Thrift Store Goodies…

Okay, I wanted to wait till I got it looking a little better to post up here but I couldn’t wait. I got a dresser with a mirror and I’m using it as my vanity. It fits all my makeup. So happy. It saves a lot of room in the tiny room. I can’t wait to put more lights around it. Make it up so I can start filming makeup looks. Even if they’re get ready with me video’s. I just really want to make beauty video’s (^_^). So here’s what it looks like….


Then when I got the dresser I found these gems! I love jewelry. I really need to wear it more often. The heart and crosses I got at the same place as my vanity and the other two I got at Goodwill.


The place I got the dresser from is new, well, new to me. I’m not sure how long they’ve been around. But it’s a place for not just one seller but many. It’s almost like a flea market. But you don’t have the sales people standing at each booth. I’m not sure how it works selling stuff there but I’m sure everyone makes some money including the person who does the cashiering. It’s so nice, my mom found some really nice vintage T.V. trays. They have so many neat things there. I really want to go back next month and see what they have. If you want to check them out, they don’t have a website but they do have a Facebook. Here’s the link to that, It’s a really neat place. Any one in Spokane should check it out if you like vintage stuff and thrift stores. Well, it’s in Spokane Valley (^_^)

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