Glamordolleyes Order…


gde order 12.27.13

Blush in the shade Day Job. This is a beautiful peachy-pink blush with some sparkle. Can’t wait to use it!

Day Job

All swatches have no base or primer under them…

This shadow is in the color Jailbreak. It’s a beautiful metallic silver.

Jail Break

Grabbed a tube of Foil Me. Cause it’s amazing!

Foil Me Tube

Nail polish in the color Infectious.


And as always Glamourdolleyes put in a couple sample baggies hehe. Oh and I got a list of names for all the shadows and blushes they have so I can check off the ones I already have and not get them twice unless I want to. (^_^)


Then I also placed a second order the day after this one for a grab bag. They were needing to get rid of some stock so I got one. Grab bags don’t normally have this much stuff in them, though, I wish they did lol. There are a few I already have but that’s ok I don’t mind having doubles of shadows hehe.


So in the grab bag I got…

Again all swatches have no base or primer under them…

Blush in the shade Polish My Halo… I already have it but I don’t mind having 2 hehe (^_^).

Polish W Swatch

A Dropper of Foil Me. Always good to have.

Foil me dropper

Then I got 6 Shadows. The shadow’s I got are…

Pistol Pistol…

Pistol Pistol


Jail Break



Fiji Mermaid…

Fiji Mermaid

Candy Floss…

Candy Floss

And lastly Bittersweet…


The last thing I got in the grab bag was a nail polish in the color Macabre. (^_^)


So this is what I got from Glamourdolleyes. I’m very happy with everything. I love their products so much I’ll be buying from them again next month (^_^)

A tiny haul and our dog Jeb hehe…


Okay, went to Walgreens Christmas Day and I did grab a couple things hehe. I used 2 of the products I bought that day too.

CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation. They’ve reformulated this and I have to say I like it. I used to wear this years ago and I like it better now then I did then. If that makes sense lol. Anyways, it’s a light to medium coverage. Matches me perfectly and this is the lightest shade they have Ivory. And I love that it’s a yellow undertone instead of pink. It’s hard to find a yellow undertone foundation at the drug store I’ve noticed. Anywho’s, this retails for $9.99 at my Walgreens, the price could be different where you live and what store you shop at. So, yeah keep that in mind. (^_^)

covergirl trublend1

I found the Maybelline Baby Skin face primer. They just set out the display so that helped lol. But I wore this under the TruBlend foundation and I really liked it. It filled in my pores very nicely and did make my skin feel baby butt soft lol. Far as I could tell it didn’t have a scent to it. It was think and translucent. It has a silicone feel to it when you rub it in. All in all I’m going to wear it some more and see how I like it with other foundations (^_^). This retails for $6.99 at my local Wagreens again I’m not sure what the price will be else where.

baby skin 2

Grabbed these mostly cause they were a $1 lol. Didn’t need them just wanted them hehe. I haven’t tried them out yet or played with them but I do plan on it (^_^). I’ll let you know how I like them after I do.

dollar shadows42

Now here’s a pic of our dog Jeb! Just because he’s cute! He was so excited to get his dinner he didn’t even stand up to eat, it was really funny. He doesn’t normally eat like this, so yea I thought it was cute.

jeb 2

Christmas FOTD!


FOTD Christmas! – December 25 2013
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
Covergirl TruBlend Foundation in Ivory
Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in Light
E.L.F. Tone corecting powder
Pixi Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched
Glamourdolleyes Blush In Risky Business
Wet N Wild Mega Last in Cherry on top.

12.25.13. face

Glamourdolleyes Control Freak
Wet N Wild Brulee all over lid
Then Put Glamourdolleyes Foil Me on lid
Glamourdolleyes ❤ of the matter on lid over foil me
Glamourdolleyes Lovers Lane in crease
Glamourdolleyes Heedless Heart to blend it out
Wet N Wild Brulee on brow bone and to blend crease better
put Foil me on lower lash line and over that I used Victoria
Jessies girl Liner in black on lid
Rimmel Scandeleyes in black on water line and tight line
Pop Beauty Mascara in black
Jordana Fabubrow in Dark Brown(should’ve done something darker)

12.25.13 eye

Christmas goodies!


Yesterday was Christmas!
I had a good day. Though, we did celebrate on Christmas Eve instead. But I still visited with friends and family. Tried cooking a turkey but ended up putting it in way to late so it didn’t get done till 10pm lol. By the time it was done I was to tired and not hungry so we just put it in the fridge to eat today. Either way it was still a good day. I’ll enjoy some turkey tonight (^_^).
Got a few presents…

Mom surprised me with these. Been wanting both of them. I love ‘The Little Mermaid” and wanted the Blu-ray version. also “A year without Santa Claus” is a Christmas favorite of mine. But my all time favorite Christmas movie would have to be “Muppet’s A Christmas Carol”. Still need to get “Breaking Dawn Pt. 2”. But then again there’s a lot of movies that I want to get. If you can’t tell I really like watching movies lol.

Movie christmas 2013

I like to burn candles while watching movies, reading, or doing my makeup. I find it relaxing. So, for Christmas mom got me this delicious smelling candle that smells ten times better then the real thing lol. So yummy!

Suger cookie candle

Mom and dad also got me a shirt and a pair of Gonzaga pants. Though, dad prefers the huskies so he called me a traitor lol. We got him a pair of huskies sweats. I’m using them as my PJ’s hehe.

Couger pants


They also got me some Betty Boop slipper socks that are freaking comfy! I love Betty Boop hehe.

Boop socks

These are some presents that are for Brandon and me. My grandparents, aunt, and her Fiance got us a gift card to the movies. Sense they know we love to go all the time. My brother and sis-in-law got us a gift card to wallyworld. We’re planning on getting a scale so we can keep track of how much weight we’re losing hehe.

gift cards

Our friends Cheri and Jay got us a digital photo album key chain. It’s so kewl. I’ve never seen this as a key chain I only saw picture frames like that. I like that we can take the pics around with us like this.

Mom and dad got us a portable external hard drive 1TB. So we could have so more room on the comp. And also so we can take it back and forth from comps. Sense I do use my mom’s laptop a lot. If I want to do some stuff online downstairs while watching or listening to a movie. If I know a movie well enough I just listen to it instead of actually watching it. Weird I know but it helps me think at times too.

dell and key chain

That’s what I got for christmas and what Brandon a me got as a couple. We’re very happy with everything (^_^). I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. Love everyone and happy new years!

Kmart Haul…


Wet N Wild eyeshadow tro in Silent Treatment says it’s a new shade
Got 2 Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid lip colors in the shades Pink Perfection and Cherry on top
Wet N Wild Fastdry polish in the shade Buffy the Violet Slayer
NYC eyeliner duo in Unforgettable
Jordana Fabubrow eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown
Jordana Easyliner lip liner in the shade Baby Berry
Got 2 Jordana Lipshine Shimmer Glaze in Pina Colada and Vanilla Bean

NYC Duo Eyeliner Pencil in Unforgettable. It’s basically a side with a black and a side with a nude. The swatch felt creamy so we’ll see how it applies tomorrow (^_^).

NYC duo Unforgetable

Jordana Lipshine Shmmer Glaze’s, top is Pina Colada and the bottom one is Vanilla Bean.

Shmmier Glaze 2

Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Colors top is Cherry on top and bottom is Pink Perfection.

WNW Mega 2 lippys

Wet N Wild Trio Palette in the shade Silent Treatment. This is supposed to be a new trio. If it’s not new to anyone else it’s new to me lol. So pretty, I want to do a look using this and the Cherry on top Megalast lip color above hehe.

WNW Silent Treatment

Jordana Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. Sense I have black hair I like my brows to be close to the same color as my hair.


Jordana Lip Pencil in Baby Berry. I really don’t know if I have this already but if I do oh well. This is really pretty and creamy. I haven’t tried much from Jordana but I have liked what I’ve tried. I’m wanting to get more from this brand (^_^).

Lip liner swatch

Wet N Wild Fastdry Nail Polish in Bufft the Violet Slayer. I love purples and blues and I don’t think I have this color already so I grabbed it. It’s so pretty!

WNW fastdry BTVS

December Glossybox


For those who don’t know, this is a monthly subscription beauty box. And in it you get 4-5 sample products from various high end brands. They’re not those tiny samples either. It’s $21 a month but so worth it.
In it I got…

Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower
Ardeny Inn Punker World’s Baddest Eyeliner in the color Black
Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask
Nails Inc. polish in the color Victoria
Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing

Dec 2013 Glossybox

First Julep Maven Box!


This is my first Julep Maven Box! This is a nail polish beauty box. it’s 20.00 a month, free shipping.
In it I got…
Luxe Repair Skin Serum
2 Nail Polishes in the colors Zelda and Kendra
Zleda is a metallic gold and Kendra is a Frosty Forest Green
I’m excited to see what I get next month from them hehe. (^_^)
All swatches have no base or primer under them.

Dec 2013 Julep Box

I’ve worn these two polishes on my nails I swatched them on. With no base or top coat. They’re holding up better then I expected, considering I didn’t do anything to help them keep. There’s very minimal chipping at the tips and that’s it. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning the past couple days as well as cooking and playing with the dogs. So I’m very surprised at this. I usally can’t keep polish on for a day when I do a lot of stuff around the house. So I’m very impressed with just the 2 nails I did have it on. I’ll do a many and paint all my nails with this polish to see how they all hold up. (^_^)

To try it out too go here

Glamourdolleyes December 2013 OTM


Dec 2013 GDE OTM

Sedona Lace EB 13 brush

Got 2 shadows in the colors Christmas Colories Don’t Count and Mistletoe Make Out



GDE MistletoeMakeout
Got a blush that’s supposed to be released Januarary 2014 in the shade Girl Next Door

2 Sample baggies from up coming colors being released Januarary 2014 in the colors Junkie and Pillow Fight.

Samples 12.10.13
Suds N Sass Oatmeal Soap In Pumpkin Spice… that I didn’t take a close up pic of…

Black Luna Laquer nail polish in the color Christmas Morning

Black Luna Polish
Then of course I got candy! hehe, This month is Blow Pop mini’s

All swatches have no base or primer under them.

December Ipsy Bag


Dec 2013 Ipsy Bag


For those who don’t know, this is a monthly subscription beauty box. And in it you get 4-5 sample products from various brands. They’re not those tiny samples either. It’s $10 a month but so worth it.
In it I got…

POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio in the color Naturally Bare

Pop Beauty NB
Be a Bombshell The One Stick in the color Girl Crush

BABS Girl Crush
Nicka K New York Nail Color in the color red(doesn’t have a name)

Nicka K Red Polish
NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in the color B52

NYX B52 Lippy
Demeter Perfume Oil Roll On in the scent Snow

Perfume Snow

And yes I forgot to put the perfume in the collage. Had a moment, but it’s down below (^_^)

Here’s a link to where you can sigh up

All swatches have no base or primer under them.

Update on makeup stuffs…


I wanted to give ya guys an update on some stuff’s going on…
So first of all I’ve subscribed to two new beauty box’s Julep and Starlooks. I’ve been hearing really good things about both of them. So, I’m hoping I like them. I did think about subscribing back to popsugar but they went up $10 so instead of 35 a month it’s 45. I really don’t feel like paying 50 for it. I had a hard time with 35 so yeah… I don’t think I’ll ever go back to birchbox I just wasn’t happy with what I got from them. It’s almost like they didn’t go by my beauty profile or something cause I never got anything interesting. So that’s what’s going on with beauty box’s.

My mom spilled the beans on what she’s getting me for Christmas, so I know I’m getting a new camera. Sense my old one always had a red hue on the pictures. I’m hoping this one won’t do that. I want to be able to post good quality pictures of makeup looks on here. And I’m hoping to get things set up so I can film makeup tutorials to post on here too. I really like makeup and I want to do so much more with it. I guess we’ll see what happens.

My husband is getting me what I’m asking for Christmas. Makeup! Well, he’s going to take me to Ulta and let me pick out what I want lol. He doesn’t know what to get so he’s just gonna take me there and let me raom around grabbing what I want. Well, what we can afford. I’m not gonna go hog wild on high end stuff. Prolly just get a lot of low end brands that are good quality. (^_^)

There’s so much I want to buy but I have to restrain myself. I can do it! I hope… LOL

Anyways, that’s what’s going on with makeup at the moment. I’ll post again when I can. Till next time. Laterz!