Big lots haul…

Today went to Biglots to look at stuff for Christmas presents. Didn’t find anything. But I did find a couple beauty products I don’t have and were really cheap so I got them hehe. So, I got 4 nail polishes. SinfulColors in the color Hot Wired. China Glaze crackle in Cracked Medalion. Loreal in the color The Temptress Touch. Lastly I got, I’m not sure of the name it just has a B on it, So I’m calling it B in the color Green Machine. Then I got 3 eye shadows and a cream shadow. The cream shadow is a color tattoo shadow in Lavish Lavender. Then the shadows I got a Maybelline eye studio duo in Khaki Craze, so beautiful, Lastly 2 Revlon shadows in the colors Night Sky and Celestial Silver. Both very glittery and needs a sticky base, other wise wont stick. DSCN2353 

oh and I also got a movie there, “Dark shadows” I’ve been wanting it.


I really like Tim Burton’s work so I’ve been trying to collect the movies he makes. I just need “Frankenweenie” now. Not sure if I need anything else… But that’s it for now.

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