Glamordolleyes Order…

gde order 12.27.13

Blush in the shade Day Job. This is a beautiful peachy-pink blush with some sparkle. Can’t wait to use it!

Day Job

All swatches have no base or primer under them…

This shadow is in the color Jailbreak. It’s a beautiful metallic silver.

Jail Break

Grabbed a tube of Foil Me. Cause it’s amazing!

Foil Me Tube

Nail polish in the color Infectious.


And as always Glamourdolleyes put in a couple sample baggies hehe. Oh and I got a list of names for all the shadows and blushes they have so I can check off the ones I already have and not get them twice unless I want to. (^_^)


Then I also placed a second order the day after this one for a grab bag. They were needing to get rid of some stock so I got one. Grab bags don’t normally have this much stuff in them, though, I wish they did lol. There are a few I already have but that’s ok I don’t mind having doubles of shadows hehe.


So in the grab bag I got…

Again all swatches have no base or primer under them…

Blush in the shade Polish My Halo… I already have it but I don’t mind having 2 hehe (^_^).

Polish W Swatch

A Dropper of Foil Me. Always good to have.

Foil me dropper

Then I got 6 Shadows. The shadow’s I got are…

Pistol Pistol…

Pistol Pistol


Jail Break



Fiji Mermaid…

Fiji Mermaid

Candy Floss…

Candy Floss

And lastly Bittersweet…


The last thing I got in the grab bag was a nail polish in the color Macabre. (^_^)


So this is what I got from Glamourdolleyes. I’m very happy with everything. I love their products so much I’ll be buying from them again next month (^_^)

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