Okay, I said I’ll try to post again so here it is…

I watched a couple movies this past week that I really liked. One was “Monsters U.” That was a super cute movie. I liked it a lot better then “Monsters Inc.” Also watched “R.I.P.D.” Now that’s a movie I want! It was so funny. I loved it. Definitely on the to buy list. Along with “The Conjuring”, “Sinister”, “Pacific RIm”, “The Heat” and “Game of Thrones” All three seasons. Brandon and me are gonna go see “Thor: The Dark World” So excited to go see that. I loved the first “Thor” movie. Gonna go see “The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug” In December. Really excited to see that. Mom said she’s gonna come with me! In January I’m planning on going to see “Seventh Son” Looks really good. When I saw the trailer for it I thought it was the WoW movie finally coming out. Not sure when that’s suppose to come out. Blizzard says they’re working on it but they’ve been saying that sense Cata. So yeah. The movie “The Heat” Is really funny I really liked it. It made me think of a girl version of “Bad Boys”. That’s about it as far as movies.

I went to get a present for my nieces sense their birthdays are on the same day. My brother’s is a couple days before them, so we were looking for him too. In the process I found a couple really good deals on Halloween stuffs. YAY! I’m so happy with them. If you want to see them go to http://instagram.com/lilswanbaby. One of the things I got was a jack in the box. I wish I had a video camera on hand when I showed Jeb it. It scared him so bad. It was so funny.

I did get a beauty army box on the 4th of this month. I’ve just been lazy about taking pics and posting them. Sorry >.<… I did get some eye shadows and lippy’s from Target today. Greens and gold shadows. The lippy’s are pinky-berry colors. Very pretty. I’ll post a pic of them sometime with swatches. I want to do a look using the Glamourdolleyes Halloween collections sometime. Just haven’t had time to do much makeup lately. But I’ll try to sometime.

Got my last name officially changed over. Waiting for my new Social Security card to come in so I can go get my new ID. Then after that I want to go get my passport. I think it’ll be good to just have even if I don’t travel any time soon. It’s just a good thing to have and they last about 10 years so that’s good.

Hmmmm, not sure what else to talk about. So that’s it for now. TIll next time. Laterz!

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