimmel Match perfection
Blush Glamourdolleyes Ricky Buisness
Highlight GLamourdolleyes Polish my halo
Glamourdolleyes Hydra Glaze


My review for Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor…



I got approved to try out and review Gillette Venus razor from Influenster. Hopefully I like it and it doesn’t give me a razor burn or ingrown hairs like most razors do.

Tested razor:
Tested the razor out. First of all I don’t like the little holder they sent with it. No matter where I put it in the shower it kept falling down. Being blind as a bat, that hurts to step on when you don’t see it fall off the wall.
It wasn’t the smoothest shave i’ve ever had. I also have a lot of red bumps on my legs that I don’t noramally get. They don’t burn like razor burn. They’re just there almost like my skin either didn’t like the razor or it didn’t like the moisture strip that was on it. Legs are getting a bit itchy as well. Looking at them they’re really dry. They’re not usally dry after I shave. So the moisture strip didn’t work a whole heck of a lot. I don’t noramally put lotion on my legs after shaving, cause I just don’t need it usually. The last time my legs flaked like this is when I got my tattoo on my leg. So, I’m not sure if I’ll use this again sense I’m breaking out with tiny red bumps and are really itchy now. I think I’ll just stick with what I was doing before.
Sense the sample came with 2 razor heads I let my mom try it out. She really likes it. She said she usually itches after shaving and she didn’t itch after using this. So she might buy this for herself. We both have sensitive skin and I guess my skin is just a bit more sensitive then hers. But as for me I’m not going to use it again. I don’t know what it is on the conditioning strip that I’m allergic to but there’s something. I don’t know if there’s gluten in the ingridents or what. So yeah, that’s my thoughts and my moms.


January Ipsy bag


Jan ipsy insta


For those who don’t know, this is a monthly subscription beauty box. And in it you get 4-5 sample products from various brands. They’re not those tiny samples either. It’s $10 a month but so worth it.
In it I got…

Sky blue bag

ipsy jan bag
Proactive+ mark fading pads

proactive face pads
Briogeo Don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask

Briogeo hair mask
Faith aromatherapy Tahitian Monoi anti-aging sugar scrub

Tahitian sugar scrub
Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil in Copper(there’s no base or primer under swatch).

smooth shadow penny
(Malin+Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm

mojito lip balm tube
All in all I’m not too impressed with this month’s bag. I would’ve liked to have seen more cosmetics but oh well. It’s the start of a new year and I guess they’re leaning towards the theme of healthy skin or something. Hopefully I like my next bag better. We’ll see sense it’s Valentines day next month. I’m sure they’ll do a date themed bag or something along those lines…

Here’s a link to where you can sigh up

Glamourdolleyes January OTM…



Royal Blue velvet bag

Jan OTM Bag

Got the shadow in the color Social Suicide. It’s a beautiful semi-matte royal blue with shimmer. There is no base or primer under swatches.

Social Suicide

Then I got a sample product that’s being released this month on the 20th. It’s a Hydra Glaze Gloss. I go tthe color Social Butterfly. It’s a super pretty berry with shimmer.

HG Social Butterfly

I forgot to take a pic of the 2 Blue raspberry Taffy’s hehe, sorry.

But all in all I’m very happy with this month’s OTM. A great way to start off the year. 🙂

I’ll try to create a look using both these products. I’ll prolly have chewbaca brows in the pics so sorry about that. I have a hard time seeing without my glasses and usually pinch my self more then I pluck the hair lol. Haven’t had a chance to go in and get them waxed. Trying though, I’ll get it done sooner or later (^_^).

Update on life…


I wanted to give a small update on what’s going on with my life.

Family: The family is doing good. Sense switching Rocko to the Costco brand of dog food his tail has healed completely. Yay! We were finally able to take the dang cone of shame off of him. Now he can’t ram us to get what he wants. My mom started putting egg in the dogs food at night. And now you can’t leave it out of the food. Other wise they’re very depressed. They look at their food and look at you like “what the hell is this? you expect me to eat that!” So yeah, always have to put an egg in there dinner. lol.
Dad’s back is healing. He’s been going to physical therepy. He is going in on Monday I think for a cat-scan to see how his back is healing. But otherwise everything is doing good.
Brandon is doing good. Working out a lot. Which I don’t mind. He’s lost quite a bit of weight and I’m very proud of him. He’s come a long way. He’s even become a beachbody coach. He’s trying to get people to coach. That’s slow going. But it’ll be worth it if he can get a lot of people and help them how ever he can. (^_^).
And of course mom’s working a lot. trying to get the money for taxes. Sense she has to pay taxes owed. She’s working very hard and doing a great job. Though, I do worry. I wish I could do more for her, I just don’t know how to. So yeah…
Haven’t talked to anyone else really.

Food: I think I’ll do a seperate post about my diet and I’ll give an update on my health in that one too. (^_^)

Movies: I wanted to see “The Seventh Son” and they moved it to next year! I mean really! This sucks… *pouts*
Other then that, I don’t know… the next movie I really want to see wont be out for a few months. That’s the next captin america movie coming April 4. So yeah…

Makeup: Still playing around with it. Just haven’t wanted to post a pic on here cause I really need to get my brows done. They’re making me look like chewbaca. I tried to tweeze them but fail miserably. Have such a hard time seeing. I’d love to get contacts but that’s a pretty penny so that’ll be awhile before I can get those.

So yeah, that’s the majority of what’s been going on with me lately.  So till next time. Laterz!

Happy New Year!


It’s a new year!

I’m hoping to make this a grand year. So, you’re prolly wondering what my resolutions are…

I’ll tell ya!

My resolutions are…

first and for most is to be happier. To try not to worry so much. I have a habit of always seeing the bad that can happen and not the good. I want to change that about myself. I’m going to encourage people that they can do what they put their mind to.

I’m going to try and get under 200lbs. I’m currently at 220lbs. So, it’s not far to go. I was 252 the beginning of 2013 and now I’m gonna try to lose a bit more this year (^_^). I’m going to continue with my diet. No gluten and no eggs, along with the other stuff that bothers my tummy so much.

I’m also going to read more this year. I still have a shelf full of books that need to be read. So, I’m going to try to do that. Maybe I should pick 12 books and try to at least read 1 book a month. Does manga count? >.> lol.

Makeup! Gonna try to use up some of my makeup. Try to create a lot more looks. Try to review more things on it.

Then lastly blogging, I’m going to try and keep up with the blog. I want to stay active on here. I’m trying to keep my motivation to blog at least every couple days.

So, that’s what my resolutions are for this year. I’m hoping I can achieve at least a couple of those. I’m definitely going to try.  (^_^).

What’s your relsolutions? Comment and let me know.