Christmas goodies!

Yesterday was Christmas!
I had a good day. Though, we did celebrate on Christmas Eve instead. But I still visited with friends and family. Tried cooking a turkey but ended up putting it in way to late so it didn’t get done till 10pm lol. By the time it was done I was to tired and not hungry so we just put it in the fridge to eat today. Either way it was still a good day. I’ll enjoy some turkey tonight (^_^).
Got a few presents…

Mom surprised me with these. Been wanting both of them. I love ‘The Little Mermaid” and wanted the Blu-ray version. also “A year without Santa Claus” is a Christmas favorite of mine. But my all time favorite Christmas movie would have to be “Muppet’s A Christmas Carol”. Still need to get “Breaking Dawn Pt. 2”. But then again there’s a lot of movies that I want to get. If you can’t tell I really like watching movies lol.

Movie christmas 2013

I like to burn candles while watching movies, reading, or doing my makeup. I find it relaxing. So, for Christmas mom got me this delicious smelling candle that smells ten times better then the real thing lol. So yummy!

Suger cookie candle

Mom and dad also got me a shirt and a pair of Gonzaga pants. Though, dad prefers the huskies so he called me a traitor lol. We got him a pair of huskies sweats. I’m using them as my PJ’s hehe.

Couger pants


They also got me some Betty Boop slipper socks that are freaking comfy! I love Betty Boop hehe.

Boop socks

These are some presents that are for Brandon and me. My grandparents, aunt, and her Fiance got us a gift card to the movies. Sense they know we love to go all the time. My brother and sis-in-law got us a gift card to wallyworld. We’re planning on getting a scale so we can keep track of how much weight we’re losing hehe.

gift cards

Our friends Cheri and Jay got us a digital photo album key chain. It’s so kewl. I’ve never seen this as a key chain I only saw picture frames like that. I like that we can take the pics around with us like this.

Mom and dad got us a portable external hard drive 1TB. So we could have so more room on the comp. And also so we can take it back and forth from comps. Sense I do use my mom’s laptop a lot. If I want to do some stuff online downstairs while watching or listening to a movie. If I know a movie well enough I just listen to it instead of actually watching it. Weird I know but it helps me think at times too.

dell and key chain

That’s what I got for christmas and what Brandon a me got as a couple. We’re very happy with everything (^_^). I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. Love everyone and happy new years!

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